Friday, February 4, 2011

More Holiday Snaps

For those of you not on FB, here are a few more holiday snaps. My sis lives 10 minutes from Killarney Beach, where her partner works his race horse early in the morning. They have taken Tess's new pony Misty down a couple of times so we had to do that while I was visiting!

We got down there around 9am, nice & calm (Misty is a bit scared of waves & seaweed!!!). There was nobody on the beach when we arrived, although by the time we left there were a couple of groups of kids from the local camping ground.

There's a nice sandy flat between 2 outcrops of rocks that they've used (& cleared of seaweed when necessary) to ride between.

Tess n Misty

As I said before, Misty is still apprehensive of the water & wont walk in it unless someone leads her. I'm a bit worried my sister is going to break her foot doing that in bare feet!

Yes, I had a go. & yes, my stirrups are too short aren't they Ute! they were on the longest operable setting for that saddle so I went with it. No picking on my riding seat OK! It's been a long time! We were never properly trained anyway - just used to jump on & hope for the best!

Misty must have done some dressage as she's rather fond of cantering sideways. Looks pretty when you are watching, but a little disconcerting when you are on her & not used to the action. The horses I've ridden in the past cantered in straight lines (except for Shandy who used to shy frequently while galloping home, at anything!).
On day Tess had message left on the answering machine from her Nanna (her Dad's mum) who had arranged a picnic at the local wild life reserve with a heap of Tess's cousins inviting her to come. We tried to call back, but Nanna must have been on driving as we couldn't get hold of her. We'd planned to go to the beach so dropped in our our way to see if they were there. We found this guy surrounded by a crowd of peeps! He was right at head height!

Tess took this pick. A ranger came past & said that we could pat him if we really wanted to, but as he was a wild animal we really shouldn't. Tess couldn't resist, but I let him munch his gum leaves in peace. We did find Nanna & cousins & hung out for a while before heading to the beach!
All in all not a bad break. I have to admit,I always feel torn when down there: it's really hard trying to please everyone & I get pulled in lots of different directions. While I love them dearly, I was glad to come home. And even happier to find the dish washer empty, the bin too, & the sink - no dishes & fairly clean! I did ask Plumbing Boy if he'd paid my cuz to come around & clean up for him LOL!
So. Back at work, almost cleared my backlog. Haven't been to the gym all week as so busy at work & just felt yuk. I got back from holidays at reasonable weight, but have put some on this week. The first half of January I was good & going to pump + running 3 times a week, but the tail end has been rather lax.
I'm joining in on the WAS 12 week biggest loser challenge & hope to get my shiz together next week. This will take me through to Easter, which was pretty much my goal at the beginning of the year.
Simple Goals:
Pump & Run 3 x each week
Portion Control (food)
NO Alcohol week nights.
Start weight: 65kgs damn it!
Belly Button measurement 90cms EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK


Tully said...

I love the pictures, you look free and happy!

I completely understand how you feel torn when you go to visit back home, you can never please everyone and it can be relief to get home and have your space back.

Happy Friday!

Ute said...

'sif I'd critique your seat, or your riding... pffffffffffftttt. Just said ya stirrups were a lil' bit short! But hey, you've got loooooong legs! :oD

I am the same... no one taught me how to ride. And I only ever rode for pleasure. Could not stand to be judged/critisized at riding club/endurance rides. So told them all to fuck off, and kept on enjoying my solo rides.
Horsey people can be the biggest snobs/bitches.

Anyhoo! Looks lovely where you went. And glad you had a great break... even nicer to go home and find the OH has been domestic!


AlleyCat said...

Thanks Tully! Happy Friday to you too!!!

Ute - I was jokings!!!! I know you'd never critique my riding inability!!!!!! BTW didn't think my pins were that long :0) fanks lovely xoxo

Chris H said...

I wonder if that horse canters sideways to get away from the water?
Gorgeous beach. Glad you had a lovely time.

Anonymous said...


holy coffee batman that is early

i went to the beach here and say at a bar watching the suckers coming out of the water covered in oil and sea lice.... not the same as an Australian beach

not even close

AlleyCat said...

quite possibly Chris & Thanks!

Dog3oy - sea lice yuk!!! those bastards sting! Aussie beaches are pretty good :0)