Monday, February 14, 2011


I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately, hence no posts last week. Work has been busy; I've been to the gym a couple of times. I was off the booze last week Sunday - Thursday. I wonder if that's had any impact on my mood? I had planned to keep going right through to this coming Friday (as I had a dinner Saturday night in the country & I'd offered to drive), but I caved in & had a couple on Friday night.

My mate from Hong Kong is arriving this Friday, so will be going out with her. She's here for a week for work. Plumbing Boy is supposed to be going on a fishing trip leaving this Wednesday for 7 nights, but they are still anxiously checking the weather forecast, as the place they are going to gets very ugly if the weather is coming from the wrong direction.

Saturday nights dinner in the country was a planning meeting for our school reunion. Yes. I caved & am helping organise. It's a relatively easy task for me as I do this kind of thing every day at work & because I'm able to work on it during business hours (correspond with other businesses involved) it's again simplified (as opposed to those who have jobs where they can't do personal stuff, or only have access to a computer or Internet at night).

I've delegated all the stuff I don't want to do (like track everyone down) & am basically chief administrator. The dinner was fun, although it's been a while since I was designated driver! I picked up 2 peeps in Geelong & one more from Winchelsea on the way down. It's a 2.5hr drive each way, so I was pretty wrecked when I got home on Sunday morning at 1am.

Being tired yesterday didn't help my mood; I just wanted to curl up & stay in bed all day, preferably with someone. Plumbing boy had gone dirt bike riding, so when the (work) phone started at 8.30am I grumpily got up & plodded on with my day.

I did wander out for a bit of a shop - had to get PB (another) new wallet. Stopped in at Lorna Jane. Bad move. Or good move, depending how you look at it! I got a new pair of knee length pants for work. Yeah, I know it's a sportswear store, but I've fallen in love with these for work.

They are called flash dance pants. I already have a pair in olive but they are a bit big - I'd ordered them on online last month & according to the measurements I was at the time, I needed a large. I'm happy to say I'm comfortably wearing the medium ones in black today. They probably look a bit casual in the picture, but teamed with a fancy Tee, I think they look great! We have a no denim policy in the office, but other than that, we wear what we like & these are just so comfy!!!!

I also got another pair of these - Amy tights. I have one pair in black, then I ordered another pair online so I didn't have to wash & dry them between gym days. They were out of stock of black so I ordered the grey ones they were stocking. Bad move. If you are a sweat pig like me, after I've done my run I look like I've fully peed my pants. Not a good look when you are intending to do a pump class afterwards. I've only worn them once. I guess they'll be relegated to wearing for less strenuous activities! I really like them because they "hold you in" & when running this is a good thing. Plus they have a little zippered pocket which fits PB's little ipod into it so I don't have to run along with it in my hand.

Alrighty then. Enough of my shopping expedition. Here are a couple of pic's I took last month that I thought I'd lost! They were still on PB's camera.

This guy was hanging off a ladder strapped to the roof rack of one of our vans which was parked in our factory. He (or she) happily obliged me a few photos.

Happy Monday people!


Ute said...

Wow, that dragonfly looks like an ornament! Isn't it pretty...looks like it's made out of gold and crystals.

I loike yr pants! They're sorta cargo-ish. Wouldn't suit me but...but they'd look good on you.

I feel like utter shite today... I don't reckon the wine and carbonara penne agreed too well with me yesterday. :oS

Ah, you got suckered into the school reunion after all.... one of my old school mates tried to get me to do the same thing. Eff off!!! Why am I the go-to girl?

Cinders said...

Love the flash dance pants and how pretty is the dragonfly? gorgeous. We must be due for some pear ciders soon :)

AlleyCat said...

thanks Ute - he/she is rather beautiful :0)

Yes, cargos! I recon they'd look good on most peeps!

carbonara makes me a bit ill - tastes good, but too rich. I'll take the wine though. I'm a bit late responding but hope you is all better by now!

You is the go-to girl coz they know you will helpz.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Cinders - flashdance pants are awesome.

Yes to pear cider soon :0)