Thursday, February 3, 2011


Life has been bloody busy since I got back from my week off. I started work between 5 & 6am every day bar today this week. We were up at 5am today but I didn't start work til 6.30am. I'm looking forward to a sleep in. That's nothing though compared to the poor folk in FNQ.

I'm still waiting to hear from my cuz who lives in Port Douglas (who has a 3 month old & a 2 year old), but she's pretty slack in the communication department. I do believe my aunt called her last night & she said they'd packed the car, but that was about it & didn't seem to concerned. From the reports I've seen so far in the media I don't think things were as bad there.

Her Dad owns a motel in Townsville & I know he was frantically sand bagging yesterday. Again I assume no news is good news as I'm sure my mother would not have been able to resist telephoning him this morning. I figure they will all be flat out getting their lives sorted so figure they will call when they are ready or able.

My thoughts are now mostly with Amanda & all of those who were in the epicentre of the destruction.


Memphis Steve said...

I can't believe all of the destruction that is hitting Australia. This is just unbelievable.

AlleyCat said...

I know! someone must have really pissed the big guy off!!!

we've been alright in melbytown, but it's been horrific elsewhere.

Amanda said...

Awww thanks sweets :) I'm fine. That was a very scary night, lost a bit of awning, fence has fallen over, trees gone but aside from that, we are so lucky. I never, ever want to hear the roof over my head groaning and popping like that ever again though :(

Port Douglas should have been fine they are north of Cairns and Cairns didn't get too badly damaged.

Not sure where your Uncle's motel is, but it doesn't seem like the water rose as high as first predicted, my unit didn't flood. If he needs a hand with cleaning up, send me a message through my blog, I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs.

BTW - some phones are out, and apparently most of us are about to lose them as the telecommunications is running on generators which won't last much longer :/

Cinders said...

I hate having time off and then having to pay for it the week after trying to catch up.
Do u realise you posted on a Thursday? lol. Have a great weekend and hope to catch up soon x

AlleyCat said...

So glad to hear you are OK Amanda!!!!! While there is much devastation, we were pleased to see the new building code seems to be working.

Thanks for you offer to help my uncle - truth be told, I don't know which motel is his - he's how do I put it politely......a bit dodgy so wouldn't be inclined to send you to his aid. He'd never repay the favour & he probably wouldn't bother to say thank you either. I am sure there are other people who would be more appreciative of your help :0)

AlleyCat said...

LOL Cinders, yes I did post on the wrong day didn't I!!!

Yes, the catch up is a drag - but I am sure nowhere near as bad as when you came back from Greece!!!!

Have a brilliant weekend :0)