Friday, February 25, 2011


Haven't felt much like blogging this week after the horror of the NZ quake. The thought of banging on here about myself was completely repulsive, in the light of what others are going through.

Instead I've been feeling thankful for the things I have in my life. While I bitch about work on FB (come on, I gotta let off steam somewhere) I am pretty lucky to be in the position I am in work wise, lifestyle wise & financially. I have a partner who loves me (even if it is like living with a 4 year old at times - but I spose a lot of blokes can be like that); enough family who do too; & am even more lucky to have more than a couple of really good close friends. I am reasonably fit & healthy.

In reality, I could probably plod along as is & continue to feel lucky & happy. However, earlier in the year, I decided to change some things in my life this year (as opposed to new years resolutions), so thought today would be a good time to revisit those. Click here to read the entire thing.

# Stop defining myself as old/saying out loud that I am old - I've made a conscious effort on this one. Although I'd be lying if I didn't mention that my life is probably already half over & that makes me feel a little anxious. I'm also going to reduce the time between hair colouring! @ 4.5 weeks, Plumbing Boy said to me "are you going to the hair dressers soon? Your part is really really grey"!

#Stop feeling guilty for time spent on myself - eg going to the gym, painting nails, sitting & reading a book. Well - I've read quite a few books already this year, but pretty much still only when in the tub. I've painted my toe nails once so far, the colour has just about worn off. I've had it on my list of things to do for around the past 3 weekends, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Still doing better than last year - I don't think I painted them at all! Haven't felt guilty about going to the gym at all (quite possibly because I haven't been going enough!!!)

#Stretches - do them. Need to work on these more.

#Look after my nails. While I haven't been painting them, I have been using an almond oil on the cuticles as well as moisturising daily (don't want old lady hands to give away my age!) & filing them when they need it (rather than ripping a busted one off with my teeth - ewwww). They're actually in reasonable nick!

#Stop Frowning. I was making an effort to relax my face before I went on hols in January, but seem to have forgotten about that one since I've been back. Time to put a note on my monitor! (I used to have a note saying "stop arguing with the customers even if they are wrong!")

#Exercise - do it! This has been a bit hit & miss. I've been doing Pump twice a week, which is on target. My running has dropped down to about 2 per week, but only 5kms. Haven't done anything towards my goal of 10kms (until last night). Admittedly I had an injury, but I'm pretty right now, so time to make a bit of an effort. 15 mins of Abs/Core every day at home - just a couple of planks & some crunches will do. My middle has gone very soft. Big fat fail on this one - have made no effort what so ever.

#Finish off my Fit Fab & Forty Challenge. Specifically, getting my waist measurement under 80cms & reducing my body fat %. My goal for this was Easter 2011, then maintain for the rest of the year. I actually joined a 12 week challenge with WAS to help kick start this, after 3 weeks I've lost 1kg & 1.5cms of my waist. I think that happened in the first week & I've done nothing since. I did have a bit of a mental shift last week, & while exercise wasn't done, portion control & positive thinking kicked in. It's time to actually do stuff, instead of think about stuff. I spent last Monday talking myself OUT of going to the gym, then realised I needed some inspiration: 5mins spent reading Shauna's blog & I changed my mind & went. Yesterday morning I decided I wanted to run 7kms last night & spent the whole day psyching myself up. Off I went & did it. Very Happy with myself. I've also decided to change my running days - I've been doing 5kms before pump Mon, Wed & Sat to minimise time spent at the gym. I don't think I can achieve my goals by minimising gym time. I'm going to change the run to a 30 minute power walk before pump & Run Tues, Thurs & either Saturday or Sunday, depending on what I've got on. Tues & Thurs can then be longer runs as I don't have to worry about doing pump straight afterwards.

#Curb Alcohol consumption. Specifically on week nights. This hasn't gone so well. I did a week, then fell off the wagon. Time to try a bit harder.

#Pay more attention to food/meal portion control. Considering the lack of movement on the scales/tape measure, I don't think I've paid this enough attention. The last few days I've been better, so hopefully as my motivation improves so will this.

So. How is everyone else going with their resolutions?

Happy Friday ladies & gents. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sounds Like????


This came from Ute (insert waving!), who got the idea from a friend of hers; & is apparently doing the blog rounds. I'm typing this before I've uploaded the audio which may yet defeat me. I'm not good at that sorta thing. My phone was the recording device & of course the file was unrecognisable so I have to convert the bastard. Could take me a week, a month or a year!

Here is what I have to say:

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theatre, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting Image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajama's, Caught.

Next I have to answer the following questions:

What is it called when you through toilet paper at a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval shaped body & extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Now, I did have to record it in 3 x parts, but seem to have been able to join them together courtesy of some instructions I found on the netski. Here's hoping it works!

I haven't been able to test this sucker, but here goes. If there is anything else you'd like to hear me pronounce, SPEAK!

PS Ute - I recon we should aussie this up & get our international mates to give it a crack :0)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patience Grasshopper

My customer service skills are getting a right hammering this week. My office assistant has taken a few days of annual leave (she was away yesterday & today when she would normally take the bulk of the phone calls) & I am struggling.

The customer is always right? Pigs Bum. Why are people so impatient these days. & why are they down right rude when you are unable to give them the answer they want.

I'll give you a scenario:

Customer calls up wanting to move their water meter. They just don't like where it is positioned in their garden. I explain that there is a 2 week wait for something like that & that we can only give an estimate over the phone, if they want a fixed price we need to site inspect which we charge for, but deduct from the quoted price if they go ahead with job. The charge is nominal, but it stops people who are only interested in the cheapest job possible from wasting our time. Yes, some people will get 5 or 10 quotes for a $200 or $300 job.

Firstly said client tells me that it's not fair that we charge to come & quote. NOWHERE in any of our advertisements do we advertise free quotes. Next she tells me that its not good enough waiting 2 weeks for us to come & have a look. I explain that due to all the bad weather we've been having there are a lot of people with urgent emergency work that are in the queue before her & unfortunately she will have to wait.

She then attempts as further hissy fit at me. Unfortunately I lost my temper somewhat & said to her "this is the charge, this is the waiting time & nothing you say to me is going to change either of those things, so take it or leave it". I guess I could have left off the take it or leave it & said "so would you like to make a booking?"

When you go to shopping & think the price of something is a bit expensive do you have a go at the sales assistant?

When someone is out of stock of something do you bitch & moan about it to the sales assistant??

Give me a break people. I'm trying to deal with floods. While YOUR job is the most important thing in the world to YOU, please give consideration to people who might really have something more urgent that needs doing. There are only so many hours in a day & we are doing our best to get to every one.

Maybe I need to put this on our work website!!! LOL

OK rant over.

So. how do you deal with the cranky general public? Or are you a cranky member of the general public? Tell me, I recon I can cop a bit more of a pounding!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately, hence no posts last week. Work has been busy; I've been to the gym a couple of times. I was off the booze last week Sunday - Thursday. I wonder if that's had any impact on my mood? I had planned to keep going right through to this coming Friday (as I had a dinner Saturday night in the country & I'd offered to drive), but I caved in & had a couple on Friday night.

My mate from Hong Kong is arriving this Friday, so will be going out with her. She's here for a week for work. Plumbing Boy is supposed to be going on a fishing trip leaving this Wednesday for 7 nights, but they are still anxiously checking the weather forecast, as the place they are going to gets very ugly if the weather is coming from the wrong direction.

Saturday nights dinner in the country was a planning meeting for our school reunion. Yes. I caved & am helping organise. It's a relatively easy task for me as I do this kind of thing every day at work & because I'm able to work on it during business hours (correspond with other businesses involved) it's again simplified (as opposed to those who have jobs where they can't do personal stuff, or only have access to a computer or Internet at night).

I've delegated all the stuff I don't want to do (like track everyone down) & am basically chief administrator. The dinner was fun, although it's been a while since I was designated driver! I picked up 2 peeps in Geelong & one more from Winchelsea on the way down. It's a 2.5hr drive each way, so I was pretty wrecked when I got home on Sunday morning at 1am.

Being tired yesterday didn't help my mood; I just wanted to curl up & stay in bed all day, preferably with someone. Plumbing boy had gone dirt bike riding, so when the (work) phone started at 8.30am I grumpily got up & plodded on with my day.

I did wander out for a bit of a shop - had to get PB (another) new wallet. Stopped in at Lorna Jane. Bad move. Or good move, depending how you look at it! I got a new pair of knee length pants for work. Yeah, I know it's a sportswear store, but I've fallen in love with these for work.

They are called flash dance pants. I already have a pair in olive but they are a bit big - I'd ordered them on online last month & according to the measurements I was at the time, I needed a large. I'm happy to say I'm comfortably wearing the medium ones in black today. They probably look a bit casual in the picture, but teamed with a fancy Tee, I think they look great! We have a no denim policy in the office, but other than that, we wear what we like & these are just so comfy!!!!

I also got another pair of these - Amy tights. I have one pair in black, then I ordered another pair online so I didn't have to wash & dry them between gym days. They were out of stock of black so I ordered the grey ones they were stocking. Bad move. If you are a sweat pig like me, after I've done my run I look like I've fully peed my pants. Not a good look when you are intending to do a pump class afterwards. I've only worn them once. I guess they'll be relegated to wearing for less strenuous activities! I really like them because they "hold you in" & when running this is a good thing. Plus they have a little zippered pocket which fits PB's little ipod into it so I don't have to run along with it in my hand.

Alrighty then. Enough of my shopping expedition. Here are a couple of pic's I took last month that I thought I'd lost! They were still on PB's camera.

This guy was hanging off a ladder strapped to the roof rack of one of our vans which was parked in our factory. He (or she) happily obliged me a few photos.

Happy Monday people!

Friday, February 4, 2011

More Holiday Snaps

For those of you not on FB, here are a few more holiday snaps. My sis lives 10 minutes from Killarney Beach, where her partner works his race horse early in the morning. They have taken Tess's new pony Misty down a couple of times so we had to do that while I was visiting!

We got down there around 9am, nice & calm (Misty is a bit scared of waves & seaweed!!!). There was nobody on the beach when we arrived, although by the time we left there were a couple of groups of kids from the local camping ground.

There's a nice sandy flat between 2 outcrops of rocks that they've used (& cleared of seaweed when necessary) to ride between.

Tess n Misty

As I said before, Misty is still apprehensive of the water & wont walk in it unless someone leads her. I'm a bit worried my sister is going to break her foot doing that in bare feet!

Yes, I had a go. & yes, my stirrups are too short aren't they Ute! they were on the longest operable setting for that saddle so I went with it. No picking on my riding seat OK! It's been a long time! We were never properly trained anyway - just used to jump on & hope for the best!

Misty must have done some dressage as she's rather fond of cantering sideways. Looks pretty when you are watching, but a little disconcerting when you are on her & not used to the action. The horses I've ridden in the past cantered in straight lines (except for Shandy who used to shy frequently while galloping home, at anything!).
On day Tess had message left on the answering machine from her Nanna (her Dad's mum) who had arranged a picnic at the local wild life reserve with a heap of Tess's cousins inviting her to come. We tried to call back, but Nanna must have been on driving as we couldn't get hold of her. We'd planned to go to the beach so dropped in our our way to see if they were there. We found this guy surrounded by a crowd of peeps! He was right at head height!

Tess took this pick. A ranger came past & said that we could pat him if we really wanted to, but as he was a wild animal we really shouldn't. Tess couldn't resist, but I let him munch his gum leaves in peace. We did find Nanna & cousins & hung out for a while before heading to the beach!
All in all not a bad break. I have to admit,I always feel torn when down there: it's really hard trying to please everyone & I get pulled in lots of different directions. While I love them dearly, I was glad to come home. And even happier to find the dish washer empty, the bin too, & the sink - no dishes & fairly clean! I did ask Plumbing Boy if he'd paid my cuz to come around & clean up for him LOL!
So. Back at work, almost cleared my backlog. Haven't been to the gym all week as so busy at work & just felt yuk. I got back from holidays at reasonable weight, but have put some on this week. The first half of January I was good & going to pump + running 3 times a week, but the tail end has been rather lax.
I'm joining in on the WAS 12 week biggest loser challenge & hope to get my shiz together next week. This will take me through to Easter, which was pretty much my goal at the beginning of the year.
Simple Goals:
Pump & Run 3 x each week
Portion Control (food)
NO Alcohol week nights.
Start weight: 65kgs damn it!
Belly Button measurement 90cms EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Life has been bloody busy since I got back from my week off. I started work between 5 & 6am every day bar today this week. We were up at 5am today but I didn't start work til 6.30am. I'm looking forward to a sleep in. That's nothing though compared to the poor folk in FNQ.

I'm still waiting to hear from my cuz who lives in Port Douglas (who has a 3 month old & a 2 year old), but she's pretty slack in the communication department. I do believe my aunt called her last night & she said they'd packed the car, but that was about it & didn't seem to concerned. From the reports I've seen so far in the media I don't think things were as bad there.

Her Dad owns a motel in Townsville & I know he was frantically sand bagging yesterday. Again I assume no news is good news as I'm sure my mother would not have been able to resist telephoning him this morning. I figure they will all be flat out getting their lives sorted so figure they will call when they are ready or able.

My thoughts are now mostly with Amanda & all of those who were in the epicentre of the destruction.