Friday, January 14, 2011


Plumbing Boy left me yesterday. For a little holiday :0) He's headed up the coast to spend a week with his best mate & family (we are god parents to their kids). He's taken his dirt bike (as did his mate) so have a few days planned of riding, some time at the beach & generally lazing about having a much needed rest.

Anyhoo. The boys went to the pub last night for some blokey time & walked the 5kms home picking up some travellers (beer) to keep them company. At one point they crossed a bridge & as it was high tide PB decided to go for a swim. He carefully unloaded his pockets (for a change!!!!) putting his phone & wallet into the bag carrying in the beers & went for his swim.

They made it home without incident & sat out on the balcony finishing off their beers. Plumbing Boy got up this morning (with a slightly sore head) & went looking for his phone thinking I'd have probably needed to speak with him about something work related. Hmmmmm where did that phone go.






Phone is nowhere to be heard or seen. They begin to back track. Where did we see it last? In the beer bag. "Dave - where did you put the bag that had the take away beers in it?" Ahhhh "the bin".

Off they trot to retrieve said bag.

Uh Oh. Bins are empty.

Uh Oh. Garbage day today. Gargage truck has been & gone collecting 1 x mobile phone & 1 x brand new wallet that I'd got him for Christmas. He'd only transferred out of his old one last weekend. Not that I'm so worried about the wallet itself, more the cards & shite inside.

Guess who's waiting on a call back from the local council to find out which tip that truck was going to?

Guess who's going to the tip today to call his mobile to see if he can hear it ring?

I'm holding off on cancelling his cards til they've been out there in hope they find it in the trash!

How does that old chestnut go - 6 pack of beer & a midnight swim $15-00; digging though the trash at the tip to find your wallet as a result??



Cinders said...

ahhh, boys. I don't envy you today - smelly, humid garbage tips, ewww.

Have a good weekend and enjoy some 'you' time while PB is away :)

Ute said...

Fckn hell!

"One mans trash, is another mans treasure."

For sure.


Anonymous said...

your fucking amazing, if i had dont that i would have got a slap upside of the head and be making the calls to cancel the lot....

he is one fucking lucky boy to have you watching his back

AlleyCat said...

Cinders - thank god I didn't go with him - I'd have had to go to the tip with them ewwww!!!! Yes I do have some me time planned :0)

Ute - LOL indeed.

Dog3oy - thanks mate!!! I'm sure if I was ACTUALLY there & having to go to the tip with them I'd be far more unhappy about the situation. Being removed it's actually pretty funny. I was more worried about the silly bastard deciding to jump off the bridge pissed for a swim!!!

AlleyCat said...

Phone is found! It took them 2 minutes to retrieve that as it rings. After an hour they gave up looking for the wallet, too much broken glass etc. All the waste goes to a sorting station, so they have been notified to keep an eye out for it. Did I mention he had all his holiday spending $$$ in it?