Friday, January 21, 2011

Sleep Standing up

Last night I got a hair cut & a much needed colour. For a change Alex gave me a light trim - generally he cuts more off than I've grown since the last cut. As they were flat out he had one of the girls style it & I was so happy with it I told her I'd be sleeping standing up for the rest of the week so as to not ruin her good work!!!

Sorry about the quality of the pic. I'm just plain ole brown at the moment, had to give the red streaks a bit of a rest as hair wasn't holding the colour.

Plumbing Boy is due back tomorrow afternoon, we'll swap tales no doubt over dinner then I am off to the country for a week to hang with my family. My sis has shite internet so I probably wont be blogging next week, although will probably be about on stalker book.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do & I'll be back in a week with tales of horse riding, the beach & hopefully some pictures for y'all!

PS for your entertainment - I was handing out new overalls to the guys this morning - one of them said to me

"I've got a bit of a problem with these overalls"

Me "yeah, what's wrong with them?"

Him: "the prestuds aren't made very well, they keep popping off"

Me: "dude, you can't even do up the two middle prestuds..............I think it's more a sizing issue than a manufacturing issue don't you?"

Disclaimer - I'm not poking fun at this guy for putting on weight - I'm poking fun at his logic. He also told me during the week that the gas converter on one of the vehicles was freezing because of the cold temperatures we've been having lately & that the temperature drops to below zero overnight. Those of you who live in Melbourne will be laughing your heads off at this point. I even printed out the past month of overnight temperatures in the suburb in question to prove to him that he's a twit!!!!


Memphis Steve said...

Sexy sexy! Very nice hair, girl. I envy you gettting to go spend a week out in the country. It's sleeting here right now and the roads are frozen solid. I'd kill for a week of Melbourne sun right about now.

Amanda said...

Nice hairdo :) I love getting my hair done.

Ute said...

You'se got yr hairz did! Noice... different...unewsuel. ;o)

Enjoy your time away... are you riding the new pony? PHOTOS!!!!!!!! :oD

AlleyCat said...

Why thank you Steve. I feel all special now! It's been a bit wet down here today, but at least there is no snow & I am not at work :0)

Thanks Amanda - me too. Good hair = happy me!

Fanks Uteski!!! yes i finally got a ride on Misty this morning. No photo's yet but we will take her to the beach tomoz or Thurs & will have picks then!!!!