Friday, January 7, 2011

Rewind, Stop, Press Play

I think I'm getting my groove back. Some of the Christmas excesses feel like they are disappearing - as in I feel much less bloated. I weighed in around December 29th & took some measurements. Lordy. Not good. Well, for me anyway. Top weight was 66kgs.

Rewind - this is heavier than when I started my FF&F challenge 1st July 2010. Body measurements were pretty much the same as that date too. I am disappointed & a little cross with myself to be honest. All that hard work squandered.

Stop. Being lazy. Over eating. Using excuses to not exercise.

Press Play. I'm not going to bore you with weekly consumptions (although I will be tracking), measurements & weigh-ins like I did last year. I realise it really is very boring to read! I'll just have to admire the charts on my own hey! I will do a monthly round up to keep myself accountable.

I might bang on a bit about running, as I still want to hit that 10km run mark. My osteo however has put the kibosh on doing that this month though, she wants me to stay at the maximum distance I am now (7kms) & improve my technique, which is probably a good thing.

I actually have to get new runners then go back to the podiatrist who will try a couple of generic orthotic's with said runners (osteo & podiatrist are working together) & test out the best option. This means running up & down the street while they watch my feet/running action.

I've always had a funny right leg. I was teased mercilessly as a kid about how I ran - my knee's kind of knocked together while my feet pointed out like Donald Duck, which in particular caused my right leg from the knee down to kick out in an arc when I ran. Hence the reluctance to participate in any sort of sporting activity in my youth - I did all I could to get out of PE, sport etc. I don't think I ever ran a cross country - always managed to have an injury to prevent me participating!!!!

Anyhoo. My right hip/glute was giving me lots of grief when I got back from holidays - I put it down to dodgy airplane seats. It would seem that the running + probably poor technique + old sneakers (April 2009 I discovered yesterday), caused me to over pronate (more), put my hip/pelvis out & made my leg/hip rotate more yaddah yaddah yaddah.

So I've been working with the osteo & podiatrist to resolve this - osteo is working to get hips/pelvis back into alignment & reduce the turn out of my right leg; podiatrist is sorting my foot action.

Sorry - where was I?

Starting Stats:

Thursday 6th Jan: 63.5kgs

Waist @ Belly Button: 88cms
Pot Belly: 64cms
Butt (Broadest Part): 105.5cms
Bust: 96kms

Haven't done body fat % yet, but will get around to it soon.

Motivation: we've booked a mini holiday for Easter - going up to see my cousin in Port Douglas & meet her new bambino (a boy, born in November). My cuz is little miss fitness & no doubt will already be back in training & I expect we will see no sign of baby body when we get up there. I am hoping to use this in particular as a motivating factor.

Wish me luck!


Amanda said...

You're a good girl doing your measurements - I never do :/ I know, I know, I should :)

Make sure you get in touch with me before Easter, we're thinking of going to Cairns/Port Douglas, so we could have a mini-meet!!! Just a quick coffee, I know what it's like trying to catch up with family. Are you keen?

AlleyCat said...

Hey Amanda!

Yes you should do measurements - sometimes they show you far better results than scale weight!!! & that is always a big motivator!

Definately up for a coffee over easter - will keep in touch :0)

Tully said...

Wow, you've already lost a stack of weight this year- well done chicky!

I am a lazy commenter so I have a few comments to make from recent posts...

1. I think you should always bring a dish or a bottle of wine when going to someone's house for dinner. DEFINITELY.

2. I love your goal about stopping defining yourself as old, I think I need to steal it. Oh and the drinks less and exercise more stuff too...

3. Good luck with your Easter goal, I am booking a little Easter getaway as motivation too.