Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lazy Sundays & other stuff

Friday night started out with a little slave labour (vacuuming & mopping) followed by a little indulgence. I painted my toe nails purple. Yeah the photo's a bit crap, but anyway. I'd planned to spend Sunday with my cuz Jax, so wanted to get the chores out of the way early in the weekend.

We went out for dinner at friends on Saturday night & I convinced plumbing boy it would be a good idea to drop me off at Jax on the way home (instead of me PT'ing it there the following day). After all, he was going straight to bed then departing at 6.20am to go dirt bike riding & was taking the car. This happens frequently on a Sunday - if his mate who lives close by doesn't ride, then I am carless. When he does ride, I am carless 50% of the time. So basically I have no car on Sundays 3/4 of the time!

I'm also on phone duty for work so can't do things like go to the movies, the beach etc & need to be within 30 minutes of work if I need to go & let someone in. I do have wheels of sort - can take the plumbing truck, but only locally to the gym or supermarket - any further afield & PB gets a bit paranoid someone will steal his tools while I'm not looking!

Jax has just moved out of the family home & in with one of her best mates J & his little sister M. The place was renovated by J & M's mum as she & hubby are relocating overseas shortly leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Lucky kids. It's a beautiful place, modern, light & airy. No slumming it like I did when I moved out of home :0)

We had a few (more) drinks cranked up the music & danced about til we collapsed into bed. After a bit of a sleep in, we just hung out (Jax, J & me) talking & laughing. Jax & I were laughing so hard at times we had tears running down our faces. J was laughing at us laughing at each other. Over the most ridiculous things, which probably are not that funny if retold, but my face & belly were sore from all that laughing. It is a good thing! Bestest laziest giggliest afternoon I've had in ages.

What else?

Imagine my surprise when I saw this on the bookshelf! More giggling. Their other best mate studied architecture for a bit.....
There are some very flash public dunnies inside I must say.

My cat was very pleased to see me home late Sunday. She likes to visit when I am in the bath tub. There is nothing sweeter or gentler than the feeling of her whiskers brushing up against your cheek as she's plonked her front feet on the ledge of the bath next to your head to look in!

So far I've done 3 runs this week & been to pump twice. I'm on a roll! I ran Thursday night, then before pump on Saturday morning & last night. Last night was a challenge. Every step. My legs were still dead from pump Saturday.

This was my excited 7km run last week. The .88 & 9 minutes was the warm up, leaving me running at 7mins per km. I only ran 4kms last night but ran faster at around 6.25mins per km. Yes, I am feeling very happy with myself! My legs were very tight though, so did a bit of home massage with the spiced vanilla body shop stuff in the first picture. Seems to have done the trick as my quads & calves are feeling pretty good today.

I'm loving the Buena Vista Social Club at the moment, have them on high rotation in the office & also a bloke Jax put me onto John Legend. Very nice. So. What/who have you been listening to so far this year? Spill!


Ute said...

I wish I could paint my toe nails as good as you... I can never get my foot up close enough to fckn get all the varnish where it's supposed to go!
That's why I stick to light colours, can't see the stuff ups. One day, I'll treat myself to a pedicure and get them to paint them a dark colour.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... kitteh!
I remember how Smokey used to come and hop up on the bath, and gently lick at the warm bath water.
And Baxter always used to come and lay on the bathroom floor when either of us had a bath... I think he wondered wtf we were doing... "Why would you WANT to get wet?!" ;o)

AlleyCat said...

lol @ Baxter!!! I'm sure my cat is just as confuddled about my love for the Tub as Baxter was for yours!! Rosy likes to drink the bath water too.

RE the toenails - I have to use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to tidy them up. I'm a very mess painter too!!!!!

Tully said...

Nail painting, baths and girly giggling- sounds like an amazing weekend! I hope I see you enjoy more like this in 2011!

Also, fantastic work on the running gyming, brilliant!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Tully! I plan to up the quota of girly time this year :0) Feeling good about gym too - although not so good about last nights Thai dinner!!! Was a bit bloody ordinary to boot.....