Thursday, January 20, 2011


We've got a new Pump instructor. I like him! He's as camp as, & was talking whips last week & reminds me of a good friend of mine. But that's not why I like him. He's a seasoned instructor who has lots of releases under his belt which means variety & also lots of tips on technique! Our last instructor was very new with only 2 releases under her belt so we did the same routine week in & out for 3 months.

When we finished the class last night, I overheard one of the participants complaining to a friend of mine that the new instructor didn't know the release properly. This participant has some DVD's & does the classes at home. The instructor was a little slow on the cuing of the triceps track & I know he did half the new release & finished off with some older stuff - maybe he hasn't learned the whole of the new release yet? I don't know.

What I do know is that everyone is different & responds differently to different instructors. I'm not sure of the other participants expectation of the new instructor. I know that the idea of these classes is that they are the same everywhere you go, but I think it's fine for the instructor to put their own "stamp" on the class. I know that I have to actually like the instructor to get the most out of a class; & I can't stand instructors who have bad timing & no sense of rhythm! I do hope that more of the participants like our new instructor than not, & that he sticks around for a while - I am quite liking pump at the moment!

I got my new runners on Saturday (went to a factory outlet in Smith St), a 1/2 size larger as per the podiatrists instructions & saw him on Tuesday night. What a huge difference they made! They are the newest version of my old runners & the stability they provided for my dickie right foot was amazing. No orthotic's required! It really does prove to me that you need to replace your runners regularly - regardless of how the look on the outside, it's the internals of the shoes that wear out first! It was probably the lack of stability in my old shoe, that caused my recent hip problems.

I went for my first run in them last night - no blisters & no tripping over! I was a bit worried I'd go A over T as they are a bit bigger. Brilliant. Did I tell you how much I love my new runners?


DOG3OY said...

i did finally walk home... 2 1/2 hours and 13k, forgot to pack socks an my running shoes are like 8 years old. dumped down the rubbish shoot and am heading out to shop for a new pair, just have to find the real ones, not the Chinese knock offs...

AlleyCat said...

Awesome work mate! 13K is a big walk!!! Glad you've tossed your old shoes. bad bad bad for your feet. no socks??? ouch!!!

Good luck finding some good ones :0)