Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Happy New Year everyone! I trust you all had as much fun as I did welcoming the Elevenses (as we've decided to call this year).

I had an absolute blast NYE with some of my favourite peeps in the world.

I've been thinking about New Years resolutions over the past couple of days (& talking about them with people who are making/have made them). I'm not going to make resolutions as such, but I've identified a few areas in my life I'd like to change & as follows are the things I'll be working on for the next couple of months at least.....

# Stop defining myself as old/saying out loud that I am old - my age is not relevant.
I have quite a few friends who are much younger than me, & I tend to talk about myself being "Old" when I am with them. This has to stop. Being 40 is just a number, not preclusion to being youthful. This isn't to say I should behave immaturely (I could probably behave MORE maturely at times in fact), but it doesn't mean I can no longer do or be a certain way just because I am in a certain age bracket.

#Stop feeling guilty for time spent on myself - eg going to the gym, painting nails, sitting & reading a book.
I tend to only read when I'm in the tub & feel guilty just laying about & reading my book. Same for doing things like painting my toe nails. I also cut short gym sessions (stretching!) because I feel guilty for taking too long. This also has to stop.

#Stretches - do them.
I've had a few issues with legs/hips from running without stretching. Totally my fault. I need to stretch every time.

#Look after my nails.
I'd like to paint my toe nails & manicure my finger nails every week (without feeling guilty!), taking the time to moisturise feet & hands thoroughly.

#Stop frowning.
I've noticed that I often sit with a furrowed brow at work. I need to relax my face more. Don't want those horrid forehead wrinkles now do I!

#Exercise - do it!
Specifically, run 3 x times per week, working up to 10kms, then doing 1 x 10km & 2 x shorter runs (no less than 5kms) each week.
Pump or free weights 2 x times per week.
15 mins of Abs/Core every day at home - just a couple of planks & some crunches will do. My middle has gone very soft.

#Finish off my Fit Fab & Forty Challenge.
Specifically, getting my waist measurement under 80cms & reducing my body fat %. Ideally I'd like to have done this by Easter, which is 4 months away. The rest the year shall be spent maintaining this!

#Curb Alcohol consumption.
Specifically on week nights.

#Pay more attention to food/meal portion control.

That's about it I suppose. I wish you all the best with YOUR new years resolutions & wish you all a wonderful elevenses!


Chris H said...

Wow that's a lot of resolutions mate!
Good luck with them.

AlleyCat said...

hehehe i spose there are a few. I got a whole year thought.

today I started on no not frowning. God that's hard!!!! I'm kinda sitting here with my eyes half closed to help bahahahaha

AlleyCat said...


Amanda said...

I'm a frowner from way back. I have a massive wrinkle between my eyebrows for my efforts :(

Love your goals for the year, totally achievable! I will say - NEVER feel guilty for spending time on yourself! You are important too, you know? :)

AlleyCat said...

thanks Amanda! I've got those double lines between my brows too!!