Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Jewel Spidey. Sorry about the clarity of the photo's - off my phone. Can't believe they pat these guys, yet drown the poor ole hunts mans in fly spray!!!!

Tess n surf board

Port Fairy East Beach

Last night's do. (done by tess with hair straightener!)

my mate's pooch Rocky n me snoozin

Happy "stralia day peeps! Yes, I've had a few wines, so please forgive all spelling, gramatical & social ettiquette errors.

So. We've been to the beach, visited rels. Grandma was off chops - telling us about how she went out for dinner last night & how her hand bag got stolen & the dodgy medication they are giving her & that even the stuff from western australia isn't quite right & how the government know & don't do the right thing about it (she lives in a nursing home & definately didn't go out for dinner last night, so pretty sad). But all in all a good day, we had pies for lunch, lamb chops for dinner & even managed a bit of back yard cricket!! 

How was yours?????


Amanda said...

Ooh La La, your hair looked lovely!

I don't feel the need to justify to anyone whether or not I befriend them on facebook - just don't respond to the request at all, leave it there as unanswered. Either that or give her access to a limited profile.

Ute said...

Agree with Amanda.

Either let the request sit there, as pending(i have one such one), or add her, but limit what she can actually see on your profile. It's easy now to set everything to specific people. I have a niece who can not see jack shit! She can't see my wall, my status updates, or photos.

Happy 'Straylya day!!!

AlleyCat said...

hey Amanda - I agree, I shouldn't have to worry, but i do, about what her daughter may think/feel if I don't accept her ma's request. It is complicated. But thank you indeed for your saje advice!

LOL yes, hair was fun!!!

AlleyCat said...

Hey Ute! I wasn't convinced FB had their security that sorted.... i've heard stories about people setting the security on certain peeps they are friends with & that being breeched. :0( May have to get lessons from you on how to do all those restrictions proper like!!!!!

Memphis Steve said...

Happy Australia Day to you, too! I hope you had a good time. Like the hair. Any Facebook request that makes you want to scream is a request worth ignoring.