Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Jewel Spidey. Sorry about the clarity of the photo's - off my phone. Can't believe they pat these guys, yet drown the poor ole hunts mans in fly spray!!!!

Tess n surf board

Port Fairy East Beach

Last night's do. (done by tess with hair straightener!)

my mate's pooch Rocky n me snoozin

Happy "stralia day peeps! Yes, I've had a few wines, so please forgive all spelling, gramatical & social ettiquette errors.

So. We've been to the beach, visited rels. Grandma was off chops - telling us about how she went out for dinner last night & how her hand bag got stolen & the dodgy medication they are giving her & that even the stuff from western australia isn't quite right & how the government know & don't do the right thing about it (she lives in a nursing home & definately didn't go out for dinner last night, so pretty sad). But all in all a good day, we had pies for lunch, lamb chops for dinner & even managed a bit of back yard cricket!! 

How was yours?????

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I got me some Wi-Fi today!!! My sis has really slow Internet & while I am on holidays I still need to check emails & banking & stuff. I'd wanted to get it sorted for a while, but never seem to have the time (or inclination I spose) while at home. So today I got me a wireless dohickey & I'm lovin' it!!!!!

So. I'm in Western Victoria. My car broke down the first day. Insert curse words here. We just had it serviced the week before Christmas & Plumbing Boy topped up the water & checked the oil before I left. I arrived OK at the adventure playground, found a park & the family. My sis had arranged a catch up with my cousins on my Dad's side of the family. Dad has 1 x bro with no kids & 1 x sis with 4 kids. One of them has 5 kids under 5, & 2 of them 2 kids each under 4. The fourth is like me & has no kids. So. Lots of little peeps racing about.

Lovely afternoon which saw us wander over to the beach for a paddle before home time. When I arrived back at my car, it just would not start. Plenty of battery & kicked over easily, but just would not ignite/fire or whatever the technical word is for START! We tried with jumper cables, no luck. My sis's boyfriend took me back later that evening to have another go (& he squirted about some WD40) but still no joy. Locked it up again & decided to worry about it in the morning.

So. I joined the RACV - the dude arrived within 10 minutes & had it going within 5 minutes. He pulled off a spark plug lead & stuck his screw driver in the lead, asked me to kick it over - plenty of spark he says. Hmmm how much fuel do you have? Half a tank at least says me. Hang on then, let me try something. He grabbed a mallet & disappeared under the arse end of the car, gave something a whack & said - try again. Started straight away. Apparently it was a crook fuel pump.

He makes a call & booked me in at the RACV's local mechanic with the promise it could be changed over Tuesday, or possibly even Monday (same day). The bill came in cheaper than they quoted me & I got my car back same day. Bit of a bloody bastard, but could have been worse - I could have been in some backwater on my way down stopping for a bathroom stop when it died!!! At least I was in Warrnambool with family able to drive me about when needed!!!

Anyhoo. Other than that & an early start Monday - work phone calls at 6am, 7am & 9am, things have been reasonably cruisy. My sis is out tonight & I took Tess & her best friend to see Tangled 3D. Loved it. The kids had already seen it, but it was the only thing on that looked good & they preferred to go out than stay in!

Tomorrow we are going visiting more rels including Grandma; if the weather is good some beach & attempt at surfing, but judging by tonight's weather, wet & windy, perhaps not! Where ever you are & regardless of whether you celebrate it or not, do yourself a favour tomorrow & much on a lamb chop & savour your vegemite toast. It's Australia Day!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Yes, I know I said I was off to the country & wouldn't be blogging week, but the lovely Miss B tagged me for a stylish blogger award (although I don't think I'm particularly stylish)! If you read this consider yourself tagged - give us 7 random facts about your good self!

1. I hated my nickname in primary school. When people called me Cat I'd burst into tears & was teased about it no end. By the time I reached high school I much preferred the nickname than my own name & it's "creative" spelling. Please promise me not to be creative with the spelling of your kids names!!!!! I've spent my life correcting the pronunciation of mine.

2. I have a slight web between my 2nd & 3rd toes. This has not made me better at swimming. I find feet a bit freaky in general, but don't have a phobia about it.

(Damn! this is hard & I've only thought of 2 things so far.....)

3. I like my cutlery & crockery to be well organised. Every time my office assistant unpacks the dishwasher at work, I remove all the cups & glasses & re stack the shelf into its proper order. I am forever straightening up the cutlery draw. Honestly. The spoons don't go in the bloody knife section!!! My sister hangs it on me at home because in the fork section I've got the big forks stacked in one pile & the little forks in another adjacent in the same divider. I've also got soup & desert spoons stacked the same way. See!

So not weird!

4. I was born with a hole in the roof of my mouth & had a skin graft done on it when I was 2 years old. If I open wide & you peek in, you can see a strip of white skin about 20mm wide & 50mm long to prove it. The only thing I remember is the doctor had a big fish tank in his surgery in Melbourne. That was probably my earliest memory come to think of it!

5. I've also had 2 lots of drainage tubes in my ears, then the holes didn't close over naturally as they are supposed to so I had skin grafts at 15 & 16 years old as they could only do one at a time (I think I may have blogged about this before, sorry!). They shaved the side of my head above my ear & cut out some skin & used it to cover the hole in my ear drum. I also had a cyst removed from one ear while they were doing the grafts. I've had my appendix out & 2 x ganglion cysts removed on my right hand. Only one fracture (wrist), no proper broken bones.

6. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 16 years old. Mum was a nurse & thought it unhygienic to get it done at the chemist so made my sister & I go to the emergency ward of the hospital where one of her co-workers pierced them with the biggest mother of a syringe needle you've ever seen. Of course we had to have sleepers not studs. I fainted & had a spew bowl. I actually feel a bit queasy thinking about it.

7. I've bungee jumped. Sort of. I think a more accurate description would be that as I stood on the platform, my knees buckled from underneath me & I toppled forward. Apparently I screamed Fuuuuuuuuuuck all the way down, then all the way back up again & all the way back down again. I have no recollection other than opening my eyes for that brief moment when you are stationary after coming all the way back up again & thinking oh my god, I have to go back down again. NEVER AGAIN.

I'm supposed to tag 15 of you lovely peeps, but like I said, tag yourself!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sleep Standing up

Last night I got a hair cut & a much needed colour. For a change Alex gave me a light trim - generally he cuts more off than I've grown since the last cut. As they were flat out he had one of the girls style it & I was so happy with it I told her I'd be sleeping standing up for the rest of the week so as to not ruin her good work!!!

Sorry about the quality of the pic. I'm just plain ole brown at the moment, had to give the red streaks a bit of a rest as hair wasn't holding the colour.

Plumbing Boy is due back tomorrow afternoon, we'll swap tales no doubt over dinner then I am off to the country for a week to hang with my family. My sis has shite internet so I probably wont be blogging next week, although will probably be about on stalker book.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do & I'll be back in a week with tales of horse riding, the beach & hopefully some pictures for y'all!

PS for your entertainment - I was handing out new overalls to the guys this morning - one of them said to me

"I've got a bit of a problem with these overalls"

Me "yeah, what's wrong with them?"

Him: "the prestuds aren't made very well, they keep popping off"

Me: "dude, you can't even do up the two middle prestuds..............I think it's more a sizing issue than a manufacturing issue don't you?"

Disclaimer - I'm not poking fun at this guy for putting on weight - I'm poking fun at his logic. He also told me during the week that the gas converter on one of the vehicles was freezing because of the cold temperatures we've been having lately & that the temperature drops to below zero overnight. Those of you who live in Melbourne will be laughing your heads off at this point. I even printed out the past month of overnight temperatures in the suburb in question to prove to him that he's a twit!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


We've got a new Pump instructor. I like him! He's as camp as, & was talking whips last week & reminds me of a good friend of mine. But that's not why I like him. He's a seasoned instructor who has lots of releases under his belt which means variety & also lots of tips on technique! Our last instructor was very new with only 2 releases under her belt so we did the same routine week in & out for 3 months.

When we finished the class last night, I overheard one of the participants complaining to a friend of mine that the new instructor didn't know the release properly. This participant has some DVD's & does the classes at home. The instructor was a little slow on the cuing of the triceps track & I know he did half the new release & finished off with some older stuff - maybe he hasn't learned the whole of the new release yet? I don't know.

What I do know is that everyone is different & responds differently to different instructors. I'm not sure of the other participants expectation of the new instructor. I know that the idea of these classes is that they are the same everywhere you go, but I think it's fine for the instructor to put their own "stamp" on the class. I know that I have to actually like the instructor to get the most out of a class; & I can't stand instructors who have bad timing & no sense of rhythm! I do hope that more of the participants like our new instructor than not, & that he sticks around for a while - I am quite liking pump at the moment!

I got my new runners on Saturday (went to a factory outlet in Smith St), a 1/2 size larger as per the podiatrists instructions & saw him on Tuesday night. What a huge difference they made! They are the newest version of my old runners & the stability they provided for my dickie right foot was amazing. No orthotic's required! It really does prove to me that you need to replace your runners regularly - regardless of how the look on the outside, it's the internals of the shoes that wear out first! It was probably the lack of stability in my old shoe, that caused my recent hip problems.

I went for my first run in them last night - no blisters & no tripping over! I was a bit worried I'd go A over T as they are a bit bigger. Brilliant. Did I tell you how much I love my new runners?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So. He found his phone, but not the wallet. I spent yesterday afternoon cancelling credit cards & the like. Unfortunately as he is the secondary card holder this means mine have been cancelled too!! Ugh! I use them quite a bit for work so that may become interesting towards the end of the week. The guy from the bank said with a bit of luck I should have the new ones by Friday.

Work has been crazy. Yesterday was challenging for a number of reasons; made even worse when I had to repeat the same thing 3 times over to Plumbing Boy last night. Not sure how much beer he'd had by the time he called me, but he was not with the program so to speak! Sigh.

The flooding in Victoria has reached the western district where I grew up. Click on the link if you want to see pic's from the local paper. Friends took an additional 3 hours to get home Sunday from Geelong to Panmure due to road closures. Dad emailed me yesterday & quite a few bridges are expected to have not survived. I'm supposed to be heading down there on Sunday so will have to check out what roads are actually open first!

Happy Hump Day my good peeps!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Plumbing Boy left me yesterday. For a little holiday :0) He's headed up the coast to spend a week with his best mate & family (we are god parents to their kids). He's taken his dirt bike (as did his mate) so have a few days planned of riding, some time at the beach & generally lazing about having a much needed rest.

Anyhoo. The boys went to the pub last night for some blokey time & walked the 5kms home picking up some travellers (beer) to keep them company. At one point they crossed a bridge & as it was high tide PB decided to go for a swim. He carefully unloaded his pockets (for a change!!!!) putting his phone & wallet into the bag carrying in the beers & went for his swim.

They made it home without incident & sat out on the balcony finishing off their beers. Plumbing Boy got up this morning (with a slightly sore head) & went looking for his phone thinking I'd have probably needed to speak with him about something work related. Hmmmmm where did that phone go.






Phone is nowhere to be heard or seen. They begin to back track. Where did we see it last? In the beer bag. "Dave - where did you put the bag that had the take away beers in it?" Ahhhh "the bin".

Off they trot to retrieve said bag.

Uh Oh. Bins are empty.

Uh Oh. Garbage day today. Gargage truck has been & gone collecting 1 x mobile phone & 1 x brand new wallet that I'd got him for Christmas. He'd only transferred out of his old one last weekend. Not that I'm so worried about the wallet itself, more the cards & shite inside.

Guess who's waiting on a call back from the local council to find out which tip that truck was going to?

Guess who's going to the tip today to call his mobile to see if he can hear it ring?

I'm holding off on cancelling his cards til they've been out there in hope they find it in the trash!

How does that old chestnut go - 6 pack of beer & a midnight swim $15-00; digging though the trash at the tip to find your wallet as a result??


Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's criminal to complain about the wet in Melbourne compared to what has been happening in other parts of the country. If you've been living under a rock see here. I've been moved to tears many times over the past few days listening to the media & seeing images of the destruction.

Last night at the gym I was fighting back tears while on the tready at the image of 2 horses who'd swum over to a house (that was flooded up to the roof) & were resting their chins on the roof of the house to help stay afloat. I don't want to think about what happened when they got tired.

People in Melbourne seem to be a bit spooked - I've had a plethora of people call up at work today worried about their houses flooding. Most of them have had the problem for quite some time & failed to do anything about it until now. It's very frustrating. I'd rather be helping the people who ARE flooded proper to be honest, but I guess its all part of the service. I've even had several people hang up on me today because I couldn't do for them what they wanted. I guess fear brings out the worse in some people.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lazy Sundays & other stuff

Friday night started out with a little slave labour (vacuuming & mopping) followed by a little indulgence. I painted my toe nails purple. Yeah the photo's a bit crap, but anyway. I'd planned to spend Sunday with my cuz Jax, so wanted to get the chores out of the way early in the weekend.

We went out for dinner at friends on Saturday night & I convinced plumbing boy it would be a good idea to drop me off at Jax on the way home (instead of me PT'ing it there the following day). After all, he was going straight to bed then departing at 6.20am to go dirt bike riding & was taking the car. This happens frequently on a Sunday - if his mate who lives close by doesn't ride, then I am carless. When he does ride, I am carless 50% of the time. So basically I have no car on Sundays 3/4 of the time!

I'm also on phone duty for work so can't do things like go to the movies, the beach etc & need to be within 30 minutes of work if I need to go & let someone in. I do have wheels of sort - can take the plumbing truck, but only locally to the gym or supermarket - any further afield & PB gets a bit paranoid someone will steal his tools while I'm not looking!

Jax has just moved out of the family home & in with one of her best mates J & his little sister M. The place was renovated by J & M's mum as she & hubby are relocating overseas shortly leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Lucky kids. It's a beautiful place, modern, light & airy. No slumming it like I did when I moved out of home :0)

We had a few (more) drinks cranked up the music & danced about til we collapsed into bed. After a bit of a sleep in, we just hung out (Jax, J & me) talking & laughing. Jax & I were laughing so hard at times we had tears running down our faces. J was laughing at us laughing at each other. Over the most ridiculous things, which probably are not that funny if retold, but my face & belly were sore from all that laughing. It is a good thing! Bestest laziest giggliest afternoon I've had in ages.

What else?

Imagine my surprise when I saw this on the bookshelf! More giggling. Their other best mate studied architecture for a bit.....
There are some very flash public dunnies inside I must say.

My cat was very pleased to see me home late Sunday. She likes to visit when I am in the bath tub. There is nothing sweeter or gentler than the feeling of her whiskers brushing up against your cheek as she's plonked her front feet on the ledge of the bath next to your head to look in!

So far I've done 3 runs this week & been to pump twice. I'm on a roll! I ran Thursday night, then before pump on Saturday morning & last night. Last night was a challenge. Every step. My legs were still dead from pump Saturday.

This was my excited 7km run last week. The .88 & 9 minutes was the warm up, leaving me running at 7mins per km. I only ran 4kms last night but ran faster at around 6.25mins per km. Yes, I am feeling very happy with myself! My legs were very tight though, so did a bit of home massage with the spiced vanilla body shop stuff in the first picture. Seems to have done the trick as my quads & calves are feeling pretty good today.

I'm loving the Buena Vista Social Club at the moment, have them on high rotation in the office & also a bloke Jax put me onto John Legend. Very nice. So. What/who have you been listening to so far this year? Spill!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rewind, Stop, Press Play

I think I'm getting my groove back. Some of the Christmas excesses feel like they are disappearing - as in I feel much less bloated. I weighed in around December 29th & took some measurements. Lordy. Not good. Well, for me anyway. Top weight was 66kgs.

Rewind - this is heavier than when I started my FF&F challenge 1st July 2010. Body measurements were pretty much the same as that date too. I am disappointed & a little cross with myself to be honest. All that hard work squandered.

Stop. Being lazy. Over eating. Using excuses to not exercise.

Press Play. I'm not going to bore you with weekly consumptions (although I will be tracking), measurements & weigh-ins like I did last year. I realise it really is very boring to read! I'll just have to admire the charts on my own hey! I will do a monthly round up to keep myself accountable.

I might bang on a bit about running, as I still want to hit that 10km run mark. My osteo however has put the kibosh on doing that this month though, she wants me to stay at the maximum distance I am now (7kms) & improve my technique, which is probably a good thing.

I actually have to get new runners then go back to the podiatrist who will try a couple of generic orthotic's with said runners (osteo & podiatrist are working together) & test out the best option. This means running up & down the street while they watch my feet/running action.

I've always had a funny right leg. I was teased mercilessly as a kid about how I ran - my knee's kind of knocked together while my feet pointed out like Donald Duck, which in particular caused my right leg from the knee down to kick out in an arc when I ran. Hence the reluctance to participate in any sort of sporting activity in my youth - I did all I could to get out of PE, sport etc. I don't think I ever ran a cross country - always managed to have an injury to prevent me participating!!!!

Anyhoo. My right hip/glute was giving me lots of grief when I got back from holidays - I put it down to dodgy airplane seats. It would seem that the running + probably poor technique + old sneakers (April 2009 I discovered yesterday), caused me to over pronate (more), put my hip/pelvis out & made my leg/hip rotate more yaddah yaddah yaddah.

So I've been working with the osteo & podiatrist to resolve this - osteo is working to get hips/pelvis back into alignment & reduce the turn out of my right leg; podiatrist is sorting my foot action.

Sorry - where was I?

Starting Stats:

Thursday 6th Jan: 63.5kgs

Waist @ Belly Button: 88cms
Pot Belly: 64cms
Butt (Broadest Part): 105.5cms
Bust: 96kms

Haven't done body fat % yet, but will get around to it soon.

Motivation: we've booked a mini holiday for Easter - going up to see my cousin in Port Douglas & meet her new bambino (a boy, born in November). My cuz is little miss fitness & no doubt will already be back in training & I expect we will see no sign of baby body when we get up there. I am hoping to use this in particular as a motivating factor.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hump Day

For those of us who are back at work already - happy hump day!

I should have added one more thing to my list from yesterday - that was to blog more often. It has been pointed out to me that I've usually post on Fridays (have done for a while now). Sometimes I just can't think of anything to bother posting about.......

I'm not sure today's an exception.

I'm feeling a bit flat today actually - crazy dreams last night of running from & running too without know what I was running from or too or why. I had a vigorous osteo treatment last night so wonder if my body was adjusting & restless & I was hot! I kept throwing the doona off in a sweat then getting cold. Bah! Maybe I was fighting off a bug. Who knows.

Where was I?

I have had a post, or a question brewing for a bit, that I haven't quite figured out how to post - so here goes nothin'. It's in relation to social etiquette - to be more exact, when you are invited to someones home for a meal or when you invite someone to your home for a meal, what is the/your expectation?

I grew up in the country & spose we were middle(?) class. It seems there are different rules for country folk & classes, although they don't seem to be consistent either. This thought process came about on listening to a friend talk about her plans for Christmas - she'd invited her brother & his family to her home & stated quite bluntly to me " I hope they don't expect me to pay for everything".

I found this quite odd.

The way I've been bought up I suppose is that you always bring something. In the country it's a bit of an unwritten rule. If you are invited for a meal you usually ask if your host would like you to bring a salad or a desert. In the city I find people often say nothing, just yourselves. I would then always bring something to drink & a bottle of wine or flowers for the host.

I've been to a dinner party where the host supplied the venue & packet sausage rolls & everyone else bought the food - I'd be lying if I wasn't a little peeved at the request to supply roast meat for a group of 12. Imagine how our other friends felt when they were asked to bring the roast veg. Considering we all lived 45 minutes apart, it was bordering on the ridiculous!

I've been to BBQ's where you bring everything; & others where you bring your own meat & grog & the host provides salads &/or deserts, also cool in my book.

What I want to know, is how were you brought up?

What do you consider good/bad etiquette?

Speak to me!!!

PS I hope I haven't upset anyone, certainly not my intention!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Happy New Year everyone! I trust you all had as much fun as I did welcoming the Elevenses (as we've decided to call this year).

I had an absolute blast NYE with some of my favourite peeps in the world.

I've been thinking about New Years resolutions over the past couple of days (& talking about them with people who are making/have made them). I'm not going to make resolutions as such, but I've identified a few areas in my life I'd like to change & as follows are the things I'll be working on for the next couple of months at least.....

# Stop defining myself as old/saying out loud that I am old - my age is not relevant.
I have quite a few friends who are much younger than me, & I tend to talk about myself being "Old" when I am with them. This has to stop. Being 40 is just a number, not preclusion to being youthful. This isn't to say I should behave immaturely (I could probably behave MORE maturely at times in fact), but it doesn't mean I can no longer do or be a certain way just because I am in a certain age bracket.

#Stop feeling guilty for time spent on myself - eg going to the gym, painting nails, sitting & reading a book.
I tend to only read when I'm in the tub & feel guilty just laying about & reading my book. Same for doing things like painting my toe nails. I also cut short gym sessions (stretching!) because I feel guilty for taking too long. This also has to stop.

#Stretches - do them.
I've had a few issues with legs/hips from running without stretching. Totally my fault. I need to stretch every time.

#Look after my nails.
I'd like to paint my toe nails & manicure my finger nails every week (without feeling guilty!), taking the time to moisturise feet & hands thoroughly.

#Stop frowning.
I've noticed that I often sit with a furrowed brow at work. I need to relax my face more. Don't want those horrid forehead wrinkles now do I!

#Exercise - do it!
Specifically, run 3 x times per week, working up to 10kms, then doing 1 x 10km & 2 x shorter runs (no less than 5kms) each week.
Pump or free weights 2 x times per week.
15 mins of Abs/Core every day at home - just a couple of planks & some crunches will do. My middle has gone very soft.

#Finish off my Fit Fab & Forty Challenge.
Specifically, getting my waist measurement under 80cms & reducing my body fat %. Ideally I'd like to have done this by Easter, which is 4 months away. The rest the year shall be spent maintaining this!

#Curb Alcohol consumption.
Specifically on week nights.

#Pay more attention to food/meal portion control.

That's about it I suppose. I wish you all the best with YOUR new years resolutions & wish you all a wonderful elevenses!