Monday, December 26, 2011


I'm a little late, but I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, Happy Bahumbug.................or what ever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate!!! I hope you've all had a stress free day & managed to spend some quality time with those you love.

Me, I'm ready for a lie down after eating myself stupid yesterday; & I probably should have passed on that last glass of wine! I'm all tidied & ready for the parental arrival later today & have dusted off the Scrabble board (Plumbing Boy wont play with me!) in preparation.

I ran 27.5 kms last week (5 x 5.5 kms) & am feeling pretty good about it. Haven't decided whether to continue with this distance for another week or whether to up it to 6 or 6.5kms......guess I'll see how I feel in them morning!

The office is closed next week, but I'm still on phone duty. It's running hot today after yesterday's storm damage! We were actually in the street that showed the smashed windscreens on the news last night not long after it happened. PB had got a plumbing job on his way home from Xmas lunch yesterday & I went along for the ride. We counted 10 cars in 2 blocks with smashed front & rear windscreens!!!

Anyhoo. Hope you all have some time to relax & chill this coming week.

HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chocolate Cup Recipe

Buy them pre made if you want OR to make them yourself....................

Utensils & Ingredients:
Silicone cup cake moulds – I got mine from Big W, I have regular cupcake (7cm diameter at top & 3.5cm deep) & mini cup cake (5cm diameter at top & 2cm deep) ones.

Saucepan x 1
Heatproof bowl x 1
Small Spatula x 1
Desert spoon x 1
Baking Tray x 1

To make 8 big cups or 12 mini cups

Chocolate 200g (I used Lindt Special Dark Cooking Chocolate)

1. Put your silicone moulds in the freezer for ½ hour.

2. Get out a baking tray & cover with with Glad Go between (or glad wrap would also do the trick).

3. Place a saucepan on cook top ½ filled with water & bring to boil, then turn down to simmer.

4. Put chocolate in a metal or ceramic bowl & put on top of saucepan so heat melts chocolate. DO NOT get any water in the chocolate! Mix with a metal spoon until melted.

5. Remove chocolate from heat (& turn off heat source); allow the chocolate to cool for 5 minutes (will thicken back up a bit).

6. Get your moulds out of the freezer & using the desert teaspoon, pour some melted chocolate around the sides of the mould, rotating the mould until the sides are covered. You will get chocolate all over your fingers.

7. Place right side up on the tray. Repeat until you have done all your moulds.

8. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes to set.

9. Remove from fridge/freezer & then using a small spatula, coat the walls of the mould only & place back on tray upside down.

10. Put back in fridge/freezer til set, 20 minutes should be OK or overnight if you are sick of the sight of them!!!

11. Gently prise the mould where you can grab hold of it away from the side of the wall of the cup. When you have enough to grip properly, place the mould upside down & peel the rest of the mould off. This should help to stop the walls from breaking.

12. Place in a container in the fridge until you are ready to use them (could do this a week in advance if you have the fridge space).

The Filling:

#Mascarpone Cheese x 200g (can use 1/2 whipped cream, 1/2 cheese if you like)
#1 Tablespoon of Caster Sugar (or to taste)
#Rind (micro planed) & Juice of 1 x Lemon (to taste)
#Electric Mixer (or hand held with a bowl)

1. Using an electric mixer, whip cheese with lemon rind & juice to taste for approximately 1 minute.

2. Spoon into chocolate moulds filling to approximately 2/3rds - 3/4.

3. Place back into the fridge until you are ready to serve by adding the blueberries & raspberry coulis.

The Toppings:

#150g Blueberries

Spoon on top of the Mascarpone cheese to fill the cups.

Raspberry Coulis:

Can be made up to 3 days in advance.....

#100g Raspberries
#1 x Tablespoon Caster Sugar (or to taste)
#Balsamic Vinegar OR Lemon Juice to taste (approximately 1 Tablespoon of either)

1. Blend all ingredients to taste approximately 2 – 3 minutes until sugar dissolves. I prefer a good aged balsamic vinegar & like the raspberry coulis to be tarter than the cheesy lemon mixture as the chocolate is very rich.

2. Pass through a fine sieve to get rid of the raspberry seeds.
Pour over the blueberries. If doing individual serves, you can pour some into the bowl/plate as well for effect.

Mint x 1 bunch.
Pluck off pairs of the smaller leaves & place onto of the dish.

Bon Appetite!!!

You'll have to use your imagination here, as I forgot to take a pic of the finished platters. This is the only one I broke so gave it to plumbing boy as a sampler. I'd not yet bought the mint & I defrosted the blueberries in the microwave for this one only & I didn't check the temperature (what not to do!!!) & you can see where they have melted the sides of the cup!!! This one is a bit leaky, but imagine it filled to the brim with blueberries with the coulis on top & the mint spring.............

There were 40 people at the party, & I made 9 large & 40 small: they were all gone in 15 minutes so I'd say they must have tasted OK!

As I said in a previous post, the party was for one of our God daughters who is off to France on a school exchange for 6 weeks. On Saturday we went to the airport to see her off. There were 30 kids from her school going & 30 from another on the same plane so there were kids everywhere! She was fairly nervous, but she ended up being the one to console a couple of her friends who were in tears, bless her! She's a lucky duck to be off on such a marvelous adventure @ 16. I hope she has a white Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What UP???

What up Peeps?

Life is exceedingly busy this time of year! I finally got to see Breaking Dawn Pt 1 on the weekend & really enjoyed it. My niece saw it the weekend before & sent me a text telling me it was a load of vampire crap. She hadn't read the book so didn't really get it I guess. I've just finished reading the book & it was as good as the first time I read it! Cant wait for the part 2 film.

Next on the reading agenda is "The Slap". Santa might be bringing us the DVD set for Christmas so I want to read the book first.

We have our work Christmas Party this Friday night & a BBQ to go to Saturday night so I suspect I'll be feeling a little weary Sunday.

I've run the past 8 days out of 9 & the last 2 days I've run the whole way around the 4.77km loop except the first 200 metres which I walk & swing my arms about like a crazy lady to warm up.

29/11 38.38 mins, max heart rate 152, average heart rate 125
30/11 37.01 mins, heart rate monitor didn't record
1/12 37.01 mins, max 155, av 129
2/12 39.17 mins max 171, av 137
3/12 35.10 mins, max 168, av 144
5/12 36.57 mins, max 164, av 131
6/12 32.57 mins, max 164, av 140
7/12 30.21 mins said my max was 218 2 mins into the work out.....not working me thinks!

I think I hold my breath when I change from one play list to the other, giving me oddish max spikes & don't ask about this mornings stats!! I'm happy with the time 6.31 minutes per Km including the 200m I walked. I used my old running play list this morning, the music is faster & I felt more like I was running rather than shuffling!

I was really enjoying my slower play list though:

Billy Brag: Great Leap Forward
Black Crowes: Remedy
Buffalo Tom: Staples
Eddie Vedder: Hard Sun
Sisters Of Mercy: Temple of Love
Rage Against The Machine: Killing in the name of

The last two songs were off my old play list.....needed the motivation to get home! I'm going to keep on with the morning runs & increase the distance to 5kms til Christmas to condition my body, then I'll start up the Up & Running 10km 8.5 week training plan again & see if I can't run me that 10km race!!!! Without getting injured too!

Cinders - the chocolate cup recipe is coming - would you believe I took photo's the whole way through, but forgot to take one of the finished platter!!! Will get that up loaded this week.

Enjoy the sunshine if you are in Melbourne today! Its lovely!!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm on the Road Again

Running that is! After Physio Monday night, got the all clear to start back running on the road/footpath. I'd designed a program gradually increasing my distance on the treadmill then graduating to road doing the same thing (walk 500m, run 500m; run 1km, walk 500m, run 2km walk 500m etc), but have instead started out walk a block, run a block yesterday for a 4.5km loop. That went so well I upped it to run 2 blocks walk 1 or 1/2 a big one this morning around the same loop!

When I woke up it had just started to rain & I almost caved thinking, "oh well, treadmill tonight it is", while at the same time saying out loud to plumbing boy "do ya recon the rain will ease up?". He said "yeah" so I got up & dressed while it continued to rain. I went & found his sweaty gortex dirt bike rain jacket & as soon as I stepped outside it stopped raining! Amazingly the rain held off until I got back & then started up again! Thank You Mother Nature!

I enjoyed this mornings run ALMOST as much as yesterdays. Yesterday it was 19 degrees C, the birds were out, the dawn light was beautiful, & no rain jacket! This morning was colder with a grey sky & rather breezy! But it feels awesome to be back out there RUNNING! I've installed MapMyRun on my new phone, just got to figure out how to work it properly.

I much prefer running in the morning, plus coming into summer it's cooler & while I've enjoyed running on a tready, I'm really enjoying the great outdoors at the moment. Perhaps when its 9 degrees & hailing I'll change my mind & head back to the tready, but for now, I'm a road runner baby :0)

We have a going away party Saturday night for our goddaughter (AJ) who is going to France on an 8 week exchange over Christmas. She has just finished year 10. Everyone was requested to bring some of their fave Aussie foods via the invite; AJ had a very specific request for me so I spent last night making chocolate "cups" using silicone moulds - so far I have 24 mini cups & 3 large. Will do the same again tonight.

They will be filled with a lemon infused marscapone cheese, topped with fresh blueberries & a raspberry coulis & probably a mint leaf! Photos to follow. I made this one year for Christmas & have requests ever's not a proper recipe, but something I concocted out of a few different recipes. Hopefully it tastes as good as it did last time! Stay Tuned!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Spent most of last week in recovery mode. I don't think I stopped feeling tired & hung over til around Wednesday! Just catching up on laundry & cleaning was a challenge in itself.

I had most of Tuesday off work watching Tess in her U11 State volleyball final (they were runners up - beat the 1st team 3 - 0, then lost 0 - 3 to the other team who also beat the 1st team), so I had a lot of work to catch up on as well!

I only managed 1 x run last week - way too slack. Should have gone on the weekend, but my car is on the blink & there is no way I was going out in the foul weather on Saturday with the possibility of breaking down & Sunday I was too hungover.

Saturday night was my cousin's bands single launch. Absolute hoot. The boys played well & there were quite a few people there to watch them. A few of my mates came too & we stayed out way too late & apparently I was a bit incoherent when I got home. I'm blaming Matt & Joey for feeding me Jagerbombs, then Drambuie shots. UGGHHHH Why do I do this!!!! I spent Sunday on the couch. Plumbing Boy went dirt bike riding Sunday, so didn't come out with us Saturday night. I was on phone duty, so answered calls in between naps.

My cuz & the drummer; below, lead singer & bass player.

Monday, November 21, 2011


The Reunion weekend went off really well. I need another weekend to recover though! My throat is very sore & I've still got a headache!!! The headache's without a doubt self inflicted!!! We took off Friday afternoon & only made it 1km down the road when our car broke down. Bloody thing! We were able to get it started & back to work; quick change over & off we went this time in the plumbing van.

Arrived @ the pub @ 5.30pm, had a couple of beers then went up to the function room & we finished helping set up. I had to blue tac a heap of stuff to the walls & the boys put up the disco ball. Quick trip out to our mates farm 8 minutes out of town where we were staying to drop off vehicles, shower &/or change, then back to the pub for dinner.

PB with one of my old school mates I'd not seen for 20+ years!

Plumbing Boy was standing at the bar chatting to a bloke when we were setting up & I had no idea who he was; he gave me a grin when I approached & I said "I'm trying to figure out if I'm supposed to remember you or not"! The bloke said "& why would you want to remember me Cat?" Luckily the voice gave it away & I quickly put it together!!! PB just laughed at me because his name was on his bloody work shirt! I was too busy looking at the face to figure it out. There was only one other guy who it took me until I heard his voice to place him! Everyone else was easily recognisable! PB was a gem with the girl above, she was so nervous about coming. He hung out with her & they became great mates, hanging it on each other for the rest of the night.

We had around 20 for dinner Friday night; a few people who couldn't make it on Saturday night wanted to catch up Friday. The night went well & we made it to bed @ 2.30am.

Saturday morning we were up by 9am & pottered about our mate's place; moved a mob of sheep & went for a bit of a drive around the property. He's got a fair bit of lawn to mow & a very impressive lawn tractor!

.........................View from the front yard

Looking at the rear of the house (above) & the kids cubby (below)

Next on the agenda was the local show.

We'd arranged our own marquee for a bit of a meeting point, a bit of shade or protection from the rain & time out space for those with kids. The weather was cold & showery. I was bloody freezing! Someone had bought a blanket to put down for people to sit on.....I made good use of it keeping warm!!!

The show was a typical country show with rides, side shows, produce, baking, art & craft displays & competitions; equestrian events; all sorts of animals including this cute young lady snuggling up to Plumbing Boy.

When we went back with the kids, they'd put this one away & the handler got out a ginormous black headed python....that was a bit creepier! I much prefer the baby animal enclosure, but there were just way too many kids in the queue so I had to settle for patting the snake instead.

After a few hours at the show we decided to head home, our friends kids were a bit over it (5yrs, 3yrs & 18 months) & we all felt like a kip. The boys went in one car & were going via the bottle shop & ended up at the pub for 2 hours! The girls sorted the kids & their Mum took them off to their Grandma's for the night, then we had a few drinks & got ready for the main event. After a bit of faffing about (by me & D - changing our minds from frocks back to jeans) we headed in.

Me & my mate J who made the banner (above); me & D (below)

I went to primary & high school with this guy who was hilarious, albeit a tiny bit drunk who was dancing on this chair under the mirror ball!

The night went off with out a hitch. There was plenty of food, loads of talking, a short speech, a gazillion photos, but as I don't have peoples permission I'd better not put them up here; dancing & a whole lot of laughing. I didn't do my deb, but someone hand managed to copy the video onto DVD & we projected it on to the wall - that was hilarious to watch! I think we had around 55 people altogether - a few partners pulled out at the last minute. And I have blisters on my feet from dancing in my red heels.

Unfortunately the local taxi had gone off on a long job & wasn't coming back til 3am @ 1.30 when it was time to go; lucky for us the publican (who was my old next door neighbour at the farm) ran us home! We tried to pay him, but he wouldn't take our money bless him! We had a few more drinks at home & got up to a bit of mischief with the kids batman costume......

People slowly headed off to bed; myself & one other were last standing: it was getting light so we thought we'd best get some ZZZZZZ.

We all frantically packed up & attempted to make ourselves look a little respectable to be at our old school by 11.30am for the tour. It was quite different in some area's & just the same in others! The Assembly hall & canteen has not changed at all; the old maths & English portables have been replace & the new science portable is only just ready for use (hadn't been "opened" yet). The wood work & metal work rooms were just the same; as is the first year 7 wood work project....

Is making a wooden pencil box a universal year 7 first woodwork project? After that we were all in need of some grease & took fish n chips back to the pub to eat & then clean up (no Sunday lunch at the pub). The boys took down the disco ball while the girls went & got the food; then we all pitched in to remove everything & pack them into cars. The publican wouldn't let us vacuum, but said we're welcome back any time! So I think our 30 year reunion will be in exactly the same location!

It was a very long drive home yesterday & PB was in bed & snoring within 5 minutes of walking in the door. I unpacked & did a couple of loads of washing before waking him for dinner. I'm thinking I should have had a nap too!

All in all a brilliant weekend. I think it turned out even better than we'd hoped & all the knockers were put to bed: even the fiesty girl who blasted my mate at the show because she couldn't find the tent (& said it was the worst organised event she'd ever been too) said she had a brilliant time Saturday night & thanked us for all our efforts in putting it on.

I may need a week to recover though & I'll definately be taking a day or two for the 30 year reunion!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Buzy

I'm crazy busy at the moment, hence not much posting here.

School reunion this coming weekend - madly finalising stuff for that: like every thing in life, there are always last minute things that can be done & dopey me has volunteered. Almost done.

My phone died; which isn't such a bad thing & yes I've finally got myself a smart phone. After much umming & ahhing & research, I didn't get the "I", I went with the Galaxy SII. Once I figure out how to drive it, life will be easier! I've got bloody Sydney weather stuck on the home screen & can't figure out how to change it to Melbourne!!! Gave it to one of the young guys at work to sort out, but they couldn't work it out either. So apparently I'm not as stupid as I though I was!

The camera is awesome so I'll be able to take better quality photo's & no longer battle plumbing boy for the camera!

This was my first picture & yes, PB bought these for me yesterday as it was our 2nd wedding anniversary. A bit weird considering we've been together for 19 years! It was the 2nd time he's ever bought me flowers so they are pretty special. He's gone soft in his old age!!!

OK. I'll be sure to update after the weekends shenanigans: Dinner Friday night at the pub; the local "Show" on Saturday; reunion function (private room) upstairs at the pub Saturday night; Sunday - open day at the school. The reunion is only for the peeps who were in my particular year level, so should be a hoot. I've not seen the majority of these people in 20 years. Still haven't decided what to wear.........

Still left handed mousing & elbow forearm shoulder not much better to be honest. Had a tready run last night - run 100m/walk 100m for 3kms. Off to physio tonight. Laters!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Spiked is what Tess did to the ball when she scored the winning point in the last game before this one!!! The following is taken from the local paper down home (Warrnambool Standard). Tess is up the back R - L 3rd (next to the 1st boy). My sis emailed me before & the girls have won their first game, but she wasn't sure against whom & no update on the boys. In case you missed it earlier, Tess is my niece.

YOUNG St Pius Primary School pupils have proudly arrived on the volleyball scene and are not interested in making an early departure today.

Bucking the trend of more popular sports, such as football and netball, the grade six players have strapped on the knee-pads and spiked their way to the top.

St Pius’ boys’ and girls’ teams will travel to Werribee today for the western conference finals.

The talented sides breezed past more than 20 opponents at the first round in Warrnambool before doing the same at regionals.

Now their skills will be tested in the far-reaching boundaries of the western conference, which includes the South West, Barwon, Grampians and West Metropolitan regions.

Head coach Bruce Keeley said the keen youngsters had been training three to four times a week throughout the campaign.

And the hard work has paid off. “They’ve improved out of sight,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.” The last practice session yesterday had the girls and boys on either side of the net, making for some fierce but fun competition.

Plenty of encouragement was shared between the schoolmates, which should have both teams full of confidence and enthusiasm today.

St Pius sport co-ordinator Karl Dwyer has managed the group while Warrnambool Volleyball Association coach Dave McConnell has offered some tips.

The next stop is the state championships. “We think we’ll do pretty well,” Keeley said. “We might not win it but we will try our best. We’re not going up there to lose.”

The girls’ team consists of Lauryn Keeley, Tess English, Hannah van Duynhoven, Hayley Walker, Rebecca Keane, Taylah Hautot, Ebony Kelly, Claudia McCutcheon and Ally O’Connor.

The boys’ team is Jackson Cruickshank, Kai Brown, Sam Lee, Jack Rix, Tom Radcliffe, Travis Stacey, Harry Johns and Jye O’Brien.

Very exciting for Miss Tess. She's been little miss sporty this year, competing in inter school running & basketball & volleyball!

I'm still in recovery mode. Have permission to run 100m walk 100m alternating on grass or treadmill. Have had something important on every night this week (like hair cut & colour!) so probably will give that a crack tomorrow. Been doing my calf raises off a step now & glute muscle engaging exercises. Still left handed mousing - getting faster, but still odd.

Been flat out this week. School reunion next week. Eek! Been dreaming about random peeps from high school - nothing too dramatic thankfully. I'm sure it will all go well & if not, um well.......I don't live there anymore


Friday, November 4, 2011


I scooted off to see a Physio Wednesday night & think I may have some answers finally! I wanted to see him about my calf & hip/butt issues; but by the time I'd finished work my forearm/elbow shoulder was burning & screaming for attention over everything else so he had a look at that as well.

I probably should mention said Physio also has a Masters in Acupuncture, so he has lots of approaches.

Elbow: not so much coming from elbow as is from neck (pretty much occupational). He poked & prodded & I felt some very odd sensations down my arm when he pressed down the right side & front of my neck. Did a bit of cross fibre massage then some needling. I'm up to day 2 of left hand mouse which is driving me a bit batty. He assures me it only takes a week to learn, so hope that's the case!

Calf & Hip/Glute: He did a couple of movement(?) tests & believes that both are coming from weak Glutes (especially the right one). And that the calf keeps re injuring as it is needs to be strengthened while healing (& of course continuing on with after). I'm just shaking my head that the Osteo didn't or couldn't see this. Physio went to great pains to explain that Osteo's are the experts in pelvic/hip alignment & I was in the right place in the beginning IF my hips/pelvis was out. The point between hamstring & glute that has been giving me grief is because my hammy is trying to do the job of my weak as piss glute. Ha Ha Ha!!!

He's given me a calf exercise to do til my appointment next week, when he's going to have another session on my arm & get stuck into my calf then as well, plus he will give me some glute exercises. Of course I've been checking the interwebs already...

Another bonus is this guy is a runner!!!! We also chatted about running technique. He was totally cool with having an on-line running coach (not all people or health professionals have been supportive) & says he'll have me back on the road in a week or so. This makes me very happy as I've really been getting into the running!

My 10km race is this weekend, obviously I won't be able to do it. I'm going to start over & Shauna (@ Up & Running) will save my certificate until I'm done. Gotta love a certificate. So. I need to choose another 10km, which I'll do once I get the OK from Mr Physio to increase my distance & training.

Gotta love getting some answers. It's so hard sometimes. We are bought up to believe & trust in our medical practitioners, but I guess like every trade, there are people who do the bare minimum & do it as a job; then there are the people who are exceptional at what they do, love it & really care about achieving a result. I can see it in the building industry as well! I guess I should be very very grateful that I can afford to seek out alternate practitioners. Not everyone has private health insurance & not everyone has the spare bucks to cover what that or medicare don't. Believe me, if this gets me sorted I'll be one extremely happy camper.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


OK OK OK!!!! I went walk-a-bout & didn't let anyone know!!! Sorry!!!! Sometimes I worry about broadcasting when we are going away - we might be burgled. Daft? Maybe, maybe not.

We went for a little drive last week. Approx 825kms to visit a mate who's 40th birthday was last week. On the way up we left work at lunch time & stopped overnight at the 5hrs of driving mark, then drove the last 3hrs the following morning. We did the return 825kms in one hit on Monday. Just a wee drive.

After 2 weeks of no running I had a crack on Thursday morning very early in Griffith & guess what. I felt great for the first 9 minutes. Then pop. There went my calf again. Not. Happy. Jan. After further research, I'm trying a Physio tonight. Looks like the original injury was worse than Mr Osteo though.

Cobar was fun. Way too much champagne was consumed. My liver is feeling the after affects! There was lots & lots of laughing (no need for sit ups) & limited dancing (damn calf muscle). We saw emu's, wild goats, & kangaroo's although no snakes which was odd. The weather was hot.

Didn't take many photos; mainly of friends up there which I wont put up here. Flat out catching up with work - although I worked most of yesterday (Melbourne Cup) Public Holiday here in Melbourne. More laters.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm having one of those weeks where I'd like to press stop or at the very least pause on life while I catch up!

Work has been crazy busy & is about to get even more out of control I think. We've finished a big project & I've been compiling operation manuals. The architect wants an insane amount of information, but really, instructions on how to operate, maintenance frequency & procedures, safe trouble shooting, disassembly, repair & reassembly, of sinks, basins, tapware etc is just ridiculous. I am queen of paper work though & I will provide this clown more documentation than he's prepared for. My problem at the moment is how I'm going to paginate & index properly due to multiple documents & attachments. It's due in today, so I'd better get crack-a-lack-a-lack-a-lin'.

Calf is still cranky. I've stopped running altogether for at least another week. I've just been making it worse trying to persist with any running. I'm cycling instead. Crystal has 2 x new tyres; my inner thighs doth protest but under carriage is coping quite well considering how long it's been since I've been on a bike seat. Almost made 10kms in 30 mins Monday night. No idea if that's good or bad, but its better than sitting on my butt as I did til 7.30pm last night in the office working on those manuals!

As part of the Up & Running program, I had to sign up for a 10km run (can't remember if I mentioned it or not); dutifully I did, & I have my race number. Not sure if I'll be able to do it or not. Worse case scenario, I can do 4kms, or 8kms depending on my calf & fitness levels. That is in 18 sleeps. Yikes!!!!

School reunion is in 30 sleeps. We have 46 paid up & probably another 10 - 15 stragglers who have indicated they want to come, but haven't got themselves sorted. Should be fun. Imagine I'll get a little nervous the week before, but I've already caught up with a dozen people in the organisation of same, so really I have nothing to worry about!

Operation Babe watch is still chugging along in the background, although has taken a hit with the calf injury. Did some measurements last weekend which I'll upload soon. Scales haven't budged much, but the cms have decreased so that is good.

Am loving this warmer weather & the food it brings! Last night we had a delicious cous cous salad with a poached chicken variation of caesar salad (minus a few of the calories!). Delicious.

K. Better get back to those manuals.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mouldy Oldy

So. It was my mouldy old day on Monday. That's what my sis & I used to call our parents birthdays when we were kids (while joking about the pet dinosours they had when they were kids).

Petty non-eventful this year. I was thinking this morning about what my parents & even grandparents had achieved by my current age. I'd already moved out of home & was at University by the time my Mum was my current age. Scary. I'm not sure I actually feel any "older" than back then. Hopefully I'm a little more mature & a heap wiser :0)

My grandfather had fought in a war & lived through an earlier one; built up a farm which my Dad later took over & had 3 kids amoungst other things. I feel like my generation is so more self involved. I had to stop & think about my achievements & how they stacked up in comparisson. I'm not sure I've quite measured up, but anyhoo.

My sis & niece sang me happy birthday & bunged a sparkler on a mini mud cake Friday night; Saturday night we caught up with our goddaughter who's 16th birthday was back in August & her little brother who's 8th was in September - we'd not seen either & the 8yo (the little shit) had been asking me on the phone everytime we spoke "where's my present". Their parents cooked a lovely dinner & organised a birthday cake for me which was very sweet.

On the actual day Plumbing Boy took me out for dinner & a movie - we saw Real Steel which was very cool. If I hadn't been in the cinema I think I would have been jumping up & down & cheering out loud!!! I had a great day (other than working) with lots of calls, FB messages, texts & emails wishing me a happy birthday (THANK YOU!!!)

This is what I got myself this year:

Somewhat tragic I know, but I love love love my clever new Vac. I'm calling us the dynamic duo: he's Batman & I'm Robin! And sadly yes, I've been vacuuming everything in sight!

Tonight I'm going out for dinner with some girlfriends - can't wait!

My calf is still not right. Tried a 20 minute run Tuesday & again on Thursday - tight & not at all happy. Dug out my bicycle though: it's had a flat tyre for ahem (2 years) which PB promised to fix, but hadn't gotten around to it. I asked our storeman to take a look & he whipped off the tyres & tubes in a couple of minutes & I bought new ones last night which will be installed today I hope (on the off chance I'll recover from tonight enought to go for a cycle tomorrow).

It's a sensational day in Melbourne today - I wish I could be out in it more, but I'm making do with tidying up the office today & filing or tossing all the crap that ends up on the floor in the showroom (so I can vac!) which gets me up from my desk & almost in the sunshine (where the bins live)!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend wherever you are!

PS & a few pic's I forgot I had....

Me grandfinal day in the gong

Me at a lookout at the was blowing a freaking gale hence the cranky facial expression! & below, same location view from the look out & the blowhole doin' it's thing.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Osteo says I have a sprain/minuscule tear in the calf muscle which will heal itself in a week. I have to go back next week & he'll work a bit more on the glute/hammy issue & wants to play with (check) my Achilles & give my calf/calves a bit more of a serious work out & then (is crossing his fingers) I will be injury free for a while. I will wait & see.

Feels far less tight today, the pain has subsided a lot AND I can walk MUCH betterer. Don't think I'll be back running til next week though; grumble grumble grumble. Just when I recon I'd got the hang of "strides" n all! Sigh.

I've my sis & niece visiting later in the week. Sis arrives tomorrow after a day of shopping; & is collecting Tess from her Dad's on Friday (she's spent a week with him) & I will cook I am not sure what for them for dinner. We'll probably just hang out, maybe watch a DVD (Tess & my fave past time - eating & watching flicks!). At the moment I'm leaning towards pizza. I guess I'll have to make cake as well.......they are visiting for my pending senior citizens celebrational day.

Anyhoo. I'm just about to clock up 11 hours at my desk so I think I'll bugger off & so something more cleaning in preparation for my house guests! Bah! Think I'll have a nice hot bubble bath instead. Bugger dusting!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm Back but as busy as a buzzy bee!!!!

Wollongong was good. Stayed with our mate who is Italian as is his partner. You'd think we'd been living in Ethiopia for the past 10 years considering how much they tried to feed us!!!! Twas delicious, but a little too much!

Took about 5 photo's for the whole trip - sad. The weather was shite & we spent more time in the car & inside than out in the non existent sunshine. Our mate used to work for us so it was a bit of a blokey holiday. I heard more about excavators, plant & rail works (our mate now works for a rail maintenance company & manages a lot of track work & big machinery) than I would ever want to know for the next million years!

We also dropped in & saw his mate the concreter, his mate the tow truck driver, his mate the so on & so forth. Like I said, lots of blokey chatter. I frequently nodded off in the car (not) listening to their chatter.

Lots of laughs though. His partner has 3 sons, two of which live at home (26 & 28?) & both have girlfriends who come for dinner Monday through to Thursday. Our mate is a bit of a comedian so there was a lot of teasing & shit hanging going on.

I took my running gear & finished the week before's final work out, plus last weeks 3 work outs. All good. The area was hilly (where I live & usually run is very flat) so that was challenging! Lots of wildlife - galah's & cockatoo's who didn't move off the footpath, I had to go around them!!! And a paddock of bunnies. Domestic black & white ones! The first time I ran past them I nearly fell over! Apparently the house next door just let them breed & roam on the vacant block next door. I was amused!

Watched the AFL grandfinal in a club (we were in Wollongong, about an hour south of Sydney). The club while playing the game on 2 big screen projectors for us, only had maybe 20 other people besides our group of 5 watching. So so strange. NRL rugby is far more popular in NSW & the place was apparently packed the next day for the NRL Grandfinal. All were Collingwood supporters bar 1 & funnily enough I was probably (without a doubt) the most vocal supporter in the room!! Our mate barracks for the Pies, but he didn't really get into it, even in the first 3 quarters when the game was super close! For those of you who don't follow our know, my team was victorious (Geelong - the mighty mighty Cats). So I was a very happy Catter.

Spent 13 hours at my desk yesterday catching up on work. Still getting there, but not so bad. Was up a the crack of dawn (4.45am) this morning to go for my first run of week 4's training program. Got halfway through & have done something to my right calf. expletive expletive expletive. I've got an appointment with the osteo later today anyway, but not sure he can do much. At first I thought it was the mother of all cramps, but after stretching & walking it out for 10 minutes (& the fact that the bloody thing is still giving me grief). Ended up ringing plumbing boy to come & get me as it would take too long to walk back home & we had staff arriving at 6.30am. Bugger it all.

More Later.....

PS all home remedies for cranky calves welcome (have been following the RICE principal, sort of, as in I've iced it once so far)!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Up & Running Week 2

Copied directly from my running diary on the U&R forum coz I'm too busy!!!!!

Week 2:

Did not start out very well! Was up at 4.50am Monday, ready for my first ever morning run (still dark out there!).

Made it to about 38 minutes (3 cycles of fartlek done) when I had a sharp pain in my knee. Stopped & stretched for a bit, tried to run again, no improvement, walked a couple of blocks then tried to run again. Still no joy. Walked the rest of the way home. Boo Hoo. :cry: Knee pain subsided after a couple of hours, but the pain where glute & hamstring join had ramped right up. Looks like I'd aggravated a previous injury caused by my hips/pelvis being out. Off to the osteo where he stretched, prodded & manipulated.

Total time 61 minutes (38 minutes prior to walking the rest)
Total distance: 4.42kms (walked another 1.18kms to get back home)
Max Heart Rate: 168

Had a couple of days off (both coach & osteo said two days); worked late last night so couldn't manage a run. Up bright & early this morning (Friday) & out the door by 5am. We are on holidays tomorrow for a week, so decided to do work out 2.3 today & fit work out 2.2 in either very early tomorrow (4am eeeekkk), or as an extra next week.

Took warm up slower; took the strides much slower - "pranced" them rather than trying to sprint them. Still a bit sore between glute & hammy now; but fine while running. Will definitely be getting a massage while away!

Total Time: 55 minutes
Total Distance: 5.6kms
Max Heart Rate: 187 @ 5mins & 46 seconds into my warm up - I thought I was about to be run over by a car, so think that frightened me significantly. @ 7 minutes into warm up had dropped to 132, @ end of warm up 142. Rest of run fluctuated between 158 & 167.

Might be a bit spasmodic next week with updates, but I've got my gear ready to go & will be training while I'm away. Hopefully I'll get a few runs on the beach in! I'm really enjoying running in the morning. The air is crisp & clean. Nobody is out & about & I feel like I'm on a secret mission......wait....... :D .is that the endorphins kicking in???

PS I'll be coming live from the "Gong" next week.......

PSS I'll be taking my scarf (although it was 30deg C there today!!!)..........................Carn the Catters