Friday, December 10, 2010

So. Are we feeling the love out there yet? The Christmas Spirit??
I'm not really feeling it myself. I put the decorations up in the office on the 1st of December & this week bought in the Christmas tree I usually have at home.

I figure since I spend more time at work than at home I may as well have it in here until the Christmas weekend. It's a fibre optic one & changes colour.

Although I'm not really sure you can see it in the pictures. It rotates between purple, gold, silver, green, red, yellow, blue etc.
What's on your santa list this year? I've not really given it much thought until now, as our families aren't really doing presents this year. Usually I am the one to push for at least a Kris Kringle. Why bother with a tree if there are no presents to go under it? Plumbing Boy & I don't usually do presents, although he did surprise me last year.

In no particular order Santa, here's what I'd like:
  1. My exercise mojo back.
  2. Sleep. Preferably long sleep in's without the work phone ringing with stupid questions. If you have a genuine emergency, I don't mind, but if you just have a general enquiry, can you please leave it til monday?
  3. While I'm the topic of phones, no more telephone marketing please. ever.
  4. World Peace. Seriously. I'm sick of seeing the evilness on the news of what people do to each other (& to animals). Killing kids, bashing old peeps, blowing peeps up etc etc Can you give everyone happy pills?
  5. Education. Maybe this would help in the world peace dept. Ignorance through lack of education.......
  6. The ability to teleport. Then I could visit some very cool bloggers out there when ever I felt like it! Hell, I could go visit my cuz in Port Douglas or my mate in HK every weekend or so!
  7. Time. Time to lay out in the sunshine on the grass. Time to hang out at the beach. Time to catch up with family & friends more than I do now.
  8. And to not feel guilty about the above & enjoy & live the moment rather than spending that time stressing about the things I should be doing instead.
  9. No more grey hair! I like going to the hair dressers for a cut & colour(s) but I don't like HAVING to go to cover up the greys!
Yes Santa, I know some of these things are a bit impossible for you to do for me but I can only dream.
I've read a couple of things this week that I am hoping will help me get my mojo back on my own.
The first was something Tully wrote the other day -
"and waking up each morning with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle"

The second was an article a friend emailed me from "Glow Fitness". It talks about changing your mind set from someone who "exercises to lose weight or to stay fit" to thinking of yourself as a "Recreational Athlete."
The idea is that you will take your training more seriously & I guess your commitment increases.

I'm not sure that I've ever really been committed to a healthy lifestyle. I've always exercised to lose weight. The only time I've exercised for improved fitness was the 5 weeks before we went on our recent scuba trip & was running.
I can't seem to put my finger on why I am finding it so hard to get back into an exercise head space!

I went to my cousin's gig last Friday night. They rocked!!!! They actually headlined the bill & weren't on til 11.30pm. It was another very late night (didn't get home til 4.30am) & I had to be up at 8.30am to to & help Plumbing Boy with wood splitting. Surprisingly I didn't actually feel that bad. And I didn't actually have to do as much "physical" work helping as I initially thought. At the moment all the split wood it is dumped in the front yard waiting for me to stack it properly - there's around 3 cubic metres so that will give me a bit of a work out.
I really have nothing else, so will leave you will my fur ball sleeping under our coffee table one night last week. Love that cat.

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