Thursday, December 2, 2010


The gig was awesome.

Truth be told, my mate T & I were kinda groupies to one of the bands. We discovered them not long after they'd formed & pretty much went to every gig thereafter until they stopped playing. T remained friends with pretty much all of the guys in the band, as she went out with one of their mates for around 10 years. Me, I guess I always thought they thought I was a bit of a loser. I know it's stupid & can be quite damaging deciding what other people think about you - but that's how it is; or was, for me.

There weren't as many of the old crowd there as we'd expected; but we had an absolute hoot of a time catching up with the couple who were there. I had a chat to 3 out of the 4 band members who all remembered me by name & have since added me on FB. One left me a really sweet message saying that it was "great to see you & of course T; it felt like a proper Guttersnipes show with you two there".

I was feeling quite spesh after that!

Spiderbait were beyond awesome. I used to go & see them with the Guttersnipes before they were Spiderbait............way back they were Spiderbaby but had to change their name for copy right reasons (I think??). The Corner is such a great venue. We were right up the front in amongst it moshin' (well I was, T was standing back & bit & P was kneeling on the stage). Luckily I was hanging with P's mate who is 6ft+ & kept me safe from the stage divers, crowd surfers & out of control drunks!!! I only got my feet stomped on a few times so all was good. Was drench with sweat afterwards & grinning like a crazy peep!

Didn't get home til 4.30am after waiting an hour for a Cab in the rain! Stayed at T's as she lives a bit closer to the city than I. Was a bit useless Sunday & spent most of the afternoon after T ran me home on the couch. Plumbing Boy was off dirt bike riding so I was left to nurse my hangover in peace. Oh. Except the bit where I had to take his car to the DVD store as he had mine & it ran out of petrol & gas on the way back & I had walk the last 2kms home in the rain. I had a few sound tracks running through my mind then, & most of them involved heavy curse words!!!

The walk did me good though & my headache subsided somewhat & walking up my stairs was a bit easier afterwards. I'd done Pump for the first time in 6 months Saturday morning & my quads have only come good really today. I've been walking around like a bloody cripple!!!! I did a 5km walk Tuesday night & they were OK while I was moving, but as soon as I stopped.......back to cripple land.

My cat got into a fight on Saturday night (or so PB thought he heard) while I was at the pub. When I came home on Sunday, she had licked a patch of fur of one of her hind quarters & on closer inspection had a deep puncture wound!!!! At first I thought she'd been bitten by a snake, but she was well within herself & didn't moan when I touched it & while it looked really deep, was clean & pink. So I've been attacking her with betadine & it's formed a nice scab this morning.

Due to the DOM's from Saturday, exercise has been haphazard, might try a run tonight, then I have extra curricular exercise planned for the rest of the week. Friday night am going to see my cuz's band Mistress Mondays play in Prahran (more moshin'). Saturday PB has some heavy labour planned for me. Friends are getting rid of a heap of sleepers from their garden & have had a couple of trees cut down (they are demolishing the existing house & rebuilding). He's hired a log splitter for the weekend - we have a wood fired heater. My job will be to help load & unload the split wood at each end. It is going to be 30 degrees. I will be hung over. And we are going to a 40th Saturday night. I'll have to try not to fall asleep at the dinner table I recon!!!

PS I'm Lovin' Primal Scream - Screamadelica soooo much right now. 3RRR have been advertising their gig & I downloaded the album yesterday. Way back when I was (as my old man used to call me) a bar maid - we had this CD in the pub. It was a bit of a soundtrack to the couple of years I worked there. Love. Love. Love.


Ute said...



Mind you, I cannot see me attempting to stay up until 4.30am these days. I'm such a nanna. ;o)

Keep an eye on kitteh's puncture wound... could turn into an abscess. Nasty pasty.

Cinders said...

I love this post - sounds like you had an absolute ball. Have a good weekend and look forward to seeing you next week :)

AlleyCat said...

hehehe - I don't attempt to stay up that late these days either Ute!!! I'm in bed by 9.30pm weeke nights, but every now & then the night just lends itself.....or was that the booze???

Thanks for the advice re Kitteh.....I keep asking her to show me her ass! class!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders! I did have a fabulous night :0)

Looking forward indeed to next week!

PS promise not to keep anyone out til 4.30am!!!!

Chris H said...

What a party animal you are! I can imagine the swear words walking home in the rain! lol