Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I seem to have lost my mojo since returning from holidays. I've been eating & drinking like there is about to be a world famine; I've done bugger all exercise & the scales are responding accordingly.

I can't be bothered at the moment. Maybe it's post holiday blues. After all, who wouldn't rather be laying on the beach than stuck inside in an office dealing with the general public, shitty staff members, blah blah blah.

As you can see I'm in a bit of a funk.

I'm going to a gig on Saturday night to see some bands who were the sound track of my life from around 19 - 22. Even that has failed to motivate me into any sort of eating less & exercising more frenzy!

So far I haven't been too stressed about the gig, but you can bet your ass by Saturday arvo I'll be having a bit of a melt down. Seeing people I've not seen in (well, that many years - you do the math); what to say, feeling pudgy yadah yadah yadah.

Yes I know there are staving children in Africa & I'm just being a shallow self centred git, but sometimes that's just how it is.

On the up side, I did go shopping last weekend & found a flattering top to wear to either our work Xmas party (as I wore the only other top I have/like to the social club dinner last Friday) or Saturday night; & a cute little black dress. It's more casual & I could wear with Doc boots if I wanted. Photo's next week.

My fave long shorts though, are too tight & I couldn't take them on my holiday & the black cargo's I wore to my hens night last year are disgustingly tight so I couldn't take them either.

So. Now that I've had a bit of a sooky la, I think it's time to gather my wits & get my mojo on. I went to the gym on Saturday morning & managed a 1km walk + 5km run ( the only exercise I've done since I got back). It was a bloody struggle; but WTF, I was averaging 20 kms a week over 3 runs before I went away. It's definately a mind thing.

I've got shit loads of social things between now & Xmas which will involve lots of eating, drinking & merriment.

No more procrastination.
No more using being too tired/work/can't be bothered as excuses.

Think Fitter
Think Firmer
Think Leaner
Think Move Your Ass!


Anonymous said...

i'll be sitting on my arse cheering you on.

Get that shit in order and go out there and beat it with a big stick!!

mmmm i smell fresh coffee....

Cinders said...

I find this weather makes me feel really sluggish but I have to try and keep the motivation up. You can do it Cat :)

Ute said...

Mboy went to put on his old work shorts the other day. They dinnae fit him. :o/

He's all sad about it, but I like him with a bit of extra meat on his bones.

It's not what the packet of salt 'n vinager chips looks like, it's what's inside that matters. :o)


AlleyCat said...

LOL Dog3oy. I did think of you with that big stick when I piked out yet again last night. I did do the vacuuming though.....

I wish I was smelling your fresh coffee. I just got made an international roast instant with about a teaspoon of skinny milk in it. UGH! It's enough to put you off coffee for life. Do ya recon she'll notice if I wander out & tip it down the sink????

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders. Yes, sluggish is it, isn't it!!! I know I can, I'm just bein' a sooky la la :0)

AlleyCat said...

Naw...... love ya guts too Ute!

Poor Mboy, hope he takes solace in YOU lovin' his meaty bits!!!!

LOL so long as they are samboy I don't care about the packaging :0) mmmmmmm Samboy BBQ mmmmmmmmmmmmm best I wipe the drool of my keyboard..........


Anonymous said...


oh, international roast, its not coffee... i don't even think its a drink.... dont they use it to grout tiles...

i'd give up coffee before i'd turn to the instant shit. i am spoiled here as one of the first thinks i did when i started her was get a coffee machine installed that would grind the beans fresh and give me some of that liquid black gold...


please don't touch the instant coffee, its not coffee, its just coffee flavored dried crystals. Ask your boss for a coffee machine for the office for Christmas, tell them it'll add to your productivity and some class to the office..

AlleyCat said...

LOL I have a plunger @ work & have a bucket o plunger coffee every morning with hot milk n all.

Not as flash as your machine......

We did think about buying ourselves a flash coffee machine, but both me & Plumbing Boy just know we'd end up having 20 a day & be "boinging" off the walls like we decided against it! Plus I'd have to clean the bastard!

don't ask me why i said coffee at smoko this morning. I clearly was not thinking. I am cured of attempting instant again for at least 12 months!!!

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