Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tough old Chook

As my Cuz from Sydney just said to me "she's a tough old chook" in relation to the update email I'd sent him about our Grandma. It looks like she's not ready afterall OR that her body is not co-operating.

She seems to have made a remarkable recovery & is no longer on the critical list & is being moved into the nursing home proper tomorrow. I don't think she'll ever be able to get out of bed &/or walk on her own again, so it's still pretty sad.

She was physically a lot better on the weekend - able to hold a cup & drink out of it herself, but she is still prefering to have someone "spoon feed" her her meals. I spose when you are 94 you are allowed to!!! She was less with it mentally though & we noticed he being off with the fairies a lot more.

She's been talking about this "black stuff" on her tongue for the past two weeks & told Jax & myself about it on Saturday. Apparently, when the storms come, the cockatoo's are all killed & their beaks burn. And it's the ash from the burned beaks that is on her tongue & makes it hard for her to swallow. Hmmm. No one in the family has figured out where this has come from.

She's also prone to nodding off mid conversation & snoring Homer style. Which is a little disconcerting at first, but then led to many hilarious conversations on every (man & their dog's) snoring habits!

The visit was a lot less stressful than the last one, but still somewhat depressing. A big thank you again to everyone who commented on my last post. You guys are the best.

We spent the rest of the weekend at my sisters "farmlet". Plumbing boy had taken his dirt bike down & took off very early Sunday morning to go for a ride with friends. On Saturday though, he was motor bike teaching guru. Jax, her brother J & my sis all had a lesson & rode around the paddocks in first gear. Tess had a ride too siting in front of PB helping steer. Eventually she wanted him to go faster - was a bit scared at first - but PB told her he was going fast enough!

We also made a crazy 17 layer Black Forest cake entailing butter cake, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, chocolate ganache, Cherry's & cherry syrup. We left out the Kirsch because it tasted so foul. We had a BBQ at my Sis's on Saturday night for 12 peeps which not only involved cake, but also sparklers & glow sticks. Considering half the guests were 60+ it was pretty funny watching them wave about the sparklers & figure out how to work the glow sticks!

I didn't track any food at all & jumped off my sis's scales in horror Sunday morning - according to them I'd put on 2kgs since Thursday. Hardly surprising considering the amount of food & booze I consumed Saturday night! Somehow I don't think I'll be that svelte by Sunday.

I did go for a run on Saturday morning though. I've run 16kms this week & did 19kms last week which brings me to 35/75kms I want to run before we go away. Totally on track. I was so tired last night I really couldn't be bothered, but I went & did it - it's a bit like having to make your bed, or do the dishes when you can't be shagged. If you can make yourself just do it, then it is done! I'm usually not so good at this, but I am trying really hard to create that habit. LOL so I'll still be fit(er) & Fab :0)

Looks like winter is finally over in Melbourne & we've had a couple of beautiful days. Can't wait for Summer. Bring it on!!!


DOG3OY said...

when the storms come, the cockatoo's are all killed & their beaks burn. And it's the ash from the burned beaks that is on her tongue & makes it hard for her to swallow.

That is legendary, i'm planing on usig that on the next singaporien who asks me what its like in australia.

great to see she is still fighting

Ute said...

"She's also prone to nodding off mid conversation & snoring Homer style."

Wasn't that Homers Dad? Grampa? Lolz.

So glad to hear that she is hanging in there Cat. She's a fighter.

Omg... that cake! Wants.
I watched this episode of Food Safari the other week, and they did this Wicked Black forest cake. Makes me wanna attempt it myself!


AlleyCat said...

LOLz - go for it Dog3oy. I did actually google before to see if I could make sense out of it; alas, no old wives or indigenous tale that I could find! Those poor singaporien suckers.....:0)

AlleyCat said...

I haven't watched the simpsons in years Ute! You may well be right. Grandma does those lip quivering noisey as hell snorzes!!!!

The cake was off an SBS show - I was googling (again!) mad chocolate cakes & found it. I'll emailz the recipe if you likes!

AlleyCat said...

PS thanks both - she is a tough cookie. I think she want's to listen to the cricket this summer & remind my ma she blind not deaf & no need to shout at her!!!

You can tell how much better she is as to how much she complains!!! When you're 94 you're allowed to be a cranky ole bat i recon!