Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweaty Ears

Does anyone else out there suffer from sweaty ears while exercising?? Please tell me! It's a bit gross I know. I'm currently using the earbuds that came with my ipod, but sometimes I get so much sweat in my ears that the buds keep falling out.

Help!!!! Any recomendations for ear buds or head phones that are good for sweaty ears & running will be muchly appreciated!

FFF Challenge after Week 14:

I finally feel like I am getting somewhere! This week I lost 1kg, bringing me back down to 63kgs, which I was also at, at weeks 5, 6, & 8. I've just been going up & down over 2kgs like a bloody yo-yo.

Start Weigh: 65kgs
After Week 14: 63kgs

Total Lost this Week: -1kgs
Total Lost: -2kgs

However, all my measurements are at an all time low this week (except for my boobies). I definately feel less bloated & my clothes are fitting better.

Measurements (Starting after week 1):
Waist (Belly Button): 88cms; W13 83cms; W14 80cms -3cms!

Pot Belly: 94cms; W13 90.5; W14 88cms -2.5cms

Butt (broadest part): 108cms; W13 104cms; W14 102.5cms -1.5cms

Bust: 97cms; W13 94cms; W14 93cms -1cms

I think my body is starting to change with the running I've been doing. I was going to say FINALLY. But I think it my commitment that's kicked in finally. Less self sabotage, more motivation yada yada yada. While I am quite happy about this, I kinda wish it had kicked in at week 6!

Last night I ran 7kms for the 2nd time. I didn't leave the office til 6.45pm & almost didn't go at all, but I'd been psyching myself up all day, so I said bugger it & went. Today my hips & knees are not sore at all!!! I might even go for a 5km tonight as I'm busy Friday night. It will be very interesting to see if I can keep this up for the next 3 weeks & see the changes in my body. Well, I hope there will be changes - I'll be living in my bathers in public for 2 weeks shortly!!!

Running Goal (starting from Wednesday 22nd)
- aiming for 15kms per week & 75ms before October 27th

Week 1 19/15
Week 2 16/15
Week 3 so far 7/15
Week 4
Week 5

Overall 42/75

No food tracking this week - couldn't be shagged.


Anonymous said...

yep, you can get earphones that loop over the ear. the work but watch out if you accidentally pull the cord it hurts a bit more than normal ear buds...

Margaret said...

I don't get sweaty inside the ears but outside the ears is a completely different story. I don't know how many times I have had to catch my glasses as they fly off my face mid push up, or boxing - lol. The good thing is that my reflexes are getting really good ;)

Way to go on your running, that is fantastic!

AlleyCat said...

thanks dude! will give them a go & try not to break my ears :0)

Hi M - thanks for visiting! LOL @ your glasses! Glad you haven't smashed them yet :0)

Ute said...

Happy Birthday, Cat!!!!!