Thursday, September 23, 2010

FFF Challenge After W12

Thought I'd better do a proper weigh in & stats after being slack for the past couple of weeks.

I'm still .5kg heavier that the LIGHTEST I've been on this challenge. In 12 weeks I've really not achieved that much, but I think I'm really just starting to get into the zone. I've cut out booze Sunday - Thursday which will have to help, so long as I don't look for other sweet treats. I'm getting into running a bit more & ran a personal best distance wise last night of 7kms. I was stoked!!!

Weigh this week: 63.5kgs
Lost/gain this week: -.5kgs

Measurements (Starting after week 1):
Waist (Belly Button): 88cms; W12 82cms (lowest on this challenge is 81cms)
Pot Belly: 94cms; W 12 89cms (lowest to date!!!!)
Butt (broadest part): 108cms; W 12 104cms (lowest, but has remained the same for 6 weeks)
Bust: 97cms; W2 95cms; W12 92cms (lowest, but has remained the same for 4 weeks)

Total since W2: -20cms

Body Fat Percentage After Week 8: 24% haven’t measured, will do this monthly. No change @ week 12

My maths have been a bit off lately - I thought I had 3 weeks til my birthday, then another 3 til we went on our big dive trip. My birthday falls in the middle of week 3; holidays will effectively start after week 5 (as in won't be able to exercise in week 6). I definitely won't be able to run 100kms before we go, but I'm going to aim for 15 kms per week.

My right hip is a bit sore after yesterday's effort, so I don't think I'll be able to go running tonight; I've got visitors Friday - Sunday so not sure how I'll go sneaking off to the gym, but I'm keen!!!!

Thanks for the lovely comments I received on my last post. Seriously, I can remember only being able to run for 1 minute at a time. I can also remember the first repetition of bicep curls I did. I was using a 1kg weigh & 6 broke me. Wuss bag or what! You will be surprised how quickly your fitness improves once you get into it!!!!!

Week 12: Thursday September 16th – Wednesday September 22nd

Thursday 16th September

B: Juice, Coffee, Porridge with honey & plain yogurt

S: Salad w Vegemite

L: Chicken Burger with chili; Apple

D: Lasagna & salad

***No Booze

Friday 17th September

B: Juice, Coffee, porridge with honey & plain yogurt

S: Vitawheat

L: Tuna & salad

D: Chicken Parma w veg n salad
Cider x 3

Saturday 18th September

B: 2 x poached eggs on toast; tea

L: shared salad, fries, trout, chicken skewers, dips & 2 bottles of wine with the girls

D: Chicken snitz; 3 cheese potato bake & salad (at a friends)
Cider & vodka lime & soda’s

Exercise: 5km run

Sunday 19th September

B: Tea, Coffee

L: Rice Crackers with sour cream & chili, Ham, sweet potato chips with mayo, left over cold chicken

D: Tomato/Bacon/Eggplant pasta
***No Booze

Monday 20th September

B: Juice, Coffee, Porridge with honey & yogurt

L: Steamed veg with cold chicken & small portion of Jax tuna pasta; apple; tea

D: Chicken Curry (no rice)

***No Booze

Tuesday 21st September

B: Juice, Coffee, Toast with Banana & Honey

L: Steamed veg with cold chicken; Apple

S: 10 pringles

D: Home made hamburger patties on lettuce, tomato, beetroot, with mayo & chili sauce; Red wine (had visitors)

Wednesday 22nd September

B: Juice, Coffee, Porridge with banana & honey

S: Coffee

L: Steamed veg n tuna; Apple

D: Steak & coleslaw of red cabbage, carrot, capsicum & asparagus

Exercise: 7km run!!!!!
***no booze

Week 11: Thursday September 9th – Wednesday September 15th

Thursday 9th September - Port Douglas

Friday 10th September - Port Douglas

Saturday 11th September - Port Douglas

Sunday 12th September - Port Douglas

Monday 13th September

B: Juice, Coffee, Ham, Cheese & tomato toasty

L: Nurse Noodles; apple

S: Rice Crackers & Sour Cream

D: Steak & Salad; Cointreau & Soda

Tuesday 14th September

B: Juice, Coffee, Porridge with honey & plain yogurt

L: left over pasta with tuna; apple

S: Rice crackers & SC.

D: Pork Chops, spuds, pears, rocket & spinach;

Exercise: 5km Run
***No booze

Wednesday 15th September

B: Juice, Coffee, Porridge with honey & plain yogurt

S: Viatawheat

L: Turkey & lettuce sandwich; apple

S: Rice crackers with sour cream

D: 6 x oysters; chicken n veg stir fry (no rice or noodles)

Exercise: 1Hr THT class; 15 min power walk on tready
***no booze

Week 10: Thursday September 2nd – Wednesday September 8th

Thursday 2nd September

B: Juice (1); Coffee (1); Honey on Toast (4)

S: Birthday cake (NFI)

L: Chicken Stick (5) & 2 x steamed dimmies (3)

D:Lasagna with steamed veg (5?)

Total: 19 plus cake
Exercise: Run 4.5kms/25 minutes plus warm up & cool down.

Friday 3rd September

B: Juice (1.5); Plunger Coffee (1); Tomato on Toast (4); tea

S: Birthday cake (NFI); tea

L: Left over steamed veg with 1 x hard boiled egg (2)

D: Indian (out for dinner)

TOTAL: Free Day
EXERCISE: 20 minute run

Saturday 4th September

Didn't record

Sunday 5th September

Didn't record

Monday 6th September

Didn't record

Tuesday 7th September

Didn't record

Wednesday 8th September

Went to Port Douglas - Didn't record


Anonymous said...

keep it up, you'll get there. I just gained another kilo, fucking satay and peanut sauce, i could eat buckets of the sauce on its own and where there is satay there is beer.... mmmmm beeer...

AlleyCat said...

ooooooooohhhhh love real satay sauce!!! My mate took us to a little bar in HK that had this AMAZING deep fried eggplant with special sauce. Lordy it was good!!!! I think I ate my body weight in it. mmmmmmmmm beeeeeeeeeeer.

thanks mate!

Chantel said...

Hope your hip starts to feel better soon! Running 7kms is pretty amazing! One day for lunch did you really have Salad with Vegemite? I just can't imagine it, LOL

Memphis Steve said...

My yearlong efforts with my trainer got me exactly nowhere. I lost, and this is an exact measurement, 0 pounds and 0 ounces. I'm afraid I'm going to have to start tracking my diet like you've done and ignoring my trainer. He just likes seeing how much I can lift.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Chantel! & Thank you! It's taken 2 days to settle down :0) Ooops..... I think the salad is meant to be a salada! LOL

Hey Steve - but what how your clothes fit??? I know I did heaps of weight training & cardio the year I was training with my friend who was competing & although I only lost 2kgs I also went down 2 clothing sizes. Is it conceivable you've converted to heaps of lean muscle tissue???

LOL you may indeed need to track your munchies!!!! Calories in V calories out my friend :0)