Saturday, September 4, 2010


My sister has new chickens, which have finally started laying. Don't ask what happened to the last lot (not sure if you remember the rooster named Love?). She emailed me this picture yesterday. The brown ones are shop bought. Apparently one chook lays blueish tinged eggs, the other greenish.

I'd love to have chooks one day. But then again, you have to be around to feed them. That "one day" I also hope to be rich & flitting about the world on my private jet. I suspect I'll be getting the chickens, before the jet :0)

Speaking of jets, we are off to Port Douglas on Wednesday night after work for a long weekend. Last year (?) my cousin asked us to be god parents to her daughter Roxy, who will be (oh lordy, just had to look back over emails - do you believe I don't seem to have the actual birth date!) 3 soon. We've yet to meet her.

Plumbing Boy was adamant that since my cuz couldn't make it to our wedding (because she was sneaking off to get hitched herself) that if they didn't come down to Melbourne this year, we'd go up there & he wanted to do it before we go away in November. Said cuz has another bun in the oven, due around December, so we can sort of meet the bump!

She has Roxy in day care on Friday's so if the weather is good, she insists we go out to the reef for a dive (she will snorkel) bless her. I'd probably be happy to laze about her swimming pool. I guess they are used to that life style & it doesn't seem like a treat. If the weather isn't so good, apparently we are going here.

Can't wait to feel that warm sun on my skin. Just in case you've forgotten what her place/swimming pool looks like go here to drool. Envious? Me too. I could so live there.

One day when I grow up.................................................


Ute said...

Oh my... they look like the eggs we used to paint in school for Easter! Pretty. :o)

I would love to have chooks soon too. We had them when I was a kid, and I loved my chookies. They all had names... "Henny Penny", "Bossy", "Gorky".. we had one chicken who thought she was a rooster. Funny as shit when she tried to crow! ;o)

Oh wow, that looks like fun!! You'll have to try to get some photos of that Aussie Muster... :o)

Hope you guys have a wonderful LWE... sounds wonderful. xox

Jules said...

I thought I had chooks, we raised them from a couple of days old, they were dying on the concrete outside the old place as the mother's were crap.

They both turned out to be fucken roosters.

They are cool but they don't lay eggs and one of them attacked Sian the other day. All they do is shit and crow. We didn't know they were roosters till they were about 5 months old. LOL.

I want to go on holiday.

away from earthquakes.