Thursday, September 16, 2010

Angus Pt 2

So. We left work a bit early last Wednesday & arrived at airport in time for a quick beer before boarding our flight. Unfortunately, we went via Brisbane (both ways) as we booked at the last minute & they were the only flights we could get on that suited.

On the upside, it must have been happy hour or something, as alcoholic bevvies were free! 2 hours & a couple of Sav/Blanc's later we touched down in Brissy, to find our departure gate was the same as our arrival gate! Easy Peasy. No more free drinks, so had a few waters to rehydrate, a bit of a nap & 2.10 hrs later we touched down in Cairns.

Our flight was arrived 20 mins early, but luckily my Cuz M had just arrived & we wandered straight out & into her Ute for the 45min drive up to Port Douglas. Home by 11.30pm, a bit of a natter & then we hit the sack.

Thursday we spent lazing by their pool & introducing ourselves to & making friends with her daughter (our goddaughter) R. A walk on the beach, then on to the park, then to the local cafe for coffee (or "fluff" as R calls her babychino's), then home. A Nana nap in the arvo & a bit of read. Perfect!

Friday M had made a few plans of things we could do as, it was R's usual day at Day Care. In the end R stayed with us as we were only there for a few days & Saturday we were out on the reef & R was with her Nana Wo Wo (Jo).

Again we just pottered about with M & R, catching up on family news & life before a late afternoon jaunt to the beach with a few bevvies & nibbles. M's husband S also had his Sis, her hubby & their 15 year old son staying.

The boy's had been off on a bit of a camping/fishing/boating adventure when we arrived. They returned Friday arvo & joined us down the beach. The mozzies kinda shut down the sunset watching & we wandered back home for an early night.

Up bright & early Sunday for a day out to the reef with Calypso.

I'd not been out on this vessel before, as M had worked on another boat which has since changed hands & all the old staff have moved on. It's about 1.5 - 2hours out to the reef, so we prepared our dive gear, had a coffee & got to know the dive instructor Jay on board.

Plumbing Boy, S & I ready for our first dive. S's BIL & son also did this dive with us. Pretty ordinary actually, we all had leaky or foggy masks & the site was really basic & not a lot to see. In my case, I spent most of the dive letting water into my mask & then clearing it to get rid of the fog!

M & her sis in law. Pretty much all of the boats that go out have an on board photographer who take pictures throughout the day & then flog them to you at the end of the dive. M has done this job on numerous boats before & had decided to buy the disc for S's sis & family, so worded the photographer up before hand to make sure he took plenty of pic's of our group. Don't you just love the number plate she is holding? The photographer does this with every single snorkeler! Bah!

M & Angus. Our second dive was much better, truck loads of fish & at the end of course was Angus. The photographer could pretty much grab his snout & push him into what ever position he wanted, thus able to take photo's with the snorkelers who could duck dive. How do you like M's fins? yes, there really are as big as they look. They are at least half her body length. Can you see her "bump"? She is due December 5th. She is only in around 6 metres of water here. She can free dive to around 15 metres when she's not preggers.

M & Angus again.

Me on the first dive. I can actually see here. The photographer asked us to do something fun when he was taking pictures. I am in the process of rolling over to stand on my head.

He'd moved on by the time I was inverted. The boat & Angus below. BTW Calypso was a really good vessel, the staff were all friendly & helpful & I'd highly recomend them.

Plumbing Boy & Angus

Both of us with Angus

& Again.

Our god daughter R.
I couldn't resist this picture of R's duckies all lined up along the edge of the bath tub; which is on the deck adjacent the pool!

We returned from the reef (obviously!) with out incident; well, other than having to do a Uie for the Captains daughter's hat which had blown overboard & slowing down for a pod of around 30 - 40 dolphins who were riding our bow wave so everyone could have a good look. Love dolphins!

We took M, S & R out for dinner Saturday night as a thank you for having us; always tricky with a toddler, but eventually R nodded off in the pram & M was able to eat her dinner in peace.

Sunday morning saw a big breaky & one last swim before we left for the airport & home. It was 30 degrees C every day with low's of 20; I almost defrosted! It was awesome to see my Cuz - she's a bit out of the family loop being so far away & she's a shocker with email etc, but she's recently joined FB so hopefully that will help. As always I am really grateful that I have such lovely relatives who like us enough to let us stay with them & who live is such awesome locations!

My FF& F challenge has not been going so well (hence the silence). I weighed in before I left at 65kgs (which was my original start weight). Today I weighed in at 64kgs. I'll do a proper weigh in next week with measurements n all. After seeing my cuz & feeling my lack of cardio fitness with diving we are both on a mission to improve our fitness before our big dive trip in November. Watch this space.


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