Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Angus Pt 1

I'm Baaack.

We had 4 nights in beautiful Port Douglas with my cuz & her hubby; met our God Daughter (almost 2); met the bump (expected Dec 5th); swam, ate, drank & spent 1 day out on the great barrier reef where we met Angus.

I patted Angus - he's Maori Wrass, with a weakness for roast beef according to the photographer.

More later.........................


Ute said...

Angus is scary. :o|

Chris H said...

Scary! Nahhhh...he's cute as! I love fish with character!

AlleyCat said...

lol Ute - I guess he does look a bit freaky. He didn't want to eat us, he just wanted his roast beef! He was kinda like a pussy cat, headbutting you for food.

Chris - yes, he definately had character!!!!!