Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We are advertising for a new plumber at the moment. Plumbing Boy interviewed a guy last night. After interviewing for an hour & a half, he decided to offer the guy the job. The guy said yeah no worries. I'll just talk it over with my wife & get back to you in the morning. Then he said "um, their may be a bit of a problem though, I only know how to drive an auto".

Well says PB. That will be a problem. We only have manuals. I guess the next person I interview will have a new first question. The guy says "what?". PB says "can you drive a manual vehicle".

I know not everyone can drive a manual, but you'd expect a tradey in his mid 40's to have that skill. Wouldn't you?

I guess I will be rerunning the advert.


Ute said...

Yay! I am NOT the only one left in teh world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)))

Chris H said...

What a dork! Surely it's not that hard to figure out! Even I can do it. lol

AlleyCat said...

It's not that hard if you have the opportunity is it Chris! There are plenty of peeps like Ute who've never had too & there's nothing wrong with that!!! But a 45 year old tradey????