Thursday, August 5, 2010

FFF Challenge W5


Week 5: Thursday July 29th – Wednesday August 4th.

Start Weigh: 65kgs
After Week 5: 63Kgs
Total Lost this Week: -1kgs

Measurements (Starting after week 1):
Waist (Belly Button): W1 88cms; W5 81.5cms
Pot Belly: W1 94cms; W5 91cms
Butt (broadest part): W1 108cms; W5 105cms
Bust: W1 97cms; W5 96cms

This week: -.5cms
Total lost since W2: -13.5cms

Exercise Goals:

Thursday Night: Rest
done hahahaha
Friday night: Run & Cycle – didn’t go – one of our plumbers finished up & put on a bit of a BBQ for everyone so couldn’t leave until later, then I just couldn’t be bothered.
Saturday Pump
done & a 15 minute run!
Sunday: Zumba done
Monday: Pump worked til 7.30pm (pump finished @ 7.30pm)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: THT class & Pump

3 x Sets 20 Crunches
3 x Sets 20 Squats
3 x Sets 20 Lunges on each leg

Why on earth I added in the "every day" I do not know considering I didn't do any of them on any day. I don't think setting such high goals in order to guilt myself into exercising is working. I think I'll have to wait until my sister whips my butt at skiing fitness before I find a little more motivation! This week has also fallen over the end of the month, which means extra work for me getting all my debtor invoicing & statements done & I've chosen to stay in the office & work rather than get to the gym. My neck & shoulders are suffering for it, but that's life hey!

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take.

Averaged 20.83 points over 6 days counted. This is working for me. I know it does as I did it last year leading up to our wedding. I might lose a bit of weight & body fat, but it doesn't get me fitter though!!!

Thursday 29th July

B: Plunger Coffee (1); Vegemite Toast (5)

L: Chicken Burger with Chili (10)

D: Omelet with Spanish onion, roasted capsicum, tomato, chili & garlic on a bed of steamed cabbage (2); Wine (3)



Friday 30th July

B: Orange Juice (1); Plunger Coffee (1); Honey on toast (4)

S: Cup O Snoop (1.5)

L: Nurse Noodles (1.5); Rice Crackers & Sour Cream (1.5)

D: Homemade hamburger pattie on spinach, rocket, tomato, pickles & chili caramelized onions (4); wine (4)

TOTAL: 18.5
Nil - one of our staff members left & put on a BBQ for everyone. I couldn't really leave & by the time everyone had gone & I cleaned up I really couldn't be bothered.

Saturday 31st July

B: Toast with Tahini & Honey (4)

L: Chicken & Mushroom Pie (???)

S: Tuna with rice crackers & Sour Cream (3.5)

D: Indian; Wine (too much)

TOTAL: Free Day
EXERCISE: 15 minute run; PUMP

Sunday 1st August

L: rice crackers with sour cream (while waiting for food to cook!) (2); Poached eggs on Toast (5)

S: Vitawheat (.75)

D: Chicken & Mushroom Pasta (10); garlic bread (2); wine (2_

TOTAL: 19.5
we have a new Zumba instructor. She is awesome & fierce! & she's a Kiwi. I had a few giggles when I realised I'd misunderstood something she'd said as she has a very strong accent :0)

Monday 2nd August

B: OJ (1); Plunger coffee (1); Porridge with fruit & Yogurt (5)

L: Vita wheat with ham (2.5); cup of soup (1.5)

S: Banana (1)
D: Left over shepherd’s pie with steamed broccoli & cauli (8?); wine (3)

worked til 7.45pm…..

Tuesday 3rd August

B: OJ (1.5); Coffee (1); Porridge with cinnamon & honey (3.5)

S: WW biscuits (1)

L: Vita wheat with ham & tomato (4.25); strawberries (1)

S: Cup of Soup (1.5)

D: Lamb with pumpkin, steamed cauli & broccoli, cheese sauce & gravy (6); wine (3)

TOTAL: 22.75

Wednesday 4th August

B: OJ (1.5); Coffee (1); Porridge with cinnamon & honey (3.5)

S: Vita Wheat (.75)

L: Left over steamed cauli & broccoli with cheese sauce & tin tuna (4.5) Apple (1)

D: Steak n salad (5); wine (3)

TOTAL: 20.25
EXERCISE: Nil worked til 7.45pm again

All in all not a bad week foodwise, but pretty slack exercise wise. Week 6 is going to be a bit challenging. I have lots of family visiting & will have limited chance to exercise over the weekend so just have to get my booty into gear during the week. Famous last words,

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