Friday, August 27, 2010

FFF Challenge After W8

So. I didn't get around to weighing in or measuring after week 7 as I was headed up to the snow. I did weigh & measure after week 8 on returning from the snow & while I was lucky enough to have the scale weigh remain the same, I put on 4.5 cms over my body.

Measurements (Starting after week 1):

Waist (Belly Button): 88cms; W2 85cms; W3 82cms; W4 83cms; W5 81.5cms; W6 81cms; W8 81.5cms

Pot Belly: 94cms; W2 91cms; W3 90cms; W4 90cms; W5 91cms; W6 89.5cms; W8 93cms

Butt (broadest part): 108cms; W2 105cms; W3 104cms; W4 105cms; W5 105cms; W6 104cms; W8 104cms

Bust: 97cms; W2 95cms; W3 96cms; W4 96cms; W5 96cms; W6 93.5cms; W8 94cms

This week: +4.5cms!!! oops. Most of it pot belly. Bloated??? Much!!!

Scale weight was the same: 63kgs
Total lost since start of challenge: 2kgs

Exercise has been fairly non existent as I've been sick with a very snotty cold. Other than attempting to ski last weekend, I made it to Pump this Wednesday & also managed a bit of tready & bike before the class.

I have fallen a bit behind in my goals - I was hoping to weigh in at 61kgs after this week! Hahahaha that is not going to happen!

I did test out my fat calipers last night & according to the chart that comes with them I am at 24% body fat, which puts me in the Average or Fair category. Lean or good appears to be 16 - 20%, so I am going to aim for 18%. Of course my reading may not be that accurate, but it is a starting point & so long as the % decreases, I will be happy. According to a formula I found, my proposed body weight to acheive this is 58.39kgs! Looks like I need to review my goal weight.

I also did Plumbing Boy's measurement as well & I think he was a little shocked that he has a higher % than me, considering all the dirt bike riding he's been doing of late, I think he expected to be leaner. Perhaps he'll be cutting back on his nightly garlic bread!!!

Anyhoo. Here's what I've been feasting on if anyone is interested!

Week 7: - Thursday 12th - Wednesday 18th August

Thursday 12th August

B: Juice (1) Plunger Coffee (1); multiple pots of hot herbal tea.
L: Steamed Dim Sims with chili & soy (3); Chicken Skewer (5); potato cake (7.5)
D: a mouthful of left over cous cous salad (.5). Not interested.

EXERCISE: Nil - sick

Friday 13th August

B: Orange Juice (1); Plunger Coffee (1);
S: Hard boiled egg (1)
L: Pumpkin Soup (1)
D: Pasta with tinned tuna, garlic, chili & sour cream (7)

EXERCISE: Nil - Sick

Saturday 14th August

B: Multi grain toast with honey (3.5); tea (.25).
L: Tinned spag on toast (3.5)
D: Roast Beef with baked pumpkin with spinach & rocket (5) Wine (2)

TOTAL: 14.25
EXERCISE: Nil - still sick

Sunday 15th August

B: Poached egg & bacon on muffin (5); tea (.25)
L: Rice crackers with Tzaziki (2)
D: Home Made Pizza (didn't count up the points)

TOTAL: Free Day
EXERCISE: Nil - still sick

Monday 16th August

B: Pear, Apple & Orange Juice (1.5) Plunger coffee (2); Honey on Toast (4)
L: Nurse Noodles (1.5);
S: Rice Crackers & tzaziki (1)
S: piece of left over pizza (5?)
D: Lamb curry (4)

EXERCISE: Nil - still snotty. Plumbing Boy didn't get home til 8.30 hence the grazing.
I wasn't actually all that hungry - the cold & flu tablets are making me spacey. I'm pretty sure I'm putting on weight though - my fingers & face are all puffy I must be retaining fluid me thinks……..

Tuesday 17th August

B: Pear & OJ (1.5); Coffee (1); Honey on Toast (4)
L: Left over home made pizza slices (2)
D: Thai (went out for dinner) (NFI)

EXERCISE: Nil - snotty

Wednesday 18th August

B: OJ (1); Coffee (2); Honey on toast (4)
L: Baked Beans & cheese on toast (6)
D: Home Made Chicken Schnitzel with coleslaw (6) Wine (3)

EXERCISE: Nil - Fi & Tess arrived ready for the snow trip.

Total days tracked: 6 averaged 17.04 points

Week 8: Thursday August 19th – Wednesday August 25th

Thursday 19th August

B: Juice (1) Plunger Coffee (1); toast with Tahini & Honey (4)
L: Hamburger with the lot in Glenrowan & a skinny latte
S: Ego Magnum (Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
D: Home Made Lasagna with salad; wine.


Friday 20th August

B: Skinny Latte;
S: Ham & Cheese Toasty; Tea
L: Chicken Strip; 1/3 bag wedges with sour cream & chili; tea
S: Red wine; Cider (Fi & Tess ate dinner, but my cousin's & I hit the pub & ended up crashing without eating…..oops)

EXERCISE: Ski lesson, skiing

Saturday 21st August

B: Bacon & Poached Eggs on toast; tea
S: Skinny Latte
L: BLT sandwich (pretty crap!); tea
S: Samboy BBQ Chips
D: Roast Lamb with mint sauce, gravy, baked pumpkin potato & green beans; Wine

EXERCISE: hiking around Bright

Sunday 22nd August

S: Juice; Yogurt
B: Porridge; tea
S: Skinny Latte
L: Milawa Bakery Beef n black pepper pie (to die for, best meat pie I have ever had!)
D: Tomato pasta with bacon, chili & garlic with Parmesan; wine

EXERCISE: Unpacking & 5 loads of washing!

Monday 23rd August

B: Orange Juice (1.5) Plunger coffee (2); Honey on Toast (4)
S: Vitawheat with peanut butter (1.5)
L: Chicken with tzaziki & lettuce wrap with chili sauce (4);
S: Passion fruit yogurt (2)
D: Lamb chop; snag; baked pumpkin; steamed cauli, broccoli, corn, sweet potato & brussell sprouts (7); wine (3)

EXERCISE: Another 5 loads of washing; fold n file the first 5 loads!

Tuesday 24th August

B: OJ (1.5); Coffee (1); Honey on Toast (4)
S: Vita wheat with peanut butter (1.5)
L: Left over veg with 1 x hard boiled egg (4)
S: Milo (1)
D: Lamb Curry small amount of rice & 1/4 bread (8); wine (3)


Wednesday 25th August

B: OJ (1); Coffee (1); Honey on toast (4)
S: Vita wheat with peanut butter (1.5)
L: Left over veg with 1 x hard boiled egg (4)
D: Lasagna with veg (??? Didn't point it when I made it) wine (3)

EXERCISE: 30 mins tready walk, 10 mins bike; Pump!

This was pretty much a free week as I went away, so didn't bother pointing on those days, although I recon I've come pretty close to tracking everything I actually ate!

Onwards to Week 9!

12 sleeps til we go to Port Douglas for 4 nights & have to be seen in my bathers along side my uber fit cuz!

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