Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is from an email Dad sent me yesterday.....

Gwenda & Mum took me to see Inception last night. I had more fun standing in the rain drafting heifers yesterday! Lots of effects but a far fetched story (dream sharing & thought stealing) & very hard to follow. See you Saturday.


Dad hates anything scifi ish. We went to the movies when they were up last & I mentioned that I didn't think he'd like it. I remember drafting heifers in the rain. He must have really hated it.

This probably means I will LOVE it. Will have to go have a sticky beak soon!


Ute said...

HA! Your Dad sounds like a classic! :o))

If you go see Inception, lemme know/do a review here and tell us what it's like? From the previews, I'm not sure I'd looks too, "The Matrix" for my liking..

AlleyCat said...

Funily enough the only thing Dad actually liked was the fight scene in the passage way a bit of which was in a preview & was very matrix like! Will let you know when I've seen it!

We saw Crazy Heart on DVD last night which was good -Jeff Bridges as an old broken down country music singer & Maggie Gyllenhaal as the fair maiden who brings him back from the brink of self destruction.

Ute said...

I wanna see Crazy Heart! I LOVE Jeff Bridges and anything he's in.

We ended up watching two dvds on Saturday night, and both were not very good. "Bounty Hunter" with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, and "The Green Zone" with Matt Damon.

I like all those people, but both movies sucked!

AlleyCat said...

He (Jeff Bridges) was really good Ute!!!

We were a hair past a freckle away from getting the Green Zone! Lucky we didn't then! Haven't heard anything about bounty hunter, but will steer clear - thanks for the heads up. Bummer they were crap tho. Hate it when you've settled in for a movie night & all the movies are crap!!!

Chris H said...

I don't like many Sci-fi movies either.. your Dad is a scream!

AlleyCat said...

I love sci-fi Chris!