Friday, August 6, 2010



I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tonight Jax arrives home from her overseas trip. She's been in Europe for 3 months. Her plane gets in around 9.30pm so will be off to the airport with her Mum to pick her up, then I am staying a her place. I suspect it will be rather a late night with lots of giggles & a few drinks while we catch up!

Saturday night I am off to the footy again with Dad - should be a brilliant game & I hope it is close & that of course that we beat the Colliwobbles (sorry Cinders!!!!)

Saturday lunch & Sunday breakfast I think will be with my Mum's brother & wife who are visiting from Denham WA (the widest point of Australia on the west coast) & Jax's family & Mum & Dad.

I fear there will be little time for exercise & far too much food & booze consumed, but hey, thats life!

Hope you all have a ripper weekend, where ever you are!

Carn the Catters!!!!!


Cinders said...

nooooooooo!!!! Carn the pies :) I'm off to the game tomorrow night also. You'll have to text me where you're sitting. I'm on the roof! Have fun with Jax tonight.

Ute said...

Oh, I DO so love that dress! Gorgeous!

I can feel how excited you are about Jax's return.... enjoy your weekend with the Fam!

AlleyCat said...

LOL!! Cinders - I think we are behind the goals, level 2 not sure which end. Will text u 4 sure!!! Yes, will have a hoot tonight I'm sure!

Ute - yes the dress is fab isn't it! twas bridesmaid frock! Yes, I am getting excited. Thanx mate. You have a good one too :0)