Monday, August 9, 2010


On Sunday, I went out for lunch in Williamstown with some of my Mums family - the rels visiting from WA & NSW. Very entertaining. We had 7 peeps over 60, myself in my age bracket (plumbing boy piked & went dirt bike riding) & my 3 cousins under 25.

The seniors amongst keep us entertained with their never ending forgetfulness & I think they'd all decided they needed brain scans to see if they had any left by the end of the meal! The young un's kept the oldies entertained with their slang & tales of recent travels.

The pub we went to had an interesting Thursday night activity............Bingo.

Not just any bingo though, they have BOGAN BINGO!!!!!

I couldn't resist taking this photo of this poster from the back of the "dunny" door. The banner out the front was just as funny, "bogan bingo, complete with crap prizes" amongst other things.

There was a lot of talk about bogans on the weekend. My 2 Melbourne cousin's were wanting to know who they were supposed to vote for in the upcoming election. To make it easy for them to have a clue who we were talking about, the 2 major's have been dubbed "bogan ranger chick" & "budgie smuggler marathon man". Funnily enough they both knew who we were talking about. Hope I haven't offended anyone here - I mean no disrespect. Well, not much anyway.

I think I was still half smashed during that conversation. Jax arrived home safely from her Europe trip & we had rather a late night Friday. Rumor has it we went to bed at 6.30am. I suspect I'd been asleep on the couch curled up amongst the stayers for a couple of hours BEFORE THEN.

The footy was good although we lost. My poor catters are starting to show their age I think; the collywobbles were just too quick for us!

This is my cheeky furball Friday afternoon. She actually almost fell off my desk trying to reach the lunch I was holding in my hands to keep her head out of it. Too funny. I'm wondering if she was scabbing food from the evil neighbours (or just eating the food rubbish the left in the street). Since they've left she's been begging massively for food!

Speaking of food, I think it's time for a cuppa - still recovering from Friday night I think!

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Ute said...

My Google reader has been off the piss lately. Not all my blogs are coming up. Dunno wtf is up with that..

Anyhoo.... Kitteh!!! Awwwwwwwwwww...

You know, I've always wanted to play Bingo. But figure I'd stick out like a sore thumb if I went. Isn't it mostly oldies that play?