Monday, July 19, 2010

To Market To Market....

After falling asleep in front of the fire Saturday evening & missing a party I was supposed to go to, I woke up bright & early Sunday Morning. Plumbing Boy was going on a dirt bike ride for the day & had the alarm set for 6am - we were both already awake!

Usually I stay in bed & sleep while he fends for himself, but since I was awake & refreshed I got up & made him a big breaky. He got a lift with someone this week, so I had "proper" wheels for the first time in months on a Sunday!! As I was up so early, decided to see if there were any farmers markets on. A friend has been telling me about them for ages & I'd not really gotten around to sussing them out. I jumped on the computer & found one about 40 minutes from home. It was bloody SENSATIONAL!

It was only a small market, but the vendors were the peeps who made the stuff if you know what I mean. The chicken peeps bred the chickens, grew the food for the chickens on the property & have built a processing plant so they can slaughter the birds with minimum stress to the animal, thus providing a far superior product. I was also pleasantly surprised at the price! A LOT cheaper than I expected for organic produce.

I came home with a whole chook, some chicken thighs, 2 x rib eye fillets, 4 x Lamb honey & rosemary snags, 4 x pork, leak & pumpkin snags, a jar of raw honey, 2 bags of Oranges, 2 packets of smoked bacon & some other veggies. There were plenty of jams, chutneys, baked goods, a dimmy stand, coffee stand & plants as well on offer, but not for me this day.

I came home with my spoil & continued on with the house cleaning. My parents are coming next weekend so needed to do a monster clean. Does anyone else do that??? Double clean when their Mum comes to stay? Mum's got bad asthma, so I really do need to dust vigorously before she comes as it sets her off & she's been really bad of late. They actually thought she had emphysema at some point last week, which is pretty ironic as she has never smoked & is EXTREMELY anti smoking. She got the all clear on Thursday, no cancer or anything nasty. Just chronic asthma & "sagging" lungs - Mum said just like the rest of her LOL! Good news though.

I aint got much more to say & since I'm supposed to be working, I'd better get back to it! Keep out of the cold this week peeps if you live in my part of the world!!!!


DOG3OY said...

Farmers market…. (super green with envy) there was/is one in Balmain and there is a stall that does the best bacon and egg roll, honey smoked bacon, free range eggs and sourdough rolls. The ultimate hangover cure on a Saturday morning. I also spent some time at the farmers markets in the NSW southern highlands…. Fantastic stuff.

I double clean before any relatives arrive, I have to do it when the family have gone out, I can’t clean with people in the house. They get in the way, then I get in trouble for cleaning after she has already cleaned…. The assumption being that she hadn’t cleaned as well as I’d like it… 

AlleyCat said...

I was a bit early for breaky - no hot food was ready bar coffee thank gawd! That bacon & egg roll sounds divine! I like to clean solo - stops peeps dumping shiz where I'm trying to clean!!! LOL at you cleaning after your MRS! Mr thorough? or Mr Anal??? :0)

Chris H said...

I love going to markets too.. have not been to one in ages though.
Glad your Mum is OK.. sagging an all!