Monday, July 5, 2010


Other stuff I’ve discovered.

Did you know that drinking beetroot juice turns your pee a strange pinky colour? Freaked me out a bit when I first saw it. Trusty google had me sorted. No need for alarm.

T2 Tummy Tea is really good! I’m not a big fan of peppermint tea, but this has other stuff in it like licorice. I don’t like the lolly/sweet licorice & haven’t been into anything aniseed flavoured. I think my tastes are a changing though as I’m starting to like fresh fennel & I’ve liked fishermen’s friends in the white pack for a while now.

I bought a new cardi/jumper from Target last week from their piping hot range & it is my new fave. Super comfy, great fit & a happy colour!

Since I’ve paid more attention to the food I’ve been shoveling into my piehole, I’ve been less bloated. Or maybe that’s the tummy tea. When I was a kid I couldn’t burp. I don’t remember burping til in my 20’s. Even if I drank soft drink I could not for the life of me make myself burp like the other kids. Same went for farting! Maybe Mum’s high nutritional standard when we were kids kept my innards pristine till I blew them up when I left home? Anyhoo. Of late, I’ve started to burp. A lot.  Bloody disgusting. Hope the tummy tea helps. Embarrassment when you can’t control it & you are out in public.

Plumbing boy bought us juicer for Christmas last year – we love it. Last week 3 oranges yielded me around 200 – 250mls. This week I need 10 oranges to get the same!!! As far as points go, I am counting per 100mls of juice, not per bloody orange!

More plumbing entertainment for you. Plumber goes to a client’s house Friday. Does some diagnostic’s to locate 1 x fault (it is behind a wall & will take approximately 3-4 hours to fix). The client has people coming over for lunch & wants us to come back on Monday to make the repair. They also have a leak under their sink which he fixes. He writes up the invoice for the day’s work. They refuse to pay it. They don’t think they should have to pay for the diagnostic for either of the jobs, just the actual time he took to make the repair & the materials used. Next they want a discount because they are old & ill. They don’t have a pension card or a seniors card. He obliges & gets what payment he can out of them. The client calls up this morning to book in the repair behind the wall. Of course we have decided that we are unable to further assist this particular client. Considering the other work will cost the client 5 x times more money that the work on Friday which they did not want to pay for, it’s asking for trouble. I am gentle & as kind as I can be. The client tells me he is going to call the police. Sigh. I explained that if that’s what he really feels he should do, then so be it.

I started work this morning at 6am. I hope it improves!! Regardless I'll be keen to get home to these......

Fave Jarmies

& these!


Ute said...

Can I ask you a HUGE favour? How the fark did you put that photo up, and have it so no one can click on it???

Btw- I loike the jumper! Nice colour. ;o)

Ugh, I can't stand anything different to my cuppa tea or coffee..none of this peppermint or fennel crap.
Fishermans Friends!!!!! OMG!!! Yuk! That brings back bad memories... >.<

Oh dearz, I hope I don't get like that when I'm old and crusty. Don't they realise that not everything is going to be free, or on the pensioner list?

AlleyCat said...

I have no idea!!!!! I did it they way I usually do on blogger. Must be a fluke???? Maybe someone else knows???

Fanx! I loikes it too. I've always been a white no sugar girl. Only recently have I started to sorta like herbally stuff.

Yeah - I'm dreading the day I'm old & cantankerous like that!!!! No. some peeps think they have the right to have everything for free. Do you believe his wife since called to try & convince us to come out??? She tried the we are very old & very sick line again! I recomended she call the council & get their handy man out as he doesn't charge as much :0)

Ute said...

Hmmmmm.... odd.

Ususally when I upload photos, they are still clickable.

I'm gonna have to have a looksee in Blogger, and see if there's some kind of setting you can make them un-clickable.

My cuppa Tea has to be white no sugar, but coffee is white with one, thanks. ;o)

Here's hoping someone will shoot me before I get to that stage.

Anonymous said...

i miss winter, i got to work this morning a sweaty mess and sat in front of a fan for 10 min to dry out. I miss wearing layers, warm socks, my sheep skin slippers, the combustion stove ticking with heat and the blast of cold air that takes your breath away.

you need to get a green cardy... green for envy..

AlleyCat said...

LOL Dog3oy! I do need a green cardie! Very Jealous of your sweaty mess :0)

Ute - we have out tea the same! I used to have 2 sugars in my coffe, but gradually weaned myself to NO sugar when I realised at uni I was drinking a cup of sugar every day!!!! I drank a lot of coffee back then :0)

kathrynoh said...

Try beetroot and asparagus for really freaky pee!

Kelly said...

Love the cardy - super cool colour!

I hope one day I can drink tea - I'm def just a white coffee girl!

Kel xxx