Monday, July 12, 2010


Why do Monday's roll around so quickly???

Life feels like it is going so so fast lately. Remember when you were a kid & everything took forever? Now I feel like if I blink, I miss whole days!

Last week at work was mad, 12 hours at my desk every day minimum & poor old plumbing boy was at it for longer than me, although not at his desk. He started most days at 5.30am, finishing at 7.30pm excepting Friday night when he & the new apprentice finished at 11.30pm!!

I think this week will be equally as busy but without the 11.30pm finish.

I didn't make it to the gym Friday night, too many disasters at the end of the day had me here til 7pm, then of course I just couldn't be shagged. I DID go to Pump for the 2nd Saturday in as row. Last week by 2.30pm Sunday arvo I'd really stiffened up & could barely walk up & down my stairs!!! This week I went a smidge heavier on the squat weight regardless because I'm a glutton for pain & only felt that good sore in my quads. I'm hoping to go again tonight, but we'll see how that goes AND I've just noticed my keys seem to be missing again.

I just had a customer call & ask me if I was hot water. I said no, I'm a person. How can I help you? Mondays are medal days here. If you survive without losing the plot you deserve a medal! Time for another cuppa I recon.


Ute said...

Ha ha ha @ the caller dude!!!

Reminds me of my niece

Ring, ring, ring... ME- "hello?"
Rhi- "Hi, is your fridge running?"
ME- "Erm...yeah, why?"
Rhi- "Well ya better go chase it then! Ha!"


AlleyCat said...

LOL another client told me they were moving their house - which reminded me of is mr walls there? NO is mrs walls there? NO. are any walls there? NO, you'd better get out of the house before it falls down then!!! My sis & I did the fridge one too :0)

Slyde said...

wait a minute? you AREN'T hot water?

shit, i must have the wrong blog...

Memphis Steve said...

I missed the gym for 2 weeks with some virus or something. Then I decided I was well and went on Monday. Apparently I'm not entirely well yet. I shouldn't have gone. Ugh!