Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho..............

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to points I go, with razor blades & hand grenades, Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

After a hiatus on watching what I eat & the exercise front, I’m going back to counting points for a while. I’ve eaten pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted & completely slacked off from exercising. I eat a lot of fruit & veg, but too much cheese & too many carbs in comparison to protein. And my portions have crept up. As of course has my weight. Calories in has far surpassed calories out.

You could say I’ve lost my Mojo. Really though, I just couldn’t be bothered. Leading up to our wedding last year, I spent so much time primping & preparing, & focusing on myself, that since then, I’ve just let it ALL go! I’ve only just gone back to having regular waxing. Like everything in life, it seems hard to find that happy medium. I put myself first in every instance then, & other things suffered. Now vice versa, I’ve put everything else first & my own body is unfit & carrying around 5 extra kgs.

So. It’s time to devote a bit more time to myself (other than watching movies & drinking wine!). I’m heading towards the dreaded F word later in the year. Not that getting older bothers me as I look quite young for my age. But I am vain enough to want to keep it that way :=). I am hoping to use this as motivation for the next few months, to be fit, fab & forty!

We’ve also booked a dive holiday/2nd honeymoon for the first 2 weeks in November. While there will be no kids, we will be going with friends. First week we will be in Sipidan in Malaysia, 2nd week we will be on Boracay Island in the Philippines. This really should be more than enough motivation – being in bathers on the beach & needing some degree of fitness to make the most of the diving!!! Will post more about the holiday later.

So for now, I’m going to bore you a bit with food & exercise to help keep me honest & get me back on track.

Monday 28th June:

B: 1.5 oranges Juiced (1.5), Porridge with honey, yogurt & cinnamon (3.5), plunger coffee (1) = 6 points

L: home made chicken n Veg soup (it was bloody awful by the way & looked like spew. Not one of my finest cullinary attempts) (3)

S: Rice Crackers (1)

D: Beef in red wine casserole with steamed veg (7); Red Wine (3)

Total: 20 points

Tuesday 29th June:

B: 1.5 oranges Juiced (1.5), Porridge with honey, yogurt & cinnamon (3.5), plunger coffee (1) = 6 points

L: tin tuna (3.5), sour cream (.5) & rice crackers (1) = 5 points

D: took the MIL out for Chinese. Her Fave is sweet n sour pork in batter. Not a fan at all. Needless to say I cannot point this meal, nor am I going to try as it will be enormous.

Total: too many

Wednesday 30th June

B: 1.5 oranges juiced with parsley & basil (1.5); plunger coffee (1)

L: monster toasty with smoked salmon, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, left over baked pumpkin & chili sauce (10)

S: 5 rice crackers (.5)

D: roast turkey breast with baked pumpkin, steamed broccoli & gravy (10); Red Wine (3)

Total: 26 points

Thursday 1st July

B: 1 orange & 1 beetroot juiced with parsley & basil (1); plunger coffee (1);

S: tomato on toast (3)

L: Chicken skewer (5) & 2 x steamed dummies (3) = 8

D: Roast Chicken breast with baked potato, pumpkin, carrot, steamed brocoli & gravy (8); wine (3)

Total: 24

I suppose it was a little unrealistic to think I’d actually get some exercise in this week considering it was the last week of the financial year. That combined with all the software problems we’ve had, it most certainly didn’t happen. Plus we took the MIL out for dinner Tuesday night; she lives on the other side of town to us & usually eats at 5.30pm. It takes us an hour to get there in peak hour traffic & about 40 minutes to get home, so no opportunity for exercise that night. I also had a hair dressers appt on last night, so again, no possibility then (& when I came home Plumbing Boy had cooked dinner!)

Maybe tomorrow night? Hope to do something on the weekend also, just need to suck it up & do it!!!

I just realised I've posted 5 days running. It's been a while since that happened! Helps when you pre-schedule!

It has been well worth writing down my food intake this week though, so I can see just how much extra tucker I am consuming!

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