Wednesday, July 7, 2010


is my fingers.

my toes are faring a little better, the heater has kicked in under my desk.

6am starts on the coldest week in history! LOL. Probably has been colder, I'm just feeling a tad wussy.

Time to go run my fingers under the hot tap.


Ute said...

'Tis a bit nipply...innit?! ;o))

Anonymous said...

i'll make you feel warm. tonight i'll be sitting outside by the beach (its singapore the beach sucks) eating chilli crab and chugging down beer at a place called jumbo seafood.

the boy is on the mend and has a free pass out from the hospital

AlleyCat said...

nipply indeed Ute!!!

Chilli crab is my FAVE!!! Even better on the BEACH with BEER. Deperately jealous now Dog3oy....Glad the boy is out of hospital - reason indeed to celebrate with beer n crab :0)

Chris H said...

So glad I don't live there then...