Friday, July 30, 2010

FFF Goals W5

When I started this challenge 4 weeks ago, I'd aimed to lose .5kg each week getting me to 60.5kgs after 10 weeks.

I'd aimed to be at 63kgs after week 5: considering I gained last week, I really need to pull my finger out this week.

One of my milestones has moved forward - my cousin is coming home early from her overseas trip. Originally she was planning on being away 4 months, shortened it by 2 weeks about a month ago, & last week shortened it by another 2 weeks planing to arrive home Next Friday. I was hoping to have gotten rid of most of my muffin top by the time she came back!

Exercise Goals:
Thursday Night: Rest
Friday night: Run & Cycle
Saturday morning: Pump
Sunday: Just spotted a new 9.30am Zumba on the timetable.
Monday: Pump
Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: THT class & Pump

3 x Sets 20 Crunches
3 x Sets 20 Squats

3 x Sets 20 Lunges on each leg

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take.

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