Friday, July 9, 2010

FFF Goals W2


Week 2: Thursday July 8th – Wednesday July 14th

Exercise Goals:

Thursday Night: Zumba (already failed this one. someone accidentally went to the other side of town with my keys {car, house, office} in his pocket. Had a monster clean of the offices instead)
Friday night: Run
Saturday morning: Pump
Sunday: Rest. Home abs??
Monday: Pump
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: THT class

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take

Goals are pretty much the same as last week, just ramped up the exercise a bit. Lets see how that one goes.

At the moment, this challenge goes for about 18 weeks, which is when we go on our holiday.

The first milestone I've set is @ week 9 when my cousin Jax comes home from her overseas trip! She'll have been gone for 4 months. I suspect there will be fighting as to who is picking her up from the airport. Her olds will probably want to do it since they were busy on their own holiday when she left & I saw her off. I will definitely be seeing her whether it be Friday night when she arrives or Saturday night when she's had a bit of a sleep or even both. Hopefully by then I'll be fit & fab (well, more fab than I already am LOL!!!)

The second milestone I've set is @ week 15 when I reach the F word.

The third is our holiday @ week 18.

I'm thinking when my belly button measurement gets under 80cms, I'm gonna reward myself with these: Dr Martens Diva Danielle 3 Eye Gibson in Cherry Red. Purty.

One of the delivery guys from one of our suppliers came in yesterday afternoon, very excited about the fact that it would be the last day he saw us! He is retiring today after 13 years with that company.

He’s straight up to Palm Cove for a couple of weeks, then onto Maroochydoore til the end of the year. Back home for a couple of months then off to Tasi for 3 months, home for a couple then up through central Australia in the caravan for who knows how long. “Time to start livin’ me life” he said.

Awesome work. I wonder when I'll be able to put a "caravan" on the reward list :0)

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Ute said...

Oh my...those shoes are doin' somethin' to me....Mmmmmmhhhhmmmm.

Those are all good goals to reach. Realistic.

Wishing you luck!