Thursday, July 29, 2010

FFF Challenge W4


Week 4: Thursday July 22nd – Wednesday July 28th

There was a distinct lack of commitment & motivation this week which you will see in the results.......

Results after week 4.

This Week: + .5kgs Whoops

Start Weight: 65kgs
Current Weight: 64kgs
Total Lost: 1kgs

Measurements (Starting after week 1):
Waist (Belly Button): 88cms; W2 85cms; W3 82cms; W4 83cms
Pot Belly: 94cms; W2 91cms; W3 90cms; W4 90cms
Butt (broadest part): 108cms; W2 105cms; W3 104cms; W4 105cms
Bust: 97cms; W2 95cms; W3 96cms; W4 96cms

This week overall: + 2cms double whoops

Exercise Goals:

Thursday Night: Zumba NO
Friday night: Run NO
Saturday morning: can’t do Pump this week so free weight equivalent at gym. NO
Sunday: Rest.
2 x 30 minute brisk walks
Monday: Pump NO
Tuesday: Run NO
Wednesday: THT class & Pump NO

Complete Slackness on my part this week. No motivation whatsoever.

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take.

Average points over 6 days was 25.58. Need to do better next week.

Thursday 22nd July

B: Orange (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Porridge with yogurt & cinnamon (3.5)

S: Rice Crackers & Sour cream (1.5) STARVING!!!

L: Chicken Stick (5); Hot Chippies with chili sauce & mayo (8) naughties today!!!

D: Pasta with Napoli sauce & Parmesan on a bed of spinach & rocket (5) wine (3)

TOTAL: 28.50
By 3pm the pain of last night’s double header had well & truly set in. My muscles were crying!! Time for a nice hot radox bath tub!

Friday 23rd July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1)

S: Ham, cheese, tomato & mushroom Toasty with chili sauce (6)

S: Left Over Home Made pizza (4)

D: Home Made chicken Kebabs with Tzaziki, humus, tomato, spinach & Chili (8); wine (4)

TOTAL: 24.50
EXERCISE: house work (vac, mop, dust etc)

Saturday 24th July

B: Poached egg, bacon, tomato, mushrooms & spinach on toast (4); Juice (1.5)

L: Chicken & Avocado Lavosh (???)

S: Apple

D: Roast Lamb with baked pumpkin, steamed cauli, broccoli, brussel sprouts with gravy (6); slice of orange & poppy seed cake with extra curd, syrup & cream (???); Wine (6)

TOTAL: Free Day

Sunday 25th July

B: Juice (1); Poached egg with bacon on a multi grain muffin (5)

S: Large skinny Latte (1.5)

D: Pasta with tomato based sauce & salmon (7); wine (3)

TOTAL: 17.50
EXERCISE: 2 x 30 minute brisk walks

Monday 26th July

B: Plunger coffee (1); Porridge with yogurt, honey & cinnamon (4)

S: Rice Crackers with sour cream (2)

L: Nurse Noodles (1.5); Apple (1)

D:Indian Takeaway: 1/3 serve eggplant curry; 1/3 serve of Balti Chicken; ½ Paratha; 1 Samosa (???? Far too many I am sure – Google tells me around 20 all up); wine (3)

I told my cat bite me if I didn’t go to pump tonight. HA. Here I am at my desk at 6.20pm with no intention whatsoever of going. I’m just waiting for Plumbing Boy to finish an interview then I’m going home! Packed up & departed at 7pm, PB calls to advise me one of the plumbers is on his way back to pick something up. 7.30pm later……PB offered to pick up Indian takeaway. I caved. Not really a good plan, but TASTY!!!!!

TOTAL: 32.5

Tuesday 27th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Multi grain muffin with tahini & honey (4)

L: 3 steamed dummies with chili & soy (4.5)

S: Chocolate (1)

S: Rice Crackers (1)

D: Steak n veg (3); wine (3)

TOTAL: 19.5

This semester, our 3rd year apprentice is doing extra subjects at night. The Uni is 2kms from our office; he lives 20kms away. He was going home after work then back to trade school in his own wheels. When I found out of course we said he could come & hang out at the office & take the Van to school. This means I’m hanging about the office longer on a Tuesday. Sadly the thought of my apprentice going off to school is not motivating me to go to the Gym!!!

Wednesday 28th July

B: Carrot Apple, Beetroot & Parsley juice (1); Plunger coffee (1); Toasted ham & cheese multi grain muffin (5)

S: Arnotts biscuit (3??)

L: Left over Veg mixed in Baked beans with Parmesan & chili sauce (5)

S: ½ Piece Tessa’s Lemon Slice (3???)

D: Homemade Shepherds Pie with steamed broccoli; (10?????? Didn’t bother counting it up); wine (3)


All in all a pretty average week. No exercise, too much food.


Slyde said...

when you diet, you have to be prepared and except the off week. its the people who think they need to love EVERY week who are the people who go off their diets..

keep at it :)

AlleyCat said...

Hey Slyde! Thanks mate. I'm not too worried, just trying to keep myself in check after being slack for 6 months or so!