Thursday, July 8, 2010

FFF Challenge W1


Weigh in Day: Thursdays.

OK. I was thinking in the shower this morning about the whole scale concept. Let me just state now that I know I am not fat. I know I have put on a couple of unwanted KGS in the past 6 months that make some of my clothes physically uncomfortable, because they are too tight, & mentally uncomfortable because of the bulge around the middle. My sister is a size 8 - 10 & is forever talking loosing a couple of pounds because her clothes are too tight. What I am trying to say is that what ever size you are, when you do put on 5kgs you feel more uncomfortable in your clothes & in your skin. Enough said, right?

Start Weigh: 65kgs

After Week 1: 64.5kgs

I was also thinking that I don't care so much about the actual scale weight, just the comfort in my clothes & in myself so I needed to add in some measurements. I didn't take them a week ago, so the start point will be after week 1. My waist measurement is 8cm over the recommended for good health putting it right on the figure of being "greatly increased risk". oh dear.


Waist (Belly Button): 88cms

Pot Belly: 94cms

Butt (broadest part): 108cms

Bust: 97cms

I'm a bit bottom heavy aren't I!

Week 1: Thursday July 1st – Wednesday July 7th

Exercise Goals:
Friday night: Run done
Saturday morning: Pump done
Sunday: Walk or run (after brunch!) 2 x 30 minute power walks
Monday or Tuesday: Run (depends on Sunday & how knees feel) done Monday night
Wednesday: THT class did not do.

Food Goals:
Portion control done
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take not to bad, averaged 21.12 points per day over 6 days with 1 free day.

I know I am supposed to publish the goals at the beginning of the week, not at the end!

Thursday 1st July

B: 1 orange & 1 beetroot juiced with parsley & basil (1); plunger coffee (1);

S: tomato on toast (3)

L: Chicken skewer (5) & 2 x steamed dummies (3) = 8

D: Roast chicken breast, potato, pumpkin, carrot & steamed broccoli with gravy (8) wine (3)


Friday 2nd July

B: 1 orange & 1 beetroot juiced with basil (1); plunger coffee (1);

S: Sample box Sultana Bran Crunch with Rev (2.25)

L: Tin o tuna (3.5) “nurse noodles” (1.5)

D: Grilled fresh Tuna marinated in garlic, lemon & olive oil, with salad (6); Wine (4)

TOTAL: 19.25
EXERCISE: 10 minute walk; 20 minute run.

Saturday 3rd July

B: 2 Poached eggs on toast (4);

S: Skinny Latte (1)

L: Home Made Pumpkin Soup with sour cream, 1 x toast (3)

S: Rice Crackers with sour cream (1)

D: Garlic Spaghetti with mushrooms, garlic, chili, bacon & Parmesan (8); Wine (4)


Sunday 4th July

B: Orange juice (1); skinny Latte (2); 2 poached eggs on 1 toast with ham & hollandaise (I ate out so this is a guestimate) (6)

S: Rice Crackers with sour cream (1.5)

D: Indian Take Away (plumbing boy really really wanted it!) NFI but we had a samosa each, I had some chicken curry & some eggplant curry (he had both plus Goat curry).

TOTAL: I think I am going to call today a free day!
EXERCISE: 2 x 30 minute power walks

Monday 5th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Porridge with stewed fruit (3.5)

L: tin tuna (3.5); left over spuds (1); 2Tbspns left over eggplant curry at a guess (2); Apple (1)

S: ½ Banana (.5)

D: Grilled Roo Fillet with baked pumpkin, eggplant, carrot, sweet potato & steamed broccoli (5); Red Wine (3)

EXERCISE: 10 minute walk; 20 minute run.

Tuesday 6th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Tomato on Toast (2.5)

L: Left over baked pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, eggplant (1), 2 Tbspns left over eggplant curry at a guess (2); apple (1)

D: Tomato pasta with snow peas, spinach, rocket & 1 meat ball (8); wine (3)


Wednesday 7th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Porridge with honey & cinnamon (3.5)

L: Homemade Pumpkin Soup (1); tin tuna (3.5); rice crackers (1)

S: Chocolate (1)

D: Chicken Stir fry (4); Wine (3)

TOTAL: 19.5


Anonymous said...

Tiger beer and a plate of baby fried shrimp before family arrived
Another beer
Another beer
Large seafood fried rice, asparagus in garlic and abalone wrapped in yam.
Another beer
Another beer
Huge grilled king prawns in a rich wine sauce.
Another beer
2.8 kilo Shi Lankan mud crab done in Singapore traditional chili sauce, with a dozen little fried dumplings.
Another fried rice to soak up some of the crab bisque.
Another beer with a beer chaser.

AlleyCat said...

You my dear friend are a TERRIBLE tease!!! Now excuse moi while I wipe the drool off my keyboard..............

Chris H said...

DOG3OY... hope you enjoyed all that beer!
As for you Alley... go for it!
I am aiming for 15 kilos gone by Xmas...

AlleyCat said...

Go Chris - I'll be cheering for your 15kgs by Xmas. BTW am sure Dog3oy enjoyed his beers!

Anonymous said...

ErrrP !!