Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi 4/4

Final Installment...... the ones I've done are in BLUE

76. Travelled on a tram in Adelaide. Yes!

77. Used a Hills hoist. Had one on the farm, my sister still has one

78. Visited Kata Tjuta No. Ooops, needed Google again. Dad sprained his ankle jumping off a rock there. This was a family holiday for parents only

79. Used native Australian plants in cooking. Yes – someone gave me some herby stuff we tried once; cant remember what it was though.

80. Visited the snow. We went on a trip to mount Bulla when I was in primary school we didn’t do anything exciting like ski, or snowboard, or toboggan, or ride a ski lift. We just got out of the car & made a few lame snowballs & took a few lame photos. My Mum hated the cold. Then it snowed once when I was in primary school. I am pretty sure I blogged about this recently. My sis has just booked a weekend away to visit another cuz who lives in the high country in Victoria to take my niece Tess to the snow. Will be her first experiences. Sez said she had some free lift passes, so may ride up on the chair lift & even try to ski!!!

81. Chosen a side in Holden VS Ford. Holden! Had a Holden Rodeo Ute & currently drive a HSV Senator. The olds never really chose sides – the earliest car I remember was a white Mazda & we had to wear harness seat belts. Next we had a yellow Mazda hatch back AUX 266, followed by a green Ford S Pack BXN 911, then a tan Toyota Tarago CTD 753, then a Toyota Camry EMB ???, then I left home, since they have had a commodore & 2 x Subaru’s. They like to change cars a lot. Funny how I can remember all the rego's. I'm not so good at remembering these days!

82. Visited the desert. Not sure you count crossing the Nullarbor visiting the desert.

83. Been water skiing. Never ever ever! I’ve always wanted too though – just never had the opportunity!

84. Read The Phantom. I don’t believe I have. Why is this Australian?

85. Visited Parliament House. Yes, on that trip to Canberra!

86. Gone spotlighting or pig-shooting. Been spotlighting & shooting for bunnies once. I’m not really into killing animals. I remember a youth group activity when I was in high school which involved baseball bats & mice during a mice plague. I didn’t actually understand that we were supposed to go & club the mice to death. I freaked & stayed inside in tears for most of the night. Sooky sooky lala

87. Crossed the Nullarbor. Yes!

88. Avoided swimming in areas because of crocodiles. The beach out the back of my cousin’s at Port Douglas has warning signs beware of croc’s & her dog T Rex actually got bit by a croc on the very same beach. I don’t swim there unless it is in the stinger nets in front of the life guards.

89. Listened to AC/DC. Too many times to mention. Oi Oi Oi- never seen them live though

90. Called someone a dag. daily

91. Voted in a Federal Election. Yes

92. Have been swimming and stayed between the flags. Yes, a beach somewhere up the coast from Brisvegas. Those waves were ferocious & I thought I was gonna drown after being dumped! & see 88 above.

93. Had a possum in your roof. Yes. Noisy buggers! Plumbing boy was called on once to retrieve one from a clients roof space. Funny story when HE tells it!

94. Visited the outback. What actually constitutes the outback? We went to a wedding in Cobar a couple of years ago which is technically at the back of Bourke

95. Travelled over corrugated roads. There were plenty of gravelly corrugated road in the country when I grew up which would rattle your back teeth! But this question probably means the really really corrugated roads in the outback. so NO. The trip to Cobar was all bitumen.

96. Hit a kangaroo while driving. No thank goodness. One of the guys Plumbing Boy dirt bike rides with did about a month ago on his bike & they had to put it out of its misery; despite being big burly boys they all felt pretty awful about it.

97. Been well outside any mobile phone coverage. On the way to Cobar we blew up the transmission in the senator. There was 250kms between towns & we were just over halfway towards Cobar. Nothing to do but wait until someone drove past – apparently there was CDMA coverage, but not regular. We pulled out the camping chairs & cracked a G n T while we waited, watching the goats on the side of the road.

98. Seen an emu. Plenty. We had a little reserve not far from where I grew up. The Emu’s would chase you around the BBQ & even steal your food! I remember us being in the car & Dad having his window down eating a banana. An emu stuck it’s head in the window & Dad let it steal his Narnie! Skin & All!!! The still scare me.

99. Have woken to the smell of bushfires. Yes. Growing up in the country, this is a common thing over summer

100. Patted a pure-bred dingo. Through the fence at Potaroo Palace January 2010. Love dingo’s beautiful creatures.

101. Seen the Oils live. No.

The End!

While entertaining, this really is no indication of how Aussie someone is. What do YOU think makes someone Aussie/makes YOU Aussie? And does it really matter???

Me, I think it is more about looking out for you mates, not taking yourself too seriously (being able to take the piss out of oneself), being happy go lucky & looking on the bright side of life. She'll be right mate.


Ute said...

Hell,it's a biggun! I thought yesterdays was the final one!

Yes, driving along the Nullarbor is and can be defined as the Outback.

And same goes for Corrugated roads! I have a ripper of a story for that one!!!! We've got heaps of them around here..and we're not in the outback.

great answers. Will get and do this one soon. :o)

AlleyCat said...

LOL - yeah, that's why I split it into 4 parts! Thanks mate, look forward to reading yours!!!

Cinders said...

That was epic, well done for getting through it.