Friday, July 30, 2010

FFF Goals W5

When I started this challenge 4 weeks ago, I'd aimed to lose .5kg each week getting me to 60.5kgs after 10 weeks.

I'd aimed to be at 63kgs after week 5: considering I gained last week, I really need to pull my finger out this week.

One of my milestones has moved forward - my cousin is coming home early from her overseas trip. Originally she was planning on being away 4 months, shortened it by 2 weeks about a month ago, & last week shortened it by another 2 weeks planing to arrive home Next Friday. I was hoping to have gotten rid of most of my muffin top by the time she came back!

Exercise Goals:
Thursday Night: Rest
Friday night: Run & Cycle
Saturday morning: Pump
Sunday: Just spotted a new 9.30am Zumba on the timetable.
Monday: Pump
Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: THT class & Pump

3 x Sets 20 Crunches
3 x Sets 20 Squats

3 x Sets 20 Lunges on each leg

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

FFF Challenge W4


Week 4: Thursday July 22nd – Wednesday July 28th

There was a distinct lack of commitment & motivation this week which you will see in the results.......

Results after week 4.

This Week: + .5kgs Whoops

Start Weight: 65kgs
Current Weight: 64kgs
Total Lost: 1kgs

Measurements (Starting after week 1):
Waist (Belly Button): 88cms; W2 85cms; W3 82cms; W4 83cms
Pot Belly: 94cms; W2 91cms; W3 90cms; W4 90cms
Butt (broadest part): 108cms; W2 105cms; W3 104cms; W4 105cms
Bust: 97cms; W2 95cms; W3 96cms; W4 96cms

This week overall: + 2cms double whoops

Exercise Goals:

Thursday Night: Zumba NO
Friday night: Run NO
Saturday morning: can’t do Pump this week so free weight equivalent at gym. NO
Sunday: Rest.
2 x 30 minute brisk walks
Monday: Pump NO
Tuesday: Run NO
Wednesday: THT class & Pump NO

Complete Slackness on my part this week. No motivation whatsoever.

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take.

Average points over 6 days was 25.58. Need to do better next week.

Thursday 22nd July

B: Orange (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Porridge with yogurt & cinnamon (3.5)

S: Rice Crackers & Sour cream (1.5) STARVING!!!

L: Chicken Stick (5); Hot Chippies with chili sauce & mayo (8) naughties today!!!

D: Pasta with Napoli sauce & Parmesan on a bed of spinach & rocket (5) wine (3)

TOTAL: 28.50
By 3pm the pain of last night’s double header had well & truly set in. My muscles were crying!! Time for a nice hot radox bath tub!

Friday 23rd July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1)

S: Ham, cheese, tomato & mushroom Toasty with chili sauce (6)

S: Left Over Home Made pizza (4)

D: Home Made chicken Kebabs with Tzaziki, humus, tomato, spinach & Chili (8); wine (4)

TOTAL: 24.50
EXERCISE: house work (vac, mop, dust etc)

Saturday 24th July

B: Poached egg, bacon, tomato, mushrooms & spinach on toast (4); Juice (1.5)

L: Chicken & Avocado Lavosh (???)

S: Apple

D: Roast Lamb with baked pumpkin, steamed cauli, broccoli, brussel sprouts with gravy (6); slice of orange & poppy seed cake with extra curd, syrup & cream (???); Wine (6)

TOTAL: Free Day

Sunday 25th July

B: Juice (1); Poached egg with bacon on a multi grain muffin (5)

S: Large skinny Latte (1.5)

D: Pasta with tomato based sauce & salmon (7); wine (3)

TOTAL: 17.50
EXERCISE: 2 x 30 minute brisk walks

Monday 26th July

B: Plunger coffee (1); Porridge with yogurt, honey & cinnamon (4)

S: Rice Crackers with sour cream (2)

L: Nurse Noodles (1.5); Apple (1)

D:Indian Takeaway: 1/3 serve eggplant curry; 1/3 serve of Balti Chicken; ½ Paratha; 1 Samosa (???? Far too many I am sure – Google tells me around 20 all up); wine (3)

I told my cat bite me if I didn’t go to pump tonight. HA. Here I am at my desk at 6.20pm with no intention whatsoever of going. I’m just waiting for Plumbing Boy to finish an interview then I’m going home! Packed up & departed at 7pm, PB calls to advise me one of the plumbers is on his way back to pick something up. 7.30pm later……PB offered to pick up Indian takeaway. I caved. Not really a good plan, but TASTY!!!!!

TOTAL: 32.5

Tuesday 27th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Multi grain muffin with tahini & honey (4)

L: 3 steamed dummies with chili & soy (4.5)

S: Chocolate (1)

S: Rice Crackers (1)

D: Steak n veg (3); wine (3)

TOTAL: 19.5

This semester, our 3rd year apprentice is doing extra subjects at night. The Uni is 2kms from our office; he lives 20kms away. He was going home after work then back to trade school in his own wheels. When I found out of course we said he could come & hang out at the office & take the Van to school. This means I’m hanging about the office longer on a Tuesday. Sadly the thought of my apprentice going off to school is not motivating me to go to the Gym!!!

Wednesday 28th July

B: Carrot Apple, Beetroot & Parsley juice (1); Plunger coffee (1); Toasted ham & cheese multi grain muffin (5)

S: Arnotts biscuit (3??)

L: Left over Veg mixed in Baked beans with Parmesan & chili sauce (5)

S: ½ Piece Tessa’s Lemon Slice (3???)

D: Homemade Shepherds Pie with steamed broccoli; (10?????? Didn’t bother counting it up); wine (3)


All in all a pretty average week. No exercise, too much food.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

FFF Challenge W3

Round up after week 3.....


Week 3: Thursday July 15th – Wednesday July 21st

Start Weigh: 65kgs
After Week 1: 64.5kgs
After Week 2: 64kgs
After Week 3: 63.5 kgs

lost this week: .5kgs

Measurements (Starting after week 1):
Waist (Belly Button): 88cms; W2 85cms; W3 82cms
Pot Belly: 94cms; W2 91cms; W3 90cms
Butt (broadest part): 108cms; W2 105cms; W3 104cms
Bust: 97cms; W2 95cms; W3 96cms

cms lost this week: 6cms

Exercise Goals:

Thursday Night: Zumba
Friday night: Run
Saturday morning: Pump Done!
Sunday: Rest. Home abs??
Monday: Pump
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: THT class Done & I did Pump too!!

Still not doing so well on the exercise front! Although last night I wondered if I'd be able to lift my head off the pillow in the morning after back to back classes! Surprisingly I am only sore in my hip flexors & top of quads.

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take.

Averaged 21.70 points over the 6 days I counted. Not too bad!

Thursday 15th July

B: Orange, parsley, basil & ginger juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Toasted mushroom, tomato, spinach, cheese (4)

L: 3 x steamed dummies with soy & chili sauce (4.5)

D: 2 egg omelet with tomato, Spanish onion, mushies, broccoli & sweet corn (3); wine (3)


Really hot chili sauce mixed with soy sauce is my latest food addition. I could eat dim sims everyday so long as they had this brew on them!!! I don’t usually like dimmys that much unless I make them myself. Stems from a story our English teacher read us out of a magazine when I was in year 7 about a family being murdered in China & minced up & made into dimmys. Shudders…..

Friday 16th July

B: Orange, parsley, basil & ginger juice (1.5); plunger coffee (2); Porridge with cinnamon & honey (3.5)

L Nurse Noodles (1.5); rice crackers (.5)

S: Chocolate (1)

D: Home Made chicken schnitzel with tomato, roasted capsicum, eggplant & cheese; 5 home made oven baked fat chips (6.5); wine (3)

TOTAL: 19.5

Saturday 17th July

B: 2 Poached eggs on toast (5);

L: 3 Sushi rolls (9)

S: Corn chips n Salsa

D: Pumpkin gnocchi with ham & tomato pasta sauce with Parmesan (???); wine

TOTAL: Free Day

Sunday 18th July

B: Juice (1) Coffee (1);

Brunch: Bacon & egg toasted sandwich with tomato & chili (6)

D: Home Made Pizza with roasted pumpkin, eggplant, pineapple, prawns, tomato, chili oregano & mozzarella (20); wine (3)

EXERCISE: 20 minute run; house work

Made a complete mess of today.

Monday 19th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Porridge with honey & cinnamon (3.5)

L: Steamed dimmies x 3 (4); rice crackers & sour cream (1.5)

D: Chicken Curry (made it a while ago & froze it, so not really sure, had a very small serve & no rice) (8); wine (3)

TOTAL: 22.5
EXERCISE: Nil started work at 6am, finished at 7pm not interested!

Tuesday 20th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Porridge with honey (3.5)

L: Left over Pizza x 1 piece (2.5); tin tuna with sour cream & rice crackers (5) the cold weather makes me hungry!!!! Plus I started work at 5.30am….

D: Roast chicken with baked pumpkin & carrot, steamed cauli, broccoli & brussel sprouts with gravy (7); wine (3)

TOTAL: 23.5

Wednesday 21st July

B: Orange juice (1.5); Plunger coffee (1); Porridge with honey & cinnamon (3.5)

L: Left over Veg n gravy with ½ chicken breast (4); Apple (1)

D: Pork pumpkin & leak snag (1.5); bite of Lamb Honey & Rosemary Snag (.25); mash (1); steamed Cauli, broccoli, brussel sprouts & snow peas; Wine (3)

TOTAL: 16.75

All in all not a bad week. I'm wearing pants that were too tight a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing what just a couple of Kgs does to the fit of your clothes.

I have just added in another milestone - Plumbing Boy gave me the A OK to book a long weekend up to Port Douglas in September to visit my cuz & our god daughter who we've not met yet - she's almost 2 years old! My cuz is super fit & we will be lazing by her pool (I hope) so I have added incentive to tone up!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am a support person for a young person who has depression. I was watching a TV show a couple of weeks ago, when I came to the realization that this quite possibly will be an ongoing illness for the rest of this persons life. They may learn to manage it well; they will have times of wellness & times of illness. Nothing is certain.

I guess I've been subconsciously hoping they'd grow out of it, or find the right medication that would "fix" it. It hurts & frightens me at times to see them in such pain & grief, anger & sadness. When someone has an asthma attack, you hand them their puffer. When someone with depression has a melt down.......

I guess I am wondering if I am going to be strong enough to be that support person. I have the desire, the love, the compassion, the commitment but I'm not sure I have strength & I definitely need more knowledge about the right thing to say.

I know being supportive is more about listening, but there are times when I have to calm the person down or where they ask for advice & often feel I am on a knife edge. At this point in my life I have not suffered from depression, so while I can empathize & sympathise, it is still hard for me to feel just how low you can go & how hard it is to climb back up. I just have to trust you & believe that you can do it.

I know I am not giving this topic all it is due, & I hope I'm not taken the wrong way, nor offended anyone. It's far more complex than I'll ever understand. I'm just exploring what is going through my head this week. If you do suffer, in your experience, what are the things that someone can do to help you?? If you've been in my role, what have you found that helps? If you don't want to answer publicly, please email me.

Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I received this email yesterday in my junk email folder. I was gonna hit delete straight away but thought I share!!!!

350K in Euro's woulda been sweet! Bloody scam/spam/shite!

Microsoft Corporation Sweepstakes Promotion, Customer Service.
Your Batch No: 2010/281/CB
Your Reference No: KBLE/MCS/4097


We are pleased to inform you of the release of the long awaited results of Sweepstakes promotion organized by Microsoft Corporations, in conjunction with the FOUNDATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF SOFTWARE products, (F.P.S.) held this July 2010, in the Netherlands. Where in your email address emerged as one of the online Winning emails in the 2nd category and therefore attracted a cash award of 350,000.00 euro (Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros Only) and a Toshiba laptop. To begin your claim, do file for the release of your winning by contacting our Foreign Transfer Manager:

Mr. Eddie Wilcox
Tel:0031 685-158-272
Fax:0031 847-300-758

The Microsoft Internet E-mail lottery Awards is sponsored by former CEO/Chairman, Bill Gates and a consortium of software promotion companies. The Intel Group, Toshiba, Dell Computers and other International Companies. The Microsoft internet E-mail draw is held periodically and is organized to encourage the use of the Internet and promote computer literacy worldwide.



Mr. RĂ¼diger Ruff,
Promotions Manager.
(Group Co-ordinator)

Monday, July 19, 2010

To Market To Market....

After falling asleep in front of the fire Saturday evening & missing a party I was supposed to go to, I woke up bright & early Sunday Morning. Plumbing Boy was going on a dirt bike ride for the day & had the alarm set for 6am - we were both already awake!

Usually I stay in bed & sleep while he fends for himself, but since I was awake & refreshed I got up & made him a big breaky. He got a lift with someone this week, so I had "proper" wheels for the first time in months on a Sunday!! As I was up so early, decided to see if there were any farmers markets on. A friend has been telling me about them for ages & I'd not really gotten around to sussing them out. I jumped on the computer & found one about 40 minutes from home. It was bloody SENSATIONAL!

It was only a small market, but the vendors were the peeps who made the stuff if you know what I mean. The chicken peeps bred the chickens, grew the food for the chickens on the property & have built a processing plant so they can slaughter the birds with minimum stress to the animal, thus providing a far superior product. I was also pleasantly surprised at the price! A LOT cheaper than I expected for organic produce.

I came home with a whole chook, some chicken thighs, 2 x rib eye fillets, 4 x Lamb honey & rosemary snags, 4 x pork, leak & pumpkin snags, a jar of raw honey, 2 bags of Oranges, 2 packets of smoked bacon & some other veggies. There were plenty of jams, chutneys, baked goods, a dimmy stand, coffee stand & plants as well on offer, but not for me this day.

I came home with my spoil & continued on with the house cleaning. My parents are coming next weekend so needed to do a monster clean. Does anyone else do that??? Double clean when their Mum comes to stay? Mum's got bad asthma, so I really do need to dust vigorously before she comes as it sets her off & she's been really bad of late. They actually thought she had emphysema at some point last week, which is pretty ironic as she has never smoked & is EXTREMELY anti smoking. She got the all clear on Thursday, no cancer or anything nasty. Just chronic asthma & "sagging" lungs - Mum said just like the rest of her LOL! Good news though.

I aint got much more to say & since I'm supposed to be working, I'd better get back to it! Keep out of the cold this week peeps if you live in my part of the world!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

FFF Challenge W2


Week 2 Results. Lost .5 kg this week & 11 cms! The centimeters were a pleasant surprise!

Start Weigh: 65kgs
After Week 1: 64.5kgs
After Week 2: 64kgs

Measurements (Starting after week 1):
Waist (Belly Button): 88cms; W2 85cms
Pot Belly: 94cms; W2 91cms
Butt (broadest part): 108cms; W2 105cms
Bust: 97cms; W2 95cms

Week 2: Thursday July 8th – Wednesday July 14th

Exercise Goals:

Thursday Night: Zumba
Friday night: Run
Saturday morning: Pump Done!
Sunday: Rest. Home abs??
Monday: Pump
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: THT class

Exercise was a bit bloody useless this week. Big days at work & having to be here for staff much later than usual, lost keys, cold weather & general lack of interest I think were the culprit. Try again next week.

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take.

Tracked every day, counted points 6 days averaging 23.50 points per day. A bit higher than I was aiming for, but I lost cms & a smidge of weight so it’s all good. This is working!

Thursday 8th July

B: Carrot, apple, parsley, basil & ginger juice (1); plunger coffee (1); 1 poached egg on toast (3)

L: Chicken skewer (5) & 2 x steamed dummies (3) Potato cake = (7.5) oops.

D: Steak & salad with 5 oven baked chips (10); wine (3)

TOTAL: 33.5

Not a good start to the week. I talked myself out of going to Zumba despite the potato cake incident. I didn’t order any, but my office assistance got some for all of us & I couldn’t say no. Incidentally, the one I grabbed had a hole in the middle like a doughnut! At the last minute I talked myself back into going, got changed & was about to race out the door when I realized that car keys would be pretty handy. It was at this point that I discovered that Plumbing Boy had headed off to the end of the earth (Cranbourne) with them in his pocket that morning. They also have my office/house keys attached & he wasn’t due back til around 7.30pm. I could have sat on my arse & did more paper work, or surfed the net, but decided the office was looking pretty shabby so I spent my time sweeping, vac’ing, moping, scrubbing etc. Plumbing boy didn’t get home til 8pm so it was a late dinner & by then I was starving & could have eaten the “crutch out of a sheep” as one of my mates says. Ewww!

Friday 9th July

B: Apple Juice (1.5); plunger coffee (2);

S: Nurse Noodles (1.5)

L: Sm tin spaghetti with cheese (4.5); rice crackers (.5)

S: Chocolate (2)

D: Steamed brussel sprouts tossed in garlic, chili, bacon, olive oil (3); wine (4)


Saturday 10th July

B: 2 Poached eggs on toast (5);

L: 2 Steamed Dim Sims (3)

D: Chicken Souvlaki (7); Bulmers Cider, Vodka & Tonic (too many to count)

TOTAL: Free Day

Sunday 11th July

B: Coffee (1);

S: Red Rock Sweet Chili Chips (4.5)

S: Tin Tuna, sour cream, Rice Crackers with sour cream (5)

D: Roast Lamb, baked pumpkin, onion, parsnip, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas with cheese sauce & gravy (10); wine (3)

TOTAL: 23.5
EXERCISE: 1 x 30 minute power walks

Monday 12th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Vegemite toast (2.5)

L: Left over Veg n gravy with ½ chicken breast (4)

S: Greens & Black Organic Chocolate (1)

D: Chicken Curry (made it a while ago & froze it, so not really sure, had a very small serve & no rice) (8); wine (3)


My keys came back (disappeared to a job in plumbing boys pocket again) but we had a big tender due in & someone coming to look at the dual cab light truck we are selling, so ended up here til 7.30pm.

Tuesday 13th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Tomato on Toast (4.5)

L: Left over Veg n gravy with ½ chicken breast (4) Apple (1)

S: Greens & Black Dark Organic Chocolate (1)

S: Rice crackers (.5)

D: Tomato based pasta with snow peas, spinach, rocket & Parmesan (7); wine (3)

TOTAL: 23.5

Wednesday 14th July

B: Plunger coffee (1); Porridge with honey & cinnamon (3.5)

S: Greens & Black Dark Organic Chocolate (1)

L: Left over Veg n gravy with ½ chicken breast (4); Rice crackers (1); Apple (1) I am so bloody hungry today!!!

D: Steak, Prawns, salad (6); Wine (3)

TOTAL: 20.5

Monday, July 12, 2010


Why do Monday's roll around so quickly???

Life feels like it is going so so fast lately. Remember when you were a kid & everything took forever? Now I feel like if I blink, I miss whole days!

Last week at work was mad, 12 hours at my desk every day minimum & poor old plumbing boy was at it for longer than me, although not at his desk. He started most days at 5.30am, finishing at 7.30pm excepting Friday night when he & the new apprentice finished at 11.30pm!!

I think this week will be equally as busy but without the 11.30pm finish.

I didn't make it to the gym Friday night, too many disasters at the end of the day had me here til 7pm, then of course I just couldn't be shagged. I DID go to Pump for the 2nd Saturday in as row. Last week by 2.30pm Sunday arvo I'd really stiffened up & could barely walk up & down my stairs!!! This week I went a smidge heavier on the squat weight regardless because I'm a glutton for pain & only felt that good sore in my quads. I'm hoping to go again tonight, but we'll see how that goes AND I've just noticed my keys seem to be missing again.

I just had a customer call & ask me if I was hot water. I said no, I'm a person. How can I help you? Mondays are medal days here. If you survive without losing the plot you deserve a medal! Time for another cuppa I recon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

FFF Goals W2


Week 2: Thursday July 8th – Wednesday July 14th

Exercise Goals:

Thursday Night: Zumba (already failed this one. someone accidentally went to the other side of town with my keys {car, house, office} in his pocket. Had a monster clean of the offices instead)
Friday night: Run
Saturday morning: Pump
Sunday: Rest. Home abs??
Monday: Pump
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: THT class

Food Goals:
Portion control
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take

Goals are pretty much the same as last week, just ramped up the exercise a bit. Lets see how that one goes.

At the moment, this challenge goes for about 18 weeks, which is when we go on our holiday.

The first milestone I've set is @ week 9 when my cousin Jax comes home from her overseas trip! She'll have been gone for 4 months. I suspect there will be fighting as to who is picking her up from the airport. Her olds will probably want to do it since they were busy on their own holiday when she left & I saw her off. I will definitely be seeing her whether it be Friday night when she arrives or Saturday night when she's had a bit of a sleep or even both. Hopefully by then I'll be fit & fab (well, more fab than I already am LOL!!!)

The second milestone I've set is @ week 15 when I reach the F word.

The third is our holiday @ week 18.

I'm thinking when my belly button measurement gets under 80cms, I'm gonna reward myself with these: Dr Martens Diva Danielle 3 Eye Gibson in Cherry Red. Purty.

One of the delivery guys from one of our suppliers came in yesterday afternoon, very excited about the fact that it would be the last day he saw us! He is retiring today after 13 years with that company.

He’s straight up to Palm Cove for a couple of weeks, then onto Maroochydoore til the end of the year. Back home for a couple of months then off to Tasi for 3 months, home for a couple then up through central Australia in the caravan for who knows how long. “Time to start livin’ me life” he said.

Awesome work. I wonder when I'll be able to put a "caravan" on the reward list :0)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

FFF Challenge W1


Weigh in Day: Thursdays.

OK. I was thinking in the shower this morning about the whole scale concept. Let me just state now that I know I am not fat. I know I have put on a couple of unwanted KGS in the past 6 months that make some of my clothes physically uncomfortable, because they are too tight, & mentally uncomfortable because of the bulge around the middle. My sister is a size 8 - 10 & is forever talking loosing a couple of pounds because her clothes are too tight. What I am trying to say is that what ever size you are, when you do put on 5kgs you feel more uncomfortable in your clothes & in your skin. Enough said, right?

Start Weigh: 65kgs

After Week 1: 64.5kgs

I was also thinking that I don't care so much about the actual scale weight, just the comfort in my clothes & in myself so I needed to add in some measurements. I didn't take them a week ago, so the start point will be after week 1. My waist measurement is 8cm over the recommended for good health putting it right on the figure of being "greatly increased risk". oh dear.


Waist (Belly Button): 88cms

Pot Belly: 94cms

Butt (broadest part): 108cms

Bust: 97cms

I'm a bit bottom heavy aren't I!

Week 1: Thursday July 1st – Wednesday July 7th

Exercise Goals:
Friday night: Run done
Saturday morning: Pump done
Sunday: Walk or run (after brunch!) 2 x 30 minute power walks
Monday or Tuesday: Run (depends on Sunday & how knees feel) done Monday night
Wednesday: THT class did not do.

Food Goals:
Portion control done
Not to overeat too much, sticking to around 20 points per day give or take not to bad, averaged 21.12 points per day over 6 days with 1 free day.

I know I am supposed to publish the goals at the beginning of the week, not at the end!

Thursday 1st July

B: 1 orange & 1 beetroot juiced with parsley & basil (1); plunger coffee (1);

S: tomato on toast (3)

L: Chicken skewer (5) & 2 x steamed dummies (3) = 8

D: Roast chicken breast, potato, pumpkin, carrot & steamed broccoli with gravy (8) wine (3)


Friday 2nd July

B: 1 orange & 1 beetroot juiced with basil (1); plunger coffee (1);

S: Sample box Sultana Bran Crunch with Rev (2.25)

L: Tin o tuna (3.5) “nurse noodles” (1.5)

D: Grilled fresh Tuna marinated in garlic, lemon & olive oil, with salad (6); Wine (4)

TOTAL: 19.25
EXERCISE: 10 minute walk; 20 minute run.

Saturday 3rd July

B: 2 Poached eggs on toast (4);

S: Skinny Latte (1)

L: Home Made Pumpkin Soup with sour cream, 1 x toast (3)

S: Rice Crackers with sour cream (1)

D: Garlic Spaghetti with mushrooms, garlic, chili, bacon & Parmesan (8); Wine (4)


Sunday 4th July

B: Orange juice (1); skinny Latte (2); 2 poached eggs on 1 toast with ham & hollandaise (I ate out so this is a guestimate) (6)

S: Rice Crackers with sour cream (1.5)

D: Indian Take Away (plumbing boy really really wanted it!) NFI but we had a samosa each, I had some chicken curry & some eggplant curry (he had both plus Goat curry).

TOTAL: I think I am going to call today a free day!
EXERCISE: 2 x 30 minute power walks

Monday 5th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Porridge with stewed fruit (3.5)

L: tin tuna (3.5); left over spuds (1); 2Tbspns left over eggplant curry at a guess (2); Apple (1)

S: ½ Banana (.5)

D: Grilled Roo Fillet with baked pumpkin, eggplant, carrot, sweet potato & steamed broccoli (5); Red Wine (3)

EXERCISE: 10 minute walk; 20 minute run.

Tuesday 6th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Tomato on Toast (2.5)

L: Left over baked pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, eggplant (1), 2 Tbspns left over eggplant curry at a guess (2); apple (1)

D: Tomato pasta with snow peas, spinach, rocket & 1 meat ball (8); wine (3)


Wednesday 7th July

B: Orange juice (1.5); plunger coffee (1); Porridge with honey & cinnamon (3.5)

L: Homemade Pumpkin Soup (1); tin tuna (3.5); rice crackers (1)

S: Chocolate (1)

D: Chicken Stir fry (4); Wine (3)

TOTAL: 19.5

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


is my fingers.

my toes are faring a little better, the heater has kicked in under my desk.

6am starts on the coldest week in history! LOL. Probably has been colder, I'm just feeling a tad wussy.

Time to go run my fingers under the hot tap.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Other stuff I’ve discovered.

Did you know that drinking beetroot juice turns your pee a strange pinky colour? Freaked me out a bit when I first saw it. Trusty google had me sorted. No need for alarm.

T2 Tummy Tea is really good! I’m not a big fan of peppermint tea, but this has other stuff in it like licorice. I don’t like the lolly/sweet licorice & haven’t been into anything aniseed flavoured. I think my tastes are a changing though as I’m starting to like fresh fennel & I’ve liked fishermen’s friends in the white pack for a while now.

I bought a new cardi/jumper from Target last week from their piping hot range & it is my new fave. Super comfy, great fit & a happy colour!

Since I’ve paid more attention to the food I’ve been shoveling into my piehole, I’ve been less bloated. Or maybe that’s the tummy tea. When I was a kid I couldn’t burp. I don’t remember burping til in my 20’s. Even if I drank soft drink I could not for the life of me make myself burp like the other kids. Same went for farting! Maybe Mum’s high nutritional standard when we were kids kept my innards pristine till I blew them up when I left home? Anyhoo. Of late, I’ve started to burp. A lot.  Bloody disgusting. Hope the tummy tea helps. Embarrassment when you can’t control it & you are out in public.

Plumbing boy bought us juicer for Christmas last year – we love it. Last week 3 oranges yielded me around 200 – 250mls. This week I need 10 oranges to get the same!!! As far as points go, I am counting per 100mls of juice, not per bloody orange!

More plumbing entertainment for you. Plumber goes to a client’s house Friday. Does some diagnostic’s to locate 1 x fault (it is behind a wall & will take approximately 3-4 hours to fix). The client has people coming over for lunch & wants us to come back on Monday to make the repair. They also have a leak under their sink which he fixes. He writes up the invoice for the day’s work. They refuse to pay it. They don’t think they should have to pay for the diagnostic for either of the jobs, just the actual time he took to make the repair & the materials used. Next they want a discount because they are old & ill. They don’t have a pension card or a seniors card. He obliges & gets what payment he can out of them. The client calls up this morning to book in the repair behind the wall. Of course we have decided that we are unable to further assist this particular client. Considering the other work will cost the client 5 x times more money that the work on Friday which they did not want to pay for, it’s asking for trouble. I am gentle & as kind as I can be. The client tells me he is going to call the police. Sigh. I explained that if that’s what he really feels he should do, then so be it.

I started work this morning at 6am. I hope it improves!! Regardless I'll be keen to get home to these......

Fave Jarmies

& these!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ombudsman. My arse.

So. Besides plumbing, we have a business name relating to solar hot water. We used to be a dealer for a particular brand, but got out of it when the quality of the product declined. The long & short is that we use solar installations to compliment our existing business & are not interested in selling people shite & walking away. Anyhoo. This has nothing to do with what I was about to blog, other than some background information.

I just had a call from a gentleman trying to flog us advertising RE the solar business name. Australian sales manager yada yada, no web traffic yada yada, unable to find us when he bought a unit for his new home yada yada yada. I explained that were not interested in further advertising this business name & that it was to compliment our existing plumbing business & we had more work than we could handle for the next 6 months so no point advertising further, thanks but no thanks. You getting the picture??

Then he told me he was looking for a plumber for his new home. I did our spiel that we couldn’t even look at the quote for 1 – 2 months & couldn’t think about starting for at the very least 3 months (we really are not interested in taking on new homes unless the client is existing).

Then he started to get narky. “You are not listening to me he said. I don’t need you to start for 3 months”. My reply was "how did you manage to install your solar hot water unit if you haven’t started building yet"? He said “I didn’t say I had it installed, I just said I bought it”.

Right. “my mistake” says I, clearly not believing him. “Just send in your plans & your fee then & we’ll have a look at it in a month or so”. We charge a small fee if they are not existing clients, it gets refunded if they go ahead with the work & usually gets rid of the tyre kickers. “Ah, do you need the below ground drainage done?” "no" he says, "that’s been done".

Is the frame up I enquire, yes he says. I raise my eyebrows incredulously, although he can't see me "you want to wait 3 months before you get your plumber in to rough in your pipe work?” Once the frame is up, we usually have to get in there & do something! Besides, most people get their quotes PRIOR to starting to build. Those who don't are clearly disorganised & we don't want to have anything to do with them!

He says “do you want me to report you to the Ombudsman?” I was stumped into about 3 seconds of silence before I laughed & said go for it mate. He decided to give me a bit of a serve about being rude & that he as was the customer & that I needed to treat him with respect & that he’d be putting his complaint in writing to both the company & the ombudsman.

I replied by saying “mate, all I’ve done is give you the information you’ve asked for; your initial call was unsolicited & I declined your service; I don’t believe you have been telling me the truth about your plumbing circumstance, so I am going to decline the job, say goodbye & hang up the phone”. He was still talking when I hung up.

Poor customer service? I don’t know. Probably. I really doubt he wanted a plumber, he was just trying another avenue to flog me his product. I HATE pushy sales people. If he really needed a plumber wouldn't he have opened with that THEN moved onto his sales pitch, after he made friends with me. Dickhead.

I wonder what the ombudsman will say?? I'll be using the unsolicited harassment angle & maybe throw in a little bit of PMT to boot!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho..............

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to points I go, with razor blades & hand grenades, Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

After a hiatus on watching what I eat & the exercise front, I’m going back to counting points for a while. I’ve eaten pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted & completely slacked off from exercising. I eat a lot of fruit & veg, but too much cheese & too many carbs in comparison to protein. And my portions have crept up. As of course has my weight. Calories in has far surpassed calories out.

You could say I’ve lost my Mojo. Really though, I just couldn’t be bothered. Leading up to our wedding last year, I spent so much time primping & preparing, & focusing on myself, that since then, I’ve just let it ALL go! I’ve only just gone back to having regular waxing. Like everything in life, it seems hard to find that happy medium. I put myself first in every instance then, & other things suffered. Now vice versa, I’ve put everything else first & my own body is unfit & carrying around 5 extra kgs.

So. It’s time to devote a bit more time to myself (other than watching movies & drinking wine!). I’m heading towards the dreaded F word later in the year. Not that getting older bothers me as I look quite young for my age. But I am vain enough to want to keep it that way :=). I am hoping to use this as motivation for the next few months, to be fit, fab & forty!

We’ve also booked a dive holiday/2nd honeymoon for the first 2 weeks in November. While there will be no kids, we will be going with friends. First week we will be in Sipidan in Malaysia, 2nd week we will be on Boracay Island in the Philippines. This really should be more than enough motivation – being in bathers on the beach & needing some degree of fitness to make the most of the diving!!! Will post more about the holiday later.

So for now, I’m going to bore you a bit with food & exercise to help keep me honest & get me back on track.

Monday 28th June:

B: 1.5 oranges Juiced (1.5), Porridge with honey, yogurt & cinnamon (3.5), plunger coffee (1) = 6 points

L: home made chicken n Veg soup (it was bloody awful by the way & looked like spew. Not one of my finest cullinary attempts) (3)

S: Rice Crackers (1)

D: Beef in red wine casserole with steamed veg (7); Red Wine (3)

Total: 20 points

Tuesday 29th June:

B: 1.5 oranges Juiced (1.5), Porridge with honey, yogurt & cinnamon (3.5), plunger coffee (1) = 6 points

L: tin tuna (3.5), sour cream (.5) & rice crackers (1) = 5 points

D: took the MIL out for Chinese. Her Fave is sweet n sour pork in batter. Not a fan at all. Needless to say I cannot point this meal, nor am I going to try as it will be enormous.

Total: too many

Wednesday 30th June

B: 1.5 oranges juiced with parsley & basil (1.5); plunger coffee (1)

L: monster toasty with smoked salmon, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, left over baked pumpkin & chili sauce (10)

S: 5 rice crackers (.5)

D: roast turkey breast with baked pumpkin, steamed broccoli & gravy (10); Red Wine (3)

Total: 26 points

Thursday 1st July

B: 1 orange & 1 beetroot juiced with parsley & basil (1); plunger coffee (1);

S: tomato on toast (3)

L: Chicken skewer (5) & 2 x steamed dummies (3) = 8

D: Roast Chicken breast with baked potato, pumpkin, carrot, steamed brocoli & gravy (8); wine (3)

Total: 24

I suppose it was a little unrealistic to think I’d actually get some exercise in this week considering it was the last week of the financial year. That combined with all the software problems we’ve had, it most certainly didn’t happen. Plus we took the MIL out for dinner Tuesday night; she lives on the other side of town to us & usually eats at 5.30pm. It takes us an hour to get there in peak hour traffic & about 40 minutes to get home, so no opportunity for exercise that night. I also had a hair dressers appt on last night, so again, no possibility then (& when I came home Plumbing Boy had cooked dinner!)

Maybe tomorrow night? Hope to do something on the weekend also, just need to suck it up & do it!!!

I just realised I've posted 5 days running. It's been a while since that happened! Helps when you pre-schedule!

It has been well worth writing down my food intake this week though, so I can see just how much extra tucker I am consuming!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi 4/4

Final Installment...... the ones I've done are in BLUE

76. Travelled on a tram in Adelaide. Yes!

77. Used a Hills hoist. Had one on the farm, my sister still has one

78. Visited Kata Tjuta No. Ooops, needed Google again. Dad sprained his ankle jumping off a rock there. This was a family holiday for parents only

79. Used native Australian plants in cooking. Yes – someone gave me some herby stuff we tried once; cant remember what it was though.

80. Visited the snow. We went on a trip to mount Bulla when I was in primary school we didn’t do anything exciting like ski, or snowboard, or toboggan, or ride a ski lift. We just got out of the car & made a few lame snowballs & took a few lame photos. My Mum hated the cold. Then it snowed once when I was in primary school. I am pretty sure I blogged about this recently. My sis has just booked a weekend away to visit another cuz who lives in the high country in Victoria to take my niece Tess to the snow. Will be her first experiences. Sez said she had some free lift passes, so may ride up on the chair lift & even try to ski!!!

81. Chosen a side in Holden VS Ford. Holden! Had a Holden Rodeo Ute & currently drive a HSV Senator. The olds never really chose sides – the earliest car I remember was a white Mazda & we had to wear harness seat belts. Next we had a yellow Mazda hatch back AUX 266, followed by a green Ford S Pack BXN 911, then a tan Toyota Tarago CTD 753, then a Toyota Camry EMB ???, then I left home, since they have had a commodore & 2 x Subaru’s. They like to change cars a lot. Funny how I can remember all the rego's. I'm not so good at remembering these days!

82. Visited the desert. Not sure you count crossing the Nullarbor visiting the desert.

83. Been water skiing. Never ever ever! I’ve always wanted too though – just never had the opportunity!

84. Read The Phantom. I don’t believe I have. Why is this Australian?

85. Visited Parliament House. Yes, on that trip to Canberra!

86. Gone spotlighting or pig-shooting. Been spotlighting & shooting for bunnies once. I’m not really into killing animals. I remember a youth group activity when I was in high school which involved baseball bats & mice during a mice plague. I didn’t actually understand that we were supposed to go & club the mice to death. I freaked & stayed inside in tears for most of the night. Sooky sooky lala

87. Crossed the Nullarbor. Yes!

88. Avoided swimming in areas because of crocodiles. The beach out the back of my cousin’s at Port Douglas has warning signs beware of croc’s & her dog T Rex actually got bit by a croc on the very same beach. I don’t swim there unless it is in the stinger nets in front of the life guards.

89. Listened to AC/DC. Too many times to mention. Oi Oi Oi- never seen them live though

90. Called someone a dag. daily

91. Voted in a Federal Election. Yes

92. Have been swimming and stayed between the flags. Yes, a beach somewhere up the coast from Brisvegas. Those waves were ferocious & I thought I was gonna drown after being dumped! & see 88 above.

93. Had a possum in your roof. Yes. Noisy buggers! Plumbing boy was called on once to retrieve one from a clients roof space. Funny story when HE tells it!

94. Visited the outback. What actually constitutes the outback? We went to a wedding in Cobar a couple of years ago which is technically at the back of Bourke

95. Travelled over corrugated roads. There were plenty of gravelly corrugated road in the country when I grew up which would rattle your back teeth! But this question probably means the really really corrugated roads in the outback. so NO. The trip to Cobar was all bitumen.

96. Hit a kangaroo while driving. No thank goodness. One of the guys Plumbing Boy dirt bike rides with did about a month ago on his bike & they had to put it out of its misery; despite being big burly boys they all felt pretty awful about it.

97. Been well outside any mobile phone coverage. On the way to Cobar we blew up the transmission in the senator. There was 250kms between towns & we were just over halfway towards Cobar. Nothing to do but wait until someone drove past – apparently there was CDMA coverage, but not regular. We pulled out the camping chairs & cracked a G n T while we waited, watching the goats on the side of the road.

98. Seen an emu. Plenty. We had a little reserve not far from where I grew up. The Emu’s would chase you around the BBQ & even steal your food! I remember us being in the car & Dad having his window down eating a banana. An emu stuck it’s head in the window & Dad let it steal his Narnie! Skin & All!!! The still scare me.

99. Have woken to the smell of bushfires. Yes. Growing up in the country, this is a common thing over summer

100. Patted a pure-bred dingo. Through the fence at Potaroo Palace January 2010. Love dingo’s beautiful creatures.

101. Seen the Oils live. No.

The End!

While entertaining, this really is no indication of how Aussie someone is. What do YOU think makes someone Aussie/makes YOU Aussie? And does it really matter???

Me, I think it is more about looking out for you mates, not taking yourself too seriously (being able to take the piss out of oneself), being happy go lucky & looking on the bright side of life. She'll be right mate.