Thursday, June 17, 2010


I used to see a bloke walking around the suburb I live in. He always walked like he was running away from something: moving really really quickly, like he couldn't stop. He always wore tracky daks, runners, a flanny & a beanie. Summer or winter, it didn't seem to matter. Every time I drove or walked anywhere from home, there he'd be, out on the street, walking like his life depended on it. He looked to be in his mid 50's & I'd often wondered what his story was & why he walked so fast. He was a pretty lean sort of a bloke so it wasn't to loose weight that's for sure. He reminded me a bit of the road runner!

About a year ago, I noticed he wasn't around any more. I think it was 6 months before I saw him again. He was out on the street, only this time he was walking slowly, with a walking stick. Obviously one leg, possibly his ankle was very painful. Again I wonder what happened! Was he in an accident? did he trip & break it? did he develop a horrible disease?

On the weekend I doing the public transport thing & saw him. I assume it was his house I walked past, as he was in the front yard shuffling towards the front door in his slippers. He still had on his beanie, flanny & trackies. I gave him a big smile & a G'day. He barely smiled, just nodded & his eyes were filled with sadness. Sigh. I felt really sad for him.

I was catching public transport as plumbing boy had the car & had gone dirt bike riding as often happens these days on a Sunday, leaving me without proper wheels. I can take his plumbing truck to do the groceries or to the gym, but he doesn't like me going further afield. I caught the train to Yarraville & met up with my friend T to see SATC2. Overall it was quite disappointing. Nowhere near as good as the first film, just not enough material/ story line. I still had a few laughs & some of the fashion (I thought) was just ghastly!

After the film, we caught up with a couple of friends; one who's brother's band was playing so we went to see them first. They play instrumental (as in no vocals) surf music & were really good! Very entertaining! The bass guitarist got up on the bar at one point. They are all older blokes (50's?) & it was a bit of a family gig (5 - 7pm). There were too very cute kids (with ear plugs) rockin' it out up the front copying the guitarist's moves. Went out for dinner elsewhere afterwards & had as bit of a boogie on the dance floor before coming home. Was really good to catch up with these peeps & my dance partner was in much need of a boogie.

Work has been out of control. EOFY is generally a busy time for us, but this year has gone crazy! We've also managed to blow up 2 printers in 2 weeks. The second one was yesterday when I was in the middle of doing the payroll!!! I spat it like a 2 year old & cursed like a fucking trooper. The new printer is due in today thank God. Plumbing boy said to just buy another one. After struggling with one printer for the past 2 weeks I will be more than happy to nick out today & get a budget one just for me! The one on order is a HP multifunction laser fax, print, scanner. I already have a scanner so just want a laser print/fax. Yeah. Riveting stuff.

Has anyone out there sold on Ebay? That is something we are going to tackle as soon as I can get my shit together. Been saying that for 6 months, but it is going to happen soon. I suppose like everything, you learn by doing it, but if anyone has any words of advice, they will be muchly appreciated.

On the weekend while on phone duty, I had client call up enquiring as to getting some work done on Monday which in Melbourne was a public holiday. I ran through the prices with her, as you would expect, it is more expensive on the weekend & public holidays than standard business hours. Without giving away our pricing schedule, I'll use an analogy. OK, so to buy the dress today on a public holiday, it will cost you $300-00. If you want to buy the dress tomorrow during business hours, the dress will cost you $150-00. What do you think the client asked me next?

Do you think it will cost more today, or tomorrow????

God help me.


Ute said...

You didn't like SATC2? :o(

I agree that there was little in the way of story line, but I just couldn't wait to see the gals again! Samantha is fabulous!!!!

Poor old Mr Shuffles-a-lot. I guess we all get old and lose our mobility at one time or another.

AlleyCat said...

LOL I didn't mind it! It just wasn't anywhere near as good as the first! & yes, Samantha is indeed fab!

I always wondered WHY he spent all his time walking - it was like he didn't work & he wasn't walking a dog or delivering pamphlets. He just walked & walked & walked every day!

Chris H said...

Forget all the rest of your post... I want to know what happened to "Mr Shuffles-a-lot"!!! Can't you ASK him???

DOG3OY said...

i have a "mr shuffels-a-lot" i call him "mr Bent" as he walks like he is looking around a corner, the little guy must be 1000 years old but always smiles when i see him.