Saturday, June 26, 2010


Plumbing Boy has headed up to the country tonight so he can go for a bike ride tomorrow that is 2.5 hours from home - so he doesn't have to drive for 5 hours tomorrow. So I'm home with the furball, which is completely OK.

I've hired some movies, as I generaly do on a Saturday night when we are home, but when he is not here, I usually choose ones I don't think he'd be into. Perhaps this time I'm wrong.

I've considered this one a few times; & decided tonight was the night.


Has anyone out there seen it?

What did you think?

Half a bottle of red & I'm feeling pretty blessed with my own life. I'm also feeling fairly depressed, lacking in compassion, humility & a shit load of other stuff. I know it's only a movie, but this shit happens.

Luckily I'm watching the serious one first.


Ute said...

Oh snap grrrlfriend!

I had a chick flick night tonight too!
Planned a lovely meal (which turned out shite), and did the same thing..picked out a couple of movies that Mboy wouldn't watch.

You're a brave woman with your choice. It's not one I'd ever intentionally pick out.

I got, "It's complicated". HA! How fuckin' ironic, no? :o/ was good, and I really like Meryl Streep. So all was not lost.

What's ya second movie choice?

Cinders said...

Hey gorgeous, I've seen it. Totally depressing movie but I couldn't turn it off.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Ute - I got "its complicated" same u - double irony???? I just couldn't stomach it after Precious though so have just finished watching it this morning. I did like it - lotsa laughs!!!!

Cinders - I couldn't turn it off either. Depressing, but good in the way it makes you appreciate your own life so much better.

AlleyCat said...

** same AS u**

kathrynoh said...

I've never seen Precious. I am never sure about watching depressing movies.

B said...

I read the book while I was in the US and that was depressing enough! I'm pretty sure it is based on a true story?

Looooove It's Complicated - one of my faves!