Monday, June 21, 2010

Lost & Found

I have become addicted to True Blood. My niece was going to loan me the books next school holidays, however another friend (a grown up!) said the TV series was really good, so last weekend I hired series 1. Love it. Luckily for me (& depressingly for plumbing boy) series 2 was on the shelf when I returned series 1, so he is in for more vampire action this week. Poor lad. I'm really not sure what the attraction is, but I'm lovin' vampire Bill!

I've been completely daft this past week. I lost the charger to the digital camera. As we use it as a tool for work, I had to order a new charger. I KNEW the old one would turn up if I ordered one. Of course I found the lost one not 5 minutes after the new one arrived in the post. Then of course do you recon I could find the fucking battery??? I searched on & off all day Friday & thought I'd wait til Tuesday before having to hang my head in shame & purchase a new battery as well.

Today, when I was sorting a weekend to catch up with a mate, I needed to check my footy fixture to see if my Dad would be visiting for the footy that weekend. The fixture was not in its usual place. Light bulb moment. Where ever that bloody fixture is the battery will be with it. 5 minutes later, Bingo!!!! Battery is now charged & I'm only feeling slightly less like an idiot! I could have just kept my mouth shut & not told anyone, but I laugh at other peeps for doing shit like this so why should I not give you all a giggle at MY stupidity.

It looks like my planned trip to the gym is off tonight. I have a crew of plumbers (including plumbing boy) who recharged a fire service they'd been working on all day. They'd packed up & where just about to leave the job @ 5pm when it blew sky high. Not happy Jan would be the understatement of the year. I'm not expecting them back until very late.

They will be very wet, very cold, very hungry, very tired & very cranky. The least I can do is stay & open up the gates for them when they get back. Me, I'm gunna crank up the heater, pop my feet up on the desk & drool over another epp of True Blood. Shhhhhh don't tell the boss!


DOG3OY said...

i'm currently downloading the third series, guilty secret... i like it too.

Ute said...

Holy crap! You've changed ya layout again!

Loike it.

OOOOOOHHHHHH MAAAAAAAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAWD! Please don't say it's so! You've gone to teh dark side, where the pale and sparkley men are?!?!? GAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

kathrynoh said...

True Blood - the tv show is far, far better than the books. The books have NO sex in them!

AlleyCat said...

Kathryn - ooooh really, no sex in books. Damn shame. Maybe for the first time ever I'll give the books a miss! Thanks for the heads up.

Dog3oy - I will take your secret to the grave :0)

Ute - yep I loiks it too!!! Thanks!! the darks side is fun chickee........pale & sparkly MMMmmmmmm :0)

Slyde said...

Tru Blood rocks! i have to admit that i didnt care for it when it started, but i quickly grew to love it.

i watched episode 2 of S3 last night.. its getting really good!

Memphis Steve said...

It still freaks me out that you guys are having winter while we're in the heat of summer. You'd think at some point my brain would 'get' this.

The only thing I can say that I like about the True Blood stuff is Kristen, the actress playing the girl. I like her. But I like her in other movies, too, so really no vampires are required.

Memphis Steve said...

OK, I'm clearly an idiot. True Blood has nothing to do with Twilight, does it? Sorry, I truly don't keep up with any of this vampire stuff.

AlleyCat said...

Slyde - i just watched series 1 & 2 back to back. Vampire Bill has just been kidnapped from the restaurant!!!! Has series 3 just begun?

Steve - LOL you are not an idiot, but yes mate, different Vamps. FAR better than Twilight. Lots o blood & sex in this series! Anna Paquin plays the chick.

Memphis Steve said...

Ooh, I like Anna Paquin!