Monday, May 10, 2010

A sign for the Dunny!

This is is what is on the sign I just stuck up above the cistern in the ladies toilet at work.

1.If you are pissing & reading this at the same time, you are NOT supposed to be in here.

2.This is the Girls/Ladies toilet.

3.If you MUST piss in here can you please FLUSH the effing toilet. YOUR PISS STINKS.

4.And put the bloody seat back down while you are at it.

I don't think the culprit has been eating asparagus either; I think they just have a really bad diet. EWWWWWWW.

So. What's on your dunny wall?


Cinders said...

i hear your work toilet woes. we keep the girls one locked at work but the worst thing is when we walk past the guys toilet, we can see them peeing so we walk past with our heads down.
ps. haven't seen you in ages.

Ute said...

Oh hai, you haz a new blog template pikshure! ;o)

Ugh, bloke piss effing REEKS.

We don't have anything on our wall, but a mate used to have on their pool gate, "We don't swim in your toilet, so don't piss in our pool" Classic.

DOG3OY said...


Where do you want me to start...

i can only comment on the mens toilet here in Singapore. Every afternoon about half a dozen of the guys go in and brush their teeth, clean their nose and wash their face. The basin looks like some one just had surgery and left all the good bits behind.

We also have a crouching toilet in one of the stalls, i haven't been daring enough to use it.

On the up side we have cleaners who are in and out of the bathrooms every two hours whether your standing and taking a piss or not. Nothing like nodding to an old lady with a mop while you have your cock in your hand

AlleyCat said...

Cinders - Hi!!!! yes - it has been too long. We must organise a catch up. The boy's forget to shut the door here too - the lovely sound of tinkle tinkle in the mornings!

Ute - Hai to you too! Yeah, decided to be a little adventurous & change the pic! It's actually of my cousin's gate! it was the only picture I could make fit that still had something interesting on it! Why do ya recon boy piss stinks so bad???? Love the swimming pool sigh!

Dog3oy - LOL! it would be a little confronting meeting the mop lady with your cock in hand!! pretty funny though. Those crouch toilets are a bit scarey aren't they! Toilet hygiene in other countries can be a bit "interesting"! Hope you don't get busted by the mop lady this week :0)

AlleyCat said...

#sign. sigh.

Chris H said...

Freaking awesome! Men's pee does stink.
In my loo? I have a calendar with hunky firemen ... shirts off. *sigh*

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Sadly we only have one toilet at work that evryone has to use... *shudder* luckily there is only two women and three guys working there... BUT... the said toilet is right behind my workstation.. so I can hear/smell(one of the guys is disgusting and must rot from the inside out!) everything... and so can the customers... Bad design for sure!!!

Looking forward to catching up Friday!!!