Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Phone Photo's

This is my shoe. Why I took a photo I don't know! Possibly because I had to go looking for my Doc's to wear them to the Pixies concert recently. Maybe I thought I'd forgotten what they looked like. I remember a time when I only owned 2 pairs of shoes (this period of time went for nearly 10 years!). These & my Blunnies (Blundstone work boots). I wore my Doc's in heat waves.

This is the dress I was wearing the day I was wearing my Doc's. Again I have no idea why I took this pic. Yes, that is my left boob, maybe I was admiring the view that day!

This a story my niece (10 yrs) wrote back in January - she was on a mission to use all of my office stamps. Not sure if it will be big enough to read when I hit publish - let me know if you can't (or are interested enough) & I'll type it out. It's pretty funny.

My cat Rosy, sitting on the bath mat in my bathroom. Judging from the angle, I'd say I took this while I was in the bath. Her head looks rather triangular here. There is nothing sweeter than reading away in the tub, to have a little furry paw or face, silently bush against your face as she's put her 2 front feet up on the edge to SEE the water.

My cuz at the airport Friday night with her best mate, off on their 4 month adventure - Greece, UK, Spain, Italy, Paris, Turkey. I think that's all! Envious? Hell Yeah!

Her big brother, & Rock God from the gig a couple of weeks ago.

Their Dad. For some reason Jax decided to give her dad piggy tails. Here is one of them. I remember the first time I met this man, I thought he was soooooo coool - he had every ACDC record ever made.

He & his wife are overseas at the moment & my cousins have been attempting the garden watering. This is the grand master plan they were left. Due to water restrictions, it has been a struggle (& quite funny) to see them up at 6am watering stuff!

I took a couple of photo's to send to my aunt to prove they haven't killed off her garden.

Or any of her pot plants!

The quality of these Pic's is not the greatest, I don't have a super spesh phone that takes amazing quality photo's. So. What Photo's do you have on your phone??


Ute said...

Oh hai, I LOVED this post!

Mate, you and me, we've got similar tastes in footwear. You RAWK! ;o)

Lol @ your nieces story... very imaginative, especially at ten!

Ha! Your Uncle (or your cousins dad) reminds me of someone I know from the Ute community...everyone calls him 'Grampa', he's lovely, and so freakin' kewl! His hat must hold the record for Ute muster ear tags and cattle tags.

Thankfully, there's not been much need for watering here lately. But then, we've got a mostly native garden, and I only bother watering the pots. on my phone? Most are Utes (of course), and I've got one of Smokey, our cat, and I took one the other day of an old bell that my old's have got, that they used to ring each dinner time when we were kids!

DOG3OY said...

photos of the insides of offices, workstations, meeting rooms, buildings, cabinets, roofs, basements, generators, distribution boards and kitchens. there is a photo of my erect penis that i sent to my wife, i was in a cheeky mood. she couldn't be bothered down loading it..... typical..... I'll delete it, last thing in need turning up in scan of my files by the IT Nazi's.

AlleyCat said...

Hai Ute! waving!! Thanks!! Sadly my shoe state has changed somewhat. I own multiple pairs of other shoes now. always seem to go back the old faithfuls! Pretty shoes just aint that comfy! Current faves are my boys converse basketball sneakers.

Looks like I'll have to take some more dodgy phone photo's & show you!

Dog3oy - bloody hillarious! You'd best delete before those Nazi's publish you somewhere! I'm guessing your work is the reason you take pic's of workstations, offices etc......I take pic's of my own office, but only when we have interesting visitors like big fat spideys!

Chris H said...

Lovely photos... well maybe EXCEPT for the left boob one! lol

Memphis Steve said...


AlleyCat said...

Glad someone likes my boobie!

What's wrong with it Chris! :0)