Friday, May 7, 2010


" hi peaps of da world wat ya do'in"

is what my niece emailed me the other day!

So. S'up?

As usual I am extremely glad it is Friday! It's been a long week at work. Despite my complaints I do actually feel a sense of achievement & don't mind it that much. It's just that I'd rather it be the weekend if ya know what I mean!

Got invited to a singstar party tonight! Was a bit excited I must say, but one of the peeps holding the party has come down with a sore throat, so the party has been cancelled. Instead I'm out with one of my besties & some of her old work mates for a belated birthday dinner followed by drinks at wine bar somewhere out west. Should be fun.

I've made it to the gym twice this week. Sunday & last night. Do you have any idea how hard it is to run without your fave play list??? Man. My pod was flat last night & I had to listen to what ever shite was on the Teev at the gym. It was a serious struggle I tells ya.

Pod's all charged up now & ready to go. Kinda need to exercise a bit more. Not too happy with the muffin top I seem to have sprouted. Been trying to think of a catchy may muffin top bugger off slogan to inspire me to exercise more & eat less crap this month but have failed miserably. Do you think I can still go to the pub tonight if I go gym first??? LOL don't even want to know the answer to that.

I have actually had multiple alcohol free days both last week & this week (read 5, then 4) which must be a record for me. Now I've just gotta stop stuffing my face. Winter food is just too tasty!

Enough of my rabble. Have a safe weekend where ever you are; & Carn the mighty Cats!


Anonymous said...

"muffins top, the new love handle"

AlleyCat said...