Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Phone Photo's

Here are a few more phone photo's of random stuff in my life.....

This is a sandalwood elephant my mate in Hong Kong gave me several years ago. He lives on my desk under/on my monitor. Not sure if he wards off evil spirits (radiation OR the general public!) but I like him.

These are my favourite shoes at the moment. They are uber comfy & warm! I got them from a factory outlet - I waited ages for them - every time I went into the store they had plenty in sizes 11, 12 & 13, but none in my size! They are men's shoes & it took forever to find a pair in my little ole tootsie size!

This is what they look like when I put them up on my desk! The old fashioned phone looking thing to the left of my feet is my 2 way radio unit.

Most days I eat breakfast at my desk. Now that it has cooled down, porridge is back on the menu. It doesn't look very appetising, does it?

It takes bloody ripper when you add these goodies to it!

This is my favourite belt. I was not wearing these jeans when I took the photo so don't be smart about the undone fly! I've eaten so much in the past week I'm not even sure I'll get these jeans back on tomorrow night, nor do I need the belt to hold em up!

These are my favourite knickers at the moment. Super comfy boy legs & filled with peace & happiness & flowers! That is my hand you can see....

Lastly we have my gym bag. I love Emily the strange.
I am not normal :0)

I've actually been to the gym 3 times this week. Saturday, Sunday & Tuesday. I ran all three days. Wont get back there now til the weekend. I definitely need to make a concerted effort as I put on 2kgs alone last week (which are still with me despite the running) & winter is just about here. I don't want to undo all the good work I did last year. yeah yeah, bitch, moan, carry on. The muffin top is just not that attractive. It didn't stop me secretly eating a block of chocolate in 2 days at my desk this week either. Bah!

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a customer.....
Me: Good afternoon plumbing service
Him: Um. Hello. Ummmmmm. Hang on will YA? I'm just cleaning me chops. I've just been eating.
Me: Ah, Ok.
interesting sounds of "chops" & lips & saliva all smacking together for around 30 seconds. I can't be sure, but it is highly possible this old fella popped his false teeth in & out a couple of times - you know that suction kind of sound your grandparents made when popping their falsies in & out??? EWWWWWWW

I'm off to the footy on Friday night. Should be an awesome game! Geelong Cat's V Collingwood Magpies. They are the 2 top teams at the moment for those of you who are internationals or have no clue!!!! My cuz (J-man) is down from Sydney for the weekend & we are going with his girlfriend & her family who are Collywobble supporters. J-man barracks for the Swans, but I dare say he'll barrack for the Catters with me. Regardless, I just hope it is a close game. There will be lots of beer & shouting that's for sure. Should be a hoot!


Ute said...

Waaay heeeey! Knicker shot! ;o)

I think I'm gonna have to take this idea of yours, and steal it... do a random photo shoot of stuff. Oh, long as no one steals mah stuff again!!!

Wtf? Someone rings YOU, and then asks you to wait while they clean their teeth????? M'kay...odd. :o/

Cinders said...

I love your random pics - thanks for sharing. It was good to see you last week, we'll have to do it again soon, perhaps with a glass of wine or 3! Have a great time tomorrow night, hubby is going with a mate but I've opted to stay home and watch instead of sitting up in the rafters. May the best team win - *SIDE BY SIDE*.

AlleyCat said...

Steal Away Ute!!! I'm just trying to remember not to put pic's up that I care if your type burgular peeps steal. evil feckers. Yeah. Peeps is odd. I have stories like that every week. I just forgot I could share them :0)

Our banners fly high, from dawn to dark..... May the best team win indeed Cinders! hehehehe. Yes, I think a few wines are in order as we missed out the other day. Will have a look at some dates :0)

Memphis Steve said...

I should do some photos like this. Some days I'm just at a loss, but these are fun!

AlleyCat said...

Glad to be of entertainment Steve! You should do some photo's!! Most of the time I struggle for something to say that is not BORING! I always think of deep & meaningful stuff as I'm drifting off to sleep. Of course I've forgotten most of it by morning!