Monday, May 17, 2010

Adventures from Plumbing Land

On arrival at work this morning, one of my fave plumbers said to me:

Plumber: You'll never guess what happened to me last week!!!
Me: No, probably not! What Happened?
Plumber: Well! you know how when you have to work on the ladies toilets in a hotel, & you put an "out of order" sign on the door outside the actual toilets?
Me: Yeah
Plumber: well, I was working at the #### Hotel in the ladies toilets & 2 chicks come in.
Me: yeah
Plumber: I was working on the basin, so you'd think they'd go & use one of the other toilets, coz there's like 3 other lots of ladies toilets at this joint.
Me: Oh dear.
Plumber: Na, it's worse. You know how when you really need to fart & you try to hold it in?
Me: giggling
Plumber: OMGawd Cat, it just went on & on! I had to leave!
Me: giggling lots
Plumber: I had to go into the TAB for 15 minutes before I was brave enough to go back in.
Me: still giggling.
Plumber: Why would a chick want you to hear her pee let alone take a dump! Or Fart! Or smell any of it!!!!!!
Me: Um. Humans are strange dude!

So. How was your week at work? Humans indeed are a strange breed & I've dealt with a number of demanding people today, proving to me once again that you cannot please everyone all of the time.

I was lucky enough to have Friday afternoon off work to catch up with my favorite Taswegian (sometime private blogger - Wanna) who was over for a birthday party. We went out for lunch & had a wander around the bike shops in Elizabeth Street & the Vic Market. It was great to catch up :0)

I also briefly caught up with Cinders & extremely briefly with CKK (read 2 minutes) before I had to catch my train back to the burbs for a work Social Club night. I think we need to organise a longer catch up!!!

I've been writing this post on & off all day & it really is a bit too disjointed. So. I'm going to hit publish post & try & finish work.



Chris H said...

Funny about the ladies loo story. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend too.

Ute said...

Ooooooh, you mean the chick let out the fart, yeah?

I thought it was him! heh..

Yeah, that is kinda odd. I've been in a public dunny, and heard some chicks piss like fuckin' racehorses, and I wonder..."Are they chicks with dicks, or what?"

Could never allow myself to fart, let alone shit in a public toilet..especially with a bloke in there.

Nathan said...

It was awesome to catch up with you too ... so easy to prattle on like we have known each other forever!! (Thanks for listeneing too) I am up for another get together... unfortunately Cath is leaving Aus in a few weeks... so if you want to see her before she goes ya better hurry!! I would love a chance to all get together again soon...

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh bugga me... that was my sons email account.... sorry about that!!