Friday, April 23, 2010


I've been very busy this past couple of weeks with stuff I can't really talk about here, more reasons for lack of blogginess.

I went to a gig last Friday night upstairs at Revolver. The bouncer asked me for ID! Bahahahahaha I think it was the 2 x 19 year old's I was with. I did ask him if he really wanted to see my ID & he gravely held out his hand. I said "you're just flattering me now, but thanks!". My cousin James' band was relaunching themselves under a new name "Mistress Mondays" & were headlining. They filled the band room which was awesome. They are sounding better & better all the time (indie funk rock). My cuz, the guitar rock god!!!

They also have a support tonight in the front bar at the Espy - for all you non Melbournites, that is a very good thing! I was hoping to talk Plumbing Boy into going as he's never seen James play live, however he's not too keen saying he's got a lot of work to do tomorrow. They are on at 9.15 - 9.30pm, I recon we'd be home by 10.45pm. Although he's been up at 4.30am every morning this week (going to sleep at 8pm) just to catch up on paper work!

Maybe I can talk him into going to a movie & having dinner with me at least. We were supposed to be going to a show Sunday arvo (Tex Perkin's in the "The Man in Black - The Johnny Cash Story") then late dinner, but he's going dirt bike riding instead & won't be back in time to make it into the city before the show starts, & will be to wreaked to come out afterwards for dinner, so I've had to find myself another date! It's a long weekend here, so was looking forward to a night out with a sleep in Monday; wont be the same without my man :0(

James sister Jax is supposed to leave for her Europe trip next Friday but her flight has been canceled due to the Icelandic volcano. She's been quite stressed due to having connecting accommodation & flights. Still no news as to when her flight will be. I suspect I will be spending some time with her this weekend helping her cross off the "too hard" tasks on her list. Her parents are overseas so not much support available to her. It's her first solo trip (going with 1 friend, no parents) & will be gone for 4 months so there are tax returns & car servicing to consider amoungst generally figuring out what to take to tide you over for 4 months!!!

I've been on a bit of a "no booze" campaign this week. I usually have a couple of large glasses of red wine every night. I haven't had a drink since Saturday night. I was ready for one last night, but stuck to my water. I will be having something tonight, depending on where I am & what I end up doing! I do feel better for it though, woke up this morning full of beans & bouncing off the walls. I think I will have to do more of this!

I've not been to the gym either! We've been really busy at work & that (plus the other stuff I can't really blog about) & have kept me away from it. Tonight however, I plan to go & again tomorrow & maybe even Sunday! This is our one weekend out of about 6 where we don't have to answer the plumbing phone 24/7. This means no talking to customers while huffing & puffing on the treadmill! I plan to make the most of it!

It was supposed to be 27 degrees here today. It is warm, but the sky is grey & it feels like rain. I like warm days with BLUE sky. Grey Sky's just make me depressed. Looks like I've really got nothing else to say considering I'm blogging about the bloody weather.

Hope you all have a marvellous weekend & don't forget to spare a thought for the Anzac's on Sunday. Lest We Forget.


Ute said...

Sounds like you've got our weather chick. Was meant to be 27c here too, but it's been overcast and showery all day. Yay for that! :o)

Ooooh, I've heard good things about that Tex Perkins "The Man in Black"... pity you can't get to see it with your bloke. :o( But good you'll see it all the same.

Hope your weekend is a good one... and yes, I always remember the ANZACs.

Chris H said...

Have a great weekend chick!

Memphis Steve said...

I went to a place last week where they not only asked me for my ID before even letting me in the door, but they also SEARCHED ME. WTF?

kathrynoh said...

I've been planning to see the Man in Black for ages but been too slack to buy tickets. I reckon Tex will be awesome in it.

Slyde said...

i loves me some johnny cash...

hope everything is going ok in your world...

Anonymous said...

stuff, drink, drink, drink. break something then stuff.

mmmm flashy light coffeeeeee

AlleyCat said...

Hey Ute! - yes, we did yet your weather! That man Tex is a bit spesh ya know!!

Chris H - Thanks & done!

Steve - you been hanging out at seedy places!! Scarey! I had my license swipped somewhere recently (that was a first for me). The joint was very seedy tho.

Kathryn - Tex was indeed bloody awesome! I cannot highly recommend the show enough!!!!!!

Slyde! - mate I am well thanks - just been busy & haven't had much time to ready blogs or blog! I recon this show would go down a treat in the US; Tex Perkins does a brilliant interpretation of Johnny Cash.

Dog3oy - stuff, drink, break stuff indeed. Not sure about the light flashy coffeeeeeee! Made up for the lack of drinking on the weekend. Hope the spy has stopped spilling your beer :0)