Monday, April 12, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes

Jax & I headed off to Warrnambool Friday night. It's nice to be frequently chauffeur driven these days! Jax has had her drivers license for a year now & has great car & loves to drive it. We also took Tess my 10 year old niece home as she'd spent a week with her Dad in the city.

As always when she comes home from her Dad's, she's got a bit of attitude & is a bit of a smart ass. She babbled happily most of the 3 hr drive keeping us well entertained most of the time. The first time we didn't understand what she was saying to us, she called us a pair of "Douche Bags". It was so completely unexpected that both Jax & I burst out laughing. I'm not really sure how appropriate it is for a 10 year old to use that expression, but anyhoo.

Later she was regaling us with a story about how her Dad had been telling her stories about when she was a baby. "Do you know they gave me a Mohawk when I was a baby? I so wanted to be a cute baby, but no, I was a ranga with a Mohawk". At this stage Jax almost drove off the road & we both almost wet our pants laughing! Where on earth does she hear this stuff!

The purpose of our visit was to see our 94 year old grandma who recently moved into a nursing home down there. Jax is off on her Europe trip in 3 weeks & will be gone for 4 months. The visit went well & luckily for grandma we were still there when the doctor decided she wanted to check out her big toe. The nursing home she is in, backs onto the hospital & you can follow the rabbit warren passages to traverse between.

We helped the nurse get Grandma into a wheel chair, then accompanied her (my sis & Tess as well) over to the casualty ward of the hospital. She had a bucket load of puss beneath that toe & it was a pretty horrid time for Grandma. I think her entourage really helped - extra hands to hold & peeps to see her settled back into her room.

At one point she got really hot & we scrounged up a water bottle between us & made a makeshift fan out of paper while the nurse had gone off to get antibiotics. I think Grandma probably would have fainted or thrown up if we hadn't been there to assist. We helped get her safely back to her room & onto the bed. Footy on, remote in hand, cuppa tea & biscuit ready & hit the road.

The trip back was uneventful & we spent the last 1/2 of the drive singing along to Frank Sinatra, which beat the RnB that had been playing prior (sorry Jax!).

It's up to you New York New York!!! Back in Warrnambool, our only night club played that tune every night at 3am (closing). Those of us who were still standing, &/or capable, would for line up, arms around each others shoulders & do the leg kicks singing(?) along. Everytime I hear that song I think about that dodgey old night club.

Speaking of the olden days, quite a few peeps from my high school have recently joined FB & as was inevitable, a reunion is now in the planning. Some of the FB posts have been entertaining, some even a little bitchy. Gawd help me. Now. If anyone I know from high school reads this, now is the time to fess up & tell me ya hear????

A ranga with a Mohawk! She doesn't even have red hair.

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