Friday, March 12, 2010


Like many people, I usually blog at work. Work has been extremely busy, hence lack of blogging. Work is still busy, but Plumbing Boy (who's office is directly behind mine & he can see over my shoulder; damn glass window!) has gone out to look at a job. So here I am.

We went away for the long weekend to the seaside town of Port Fairy (also the place we stayed last year when we got hitched) to a music festival. Artist of the Year this year was indigenous performer Archie Roach. His wife Ruby Hunter had died suddenly 2 weeks prior & the funeral was on the Thursday just before the festival. Archie was born 5 kms from where I grew up, both of them were part of the stolen generation. I feel saddened about what they missed out on, but curious about the heritage I've missed out on.

Instead of the CD launch concert, an impromptu gig was held in memory of Ruby. Shane Howard (Goanna), Amy Saunders (Tiddas), Troy Cassar Daly, KerrieAnne Cox, Andy Alberts & a couple of others performed an amazingly moving concert. It was unsure as to whether Archie would make it to the festival at all firstly due to the circumstance & secondly as the funeral was in South Australia.

It was announced at 2pm on the Sunday that Archie would attend & perform the Artist of the Year concert & accept his award. I felt a bit odd about going to see someone perform who was obviously in distress, but figured a full house would be the best honour to give to both Archie & Ruby. It was a humbling experience. Tears flowed freely on stage, but he tried to draw strength from everyone who was there to support him. Archie is an amazing human being. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

NB. The pictures in the media have been released with the families permission.

When he first spoke, Archie announced that Aborigines don't deal with death very well. But then again, he said, neither do many cultures. He went on to explain that when the first Aborigines died, they just didn't understand where they'd gone & that they'd shut down the whole community, no-one in, no-one out for several months trying to figure out where the person had gone. He said he was grateful for the other cultures that had come to his land to help his people deal better with death.

Like I said. He is an amazing man.

On to less important matters.

We have had visitors this week. Look away if you don't deal too well with arachnids.

This is Charlotte. She was in Plumbing Boy's office when we got to work on Tuesday morning & has been wandering the wall since. Today she came right down behind PB's chair & I think has wandered off behind the book case as I can't see her any more. I was trying to check out her legs with out getting TOO close if you know what I mean! They looked a bit stripy, but more that one segment is hairy & the next smooth. PB gave me a little magnifying glass to use, but that would have bought me a little too close.........

Wednesday morning her (larger) mate showed up.

We haven't named this one! Not sure if the bigger one is the girl or the boy! He hasn't moved really. He'd be about the size of my palm including legs. Our staff are very wary of them! One of the plumbers freaked out when he saw them this morning - very observant as he's been in PB's office talking to him every day this week & not noticed until this morning! One apprentice wants to hit them with bug spray - although he did take photo's on his phone to scare his "mrs".

I'm not terrified of piders, so while they are just hanging out on the wall they can stay. BUT, As soon as they start jumping or wanting to sit on my shoulder, or turn into bird eating spiders I will be asking PB to escort them out of the building!


Chris H said...

I don't like your visitors at all!
Sadly for them I would have dispatched them immediately! And it wouldn't have been nice. (for them!)

Ute said...

"They looked a bit stripy, but more that one segment is hairy & the next smooth"

Yeah..erm....Farked if I'd ever get so close to see that little bit of detail!

There's a reason I'm a member in This group!

kathrynoh said...

What an amazing event. I only found out Ruby Hunter died when a guy on the bus told me - he'd live with them for a while as a teenager and he said they'd taught him so much about life and love. She had such an amazing voice and I'm sure she was an amazing person.

Jadey 0:-) said...

I'm not a fan of your pets at all EWWWWW

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Oh dear! Those Arachnids are pretty horrid! They don't even pay office rent although they do eat dust...

and like you, I also blog at work - but that's because most of my work is blogging, writing, tweeting, exploring new blogs to write about, etc.

AlleyCat said...

Chris - big ole meanie!

Ute - LOL. You should have seen me with the magnifiying glass - I really didn't want to be that close myself!

Kathryn - yeah, I think they are both amazing. I'm on a mission now to get some of their music!

Jadey - LOL!

Mermaid - thanks for stopping by & commenting! Plenty of dust here for them to eat :0)